Ugh. Mothers.

9-6-15_19-37“Our relationship just isn’t what it used to be you know.”
“You know I think the its the age difference Britt. I am an adult and Don is just a joung adult. I am starting to get that problem to.”
“I don’t think thats it Katrina.”
“Maybe you don’t see eachother that much? Alice told me that she and Eric are kinda drifting away from eachother because they don’t see eachother that much.”
“No. I am the only one that works. We see eachother just the right amount of time.”
“Or maybe its just the empty house feeling? Now that Dina and Nina are doing that bachelor challenge it is really quiet. Bella and Mortimer have having that problem too. Alexander is still a kid and Cassandra is still a teenager but still.
“That might be it, yeah.”

“Let me tell ya a little secret.”
“Me, Alice and Bella are starting the MU.”
“The what?”
“The MU. The Mothers United.”
“Yeah? So? I am talking about my problems and you just randomly bring up your little club? I know you Katrina. Get to the case.”
“We all planned to have another child.”
“What?! Are you pregnant?”
“No. Not yet. Eric, Don and Mortimer already agreed.
“Mortimer? He agreed?”
“Yeah a shocker isn’t it.”
“We wanted to ask you first. If you would agree we could all get pregnant around the same time.”
“If you want a kid just do it. Why would you want to wait for me?
“We all know we aren’t the youngest anymore. If we would pas away younger than we thought they atleast have eachother.
“You know what! I’m in!”

9-6-15_19-40“I had a really interesting conversation with Katrina today.”
Britt explained the talk and her desires for a kid.

“Fine” He finally said.
9-6-15_19-46So before she knew it she was pregnant.
followed by…
And Bella after just 4 tries.

10-6-15_20-11The 4 of them had a nice chat

10-6-15_20-11-3“Don spends more time with me”
“Mortimer is interested in me again.”
“Eric is spending less time behind his computer.”

10-6-15_20-11-2“Duuk is a lot more romantic now. Thank you again that I could join the MU.”
“No problem.”Bella said.
“Yeah especially with what is happening right now with your daughter.” Alice said.
“Sissy is a good mom and the twins look after eachother. It’s no big deal.”
“No you other daughter.”
“What do you know that I don’t?”.
“You don’t know yet. I am sorry. You will find out very soon.”
“Alice. I know you want to keep the peace but you should really tell her.” Katrina demanded
“OK. Scarlett is married to Tobias right?”
“And they had Tori. Right?”
“Well Tobias is my sisters son.”
“Yeah so…?”
“He told me……”

When Britt went home she hated the information she just got from Alice but sh couldn’t tell Scarlett yet. Or Duuk. He would tell her immediatly.

Soon the kids were born. First Britt
She had twin boys. Ethan and Evan
Young Ethan Young Evan

Then Katrina. (I didn’t witness her giving birth I was still in Britt’s household and almost always when I am not in the household it will be twins. It were twin boys Philip and Sem. I changed their names.
Young JoaquinYoung Javier

Joaquin and Javier

12-6-15_20-49This resulted in Charles.
Young Charles

And last but not least.
Bridget Goth
Young bridget

That is all for now.

I wanted to let you guys konw that you can leave your suggestions for a storyline(Who hooks up with who, who gets in a fight or just something random) in the comments down below. Or leave your gallery information and the name of your build or sim and I will put him/her/them/it in my story.

Thanks already.


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