Meet the family

May I introduce you to….Scarlett Cameron!
Scarlett She is a doctor, has the big happy family aspiration and is cheerful, creative and outgoing.

Her parents are Duuk and Britt.
DUUK Britt

But before we go any further let’s go back in time. Even before Scarlett was born. Duuk and Britt were just married and decided they wanted a family.

First addition to the family was Ella Cameron. The second picture is haw we love and know her now.
Young Ella Ella

“I am going to be the best big sister ever! I promise!”
Chapter1 pregnant with Luke
Then #2 arrived. Luke Cameron everybody!

Young LukeLuke

A few sim days later…Scarlett joined the family.
Young ScarlettYou already know how she looks like.

“Its gonna be a boy right? I already have 2 sisters!”
pregnant with sissy
YOung SissySissy
Sorry Luke…step aside for Sissy.

Back to the present. Ella is married to Maxim Kuijpers and they have a daughter Sarah.
Maxim Young Sarah

And Luke? He’s married to Femke Visser and they have a daughter too. Missy.

Scarlett? She is engaged to Tobias. One problem. He’s noncommittal.
TobiasYes he indeed does where those glasses. Ugh.

Sissy?! Its like she is living in a drama show. She got this boyfriend Nick. When Sissy got pregnant by accident, she was actually really happy about it. When she told him, he confessed that he was an alien. He just couldn’t stay. He wanted to give his child a pretty normal life. He didn’t want him to get bullied for his alien dad. He gave Sissy a lot of money and he was gone. She was heartbroken but she understood. She gave birth to twins. Jack and Eefje.

That was it folks. See ya later!


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