The question and a new friendship.

Scarlett cooked some scambled eggs. Tobias’ favorite. She took a deep breath and….

"I am pregnant."
“I am pregnant.”

Tobias didn’t know what to say. He walked over to the couch. Scarlett was fearing the worst.

“Listen if you don’t want it. That is o….”

“NO!” Tobias yelled.
“You want it?” Scarlett asked.
“I know I am noncommittal. But I love you. And I know you would kill for a kid of yourown.”
“You didn’t aswer my question. Do you want it?”
“I don’t want, want it. But I will be alright with it.”
“Are you sure Tobias I don’t want to be alone with this kid.”
“No I am not sure.”

And he stood up and sat behind his computer. His alone place.
Scarlett didn’t know if that was a no or a yes. She cleaned up the dishes and walked upstairs to Tobias.
But when she looked on his screen he was researching baby names.
She knew he was ready for this.

9-6-15_16-41Furter on in her pregnancy she was still working.

9-6-15_18-51Her favorite part of the job. Making people run. *Mr.Burns hands* Mwhahahaa.

9-6-15_19-05But when she would get home, she was so tired she just dropped on the flour.

“Just stay calm. It won’t hurt you”

6 hours later…
9-6-15_19-16Mom is checking in in the hospital. While dad is freaking out. Ugh. She needs to do everything around here. Check in, change her clothes, pee, go to the scary dead machine,.. .

"Just realx. It won't hurt you or your kid."
“Just realx. It won’t hurt you or your kid.”

Scarlett remeberd how many times she told that to her patients. Now that she was laying there it was actually freaking her out.
While she prayed to not die her colleage braught Scarlett’s daughter Tori to life.

The proud
The proud
The worried
The worried
And the beautiful
And the beautiful

9-6-15_19-37Meanwhile scarlett’s mom Britt and Katrina Caliente  became the best of friends. They have some GREAT plans. But more of that in later chapters. This is gonna change the whole story I promise.


The twins Jack and Eefje aged up to kids too.

9-6-15_15-03Just like their Aunt and Uncle.
(I changed their outfits a little bit but I forgot to make pictures. Sorry)

Thats all folks. See ya later.


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