How is it going?

I decided we should check up on the different families in our neighborhood. First off Britt, Duk Evan and Ethan.
24-6-15_16-49“How did the italien chef die?”Ethan said”
“Because he was too old?”
“No. He pasta away. Hahaha…”
24-6-15_16-50“Listen dude. That just isn’t funny.”
“You know he isn’t actually dead right? It is a joke.”
“Yeah. Yeah I know. It just isn’t funny.”
24-6-15_16-51“You know I still love you right?”
“Ofcourse  I do. You are my baby brother.”

They actually do not get along. It doesn’t matter how hard I try they friendship bar just keeps dropping. I think the problem is Evan. He gets bored with anything that Ethan says. He just doesn’t like that het is a minute jounger than Ethan. Being the youngest of 6 isn’t easy you know.

24-6-15_16-54-2The family had a nice family dinner. again everything that Ethan said bored Evan. Good thing they have seperated rooms.

I use a lot of builds from the galery and I forgot to mention the buiders. If I can still find them I will give it to you guys when we visit a house. This one is made by Thurid666 and it is called Greek-Inspired Home

Next off we have the caliente household. Dina and Nina are off doing the bachelor challenge. So basically I have put them both in the same house with 6 other men. After a while I will check in on them and with whom they have grown the best relationship (Romantic if there isn’t a winner in that field I look at friendship) with will be their partner.

24-6-15_17-24Katrina and Don are both working on their careers.
24-6-15_17-32And their love life.

These twins do get along.

Katrina quickly made 4 plates of mac and cheese and left for work while her boys were having a nice family dinner.
24-6-15_17-39“School was fun today.”
“What do you like the most in school?” Don asked.
“I like art classes” Javier shouted.
“I like gym and religion.”
“Those are fun subjects”
“And what about you dad what did you like to do when you were in school?” Joaquin asked.
“Well I kinda liked art class and gym. But I was the happiest when I could play with friends on the playground.

Right after dinner the twins became best friends forever.
Their dad is so proud of them.

Hopping over to the Spencer-Kim-Lewis houshold.

24-6-15_18-07Eric is madly in love with Alice. While Alice spends her day daydreaming about her prince charming.

24-6-15_18-02“Sorry Dennis. I. Just. Can’t.”
Dennis has been hitting on Vivian for the past couple of days now. He thinks opposites attract. She doesn’t.

 The kids are playing with Olivia’s dollhouse in her room. This is the first time they can actually play together. Olivia is really happy she has someone else than her parents or grandparents to play with.
24-6-15_17-57“So what is the story behind these dolls?” Charles asked.
“Oh you wanna play with a story? Oke. Umm. I play the parents and you play the horse and my daughter. And we are a royal family.”
“You don’t like that? do you wanna play with the parents so you can be a boy?”
“No that’s not it. I want to know the history behind these dolls. What they have been trough and stuff.”
“I don’t know what you mean Charles.”
“Have they ever fallen down the stairs before and what happened in other stories that you played.”
“Oh. I don’t play with a backgroundstory I just come up with a ne one every time.”
“Oh ok. Is it oke if I keep track from now on?”
“Yeah sure. If that makes you happy”

24-6-15_17-58So now you take the horse and we ride to the ball hosted by Drako the dragon, king of candyland so we can marry his son and eat as much candy as we could ever dream of.” Olivia explained.
“That is basically impossible. You said she was 16 years old. She can’t marry yet.” Charles said
“Aging works different in this kingdom.”
“And riding a horse at night is really dangerous. And a dragon as king is impossible. And even if it could. She is a hguman she can’t marry a dragon.”
“He is adopted?” said Olivia who was trying to still make the game fun.
“Nothing makes sense in here.”
“Hey do you hear that?”
“No what?”
“Grandma is calling us to dinner.”
“Tell her that I will arrive shortly I need to make a document on the computer with the backgroundstory of the dolls. If I wait I will forget what exactly happend.”

“Yes Honey. What is wrong?”
“It is Charles.”
“He chooses how to dress. If you don’t like it I am sorry but I can’t do anything about that.” He whisperd the following words in her ear. “I don’t really like how he dresses either.”
“No dad thats not it. His clothes are funny. He is not fun to pla with.”
“Your brother is not a toy Olivia.”
“I don’t treat him that way. He just takes everything serious.”
“Like what?”
“He asked about the background of my dolls.”
“He is just being torough honey”
“He wanted a police file to see if they had any speed tickets. SPEED TICKETS! In a kingdom where there are only horses.”
“Maybe you should just play with something different next time.”
“I don’t want this brother anymore I want a new one.”
24-6-15_18-04-2“Olivia! You don’t say stuff like that. I am sure you will get along. And your mom and I don’t want 3 kids.”
“First you said that you only wanted 1 kid. Me! And it was fine like that!”

Olivia stormed off. At dinner she just took a plate of food and sat at the bar. Eric and Alice couldn’t cheer her up. Then Vivian tried and later her favorite grandparent Dennis stied as well. Nothing cheerd her up. Eventually Charles tried. He wasn’t the best at it
24-6-15_19-16-3“So i read that siblings have a special bond and if one is sad the other shoud cheer her up. So I came to cheer you up.”
“Wow Charles this is really helping. Thank you I feel much better now.”
“I am not sure about that. But I think that was sarcasm.”
“No are you serious. Ladies and gentlemen the new sherlock holmes!”
“I am almost sure. This one book said that some people get sarcastic when they are mad and sad at the same time.”
“Wow dude you can just read the emotions from someonns face.”
“No. Never to my oh so sw<eet baby brother.”
“I am not actually a baby anymore. I am in my child lifestage.”
“Ohh.. That explaines a lot. Than you Charles. I think I will just go to my room now.”
“Denial is the first step! The website said that I should give you a hot bevarage. I will be right back.”

The next day after school Olivia invited Alexander Goth over.
24-6-15_19-19-2“I think I have a problem Alexander” Olivia sighed.
“What  is it?”
“Its is a long story.”
“Tell me everything.”
“Oke.” Olivia said while she was holding back tears. “Grandpa is in love with grandma and she refused him. She just let him down like he isn’t even a human being and he dosn’t have feeling. But I don’t hate her.”
“Is that your problem? Listen Olivia They are old and maybe he was just feeling lonely. Things will get better I swear.
“That’s not everything. Mom and dad…” she bursted out in tears.
“Their romance bar has been filling up ever since Charles came. Before him it was almost completly empty. But is is their friendship bar. It is almost completly empty. The only thing they do is flirt because something else would embarres them. They aren’t happy anymore Alexander. I think they are getting a divorce. I just know it.”
“Geez Olivia. What do you want to do about it?”
“I already am doing something and I need your help.”
“What are you saying.”
24-6-15_19-18“I am being mean an annoying especially to Charles. I almost really love him. But mom and dad can’t leave behind a trouble kid. It would only make things worse. And very maybe because Charles is so unhappy with a sister like me mom and dad will give me another sibling. And they just can’t leave behind 3 kids.”
“I don’t think they will get a third child Olivia.”
“Then they can’t leave behind a trouble kid.”
“So you are going to be someone who isn’t you for the rest of your life?”
“No only till they are too old for a new relationship. and they will only appreciate this one more.”
“And how exactly am I involved in your masterplan.”
“You need to help me make Charles’ life miserable.”
“Sorry Olivia I can’t do that. I can’t bully him.”
“No you don’t need to do that.”
“Then how?”
“In school. Be an amazing brother to Bridget. Show how a brother-sister relationship actually must be.
“He will realise that I am not a nice sister. That is all.”
“I guess I can do that.”
“It’s for a good cause. Mom and dad will be happy for the rest of their lives.

“Should I do it?” asked Alexander himself while he was walking home.

So he asked his big sis Casandra.
24-6-15_19-59“So… how is the move going.” he asked first.
They have been moving Bella and Mortimers stuff in to Cassandras bedroom and Cassandras stuff in to her parent’s room. So that there is room for a second bed for Bridget. Cassandra and Bridget will be sharing a room. So better make it comfortable.
“we completed it a week ago.”
“Oh really hadn’t noticed.”
“Alexander Goth. What is wrong.”
Alexander explained the whole thing
“Just do what you normally do. Everything will be ok then.”
“Thanks Cassandra.”
“No problem. But we should really go to school now. The principal already called 2 times.”
“How come you didn’t pick up.”
“I like to think that the creator canceled the action.”

next on the list. Scarlett and Tobias. They live in Red Warehouse 3lvl atrium by GrilzillaGC

A lot has happend. A quick recap.

Tori started crying for the hundred time.
24-6-15_20-27“Hey sweety. Please shut up oke.”

It didn’t work. Weird. Especially becaause the problem was a full diaper

24-6-15_20-28“You don’t like this. I don’t like this.
I can’t do this. Why won’t it stop!.”
“Honey whats wrong?” Scarlett asked

24-6-15_20-29-3“Everything. You. Her. Me!”

“I am sorry Scarlett .But I want a divorce.
24-6-15_20-29“You said you could take it!”
“I know I am so sorry Scarlett. I will send money every month. I promise that.”
24-6-15_20-29-4Scarlett started crying.
“If you really really want to I will come to her college graduation.”
“Tobias Koning. You are just gonna leave your daughter without a father!”
“I will send money.”
24-6-15_20-29-5“Thats not the problem. She doesn’t even know you. If you leave now you will dissapear from her realtionship panel forever.”
“Good bye Scarlett. I am moving in with my sister.”

24-6-15_20-30-3“I guess its just me and you now Tori.”

Last but not least. Ella and Maxim. they live in Us GTW Revamp Challenge by plop-stop99

“You know Sarah could use a sibling. What do ya say?”
“Hell yes!”

24-6-15_20-52You know what happended after that.

But she just couldn’t end up pregnant. So they decided to ask for medical advice. They first needed to cheer her up tough.
24-6-15_21-00“Everything will be fine don’t worry.”

After they cheered her up Scarlett told her big sister the test results.

24-6-15_21-01“You can’t have child Ella. I am so sorry.”
“I got Sarah didn’t I.”
“You getting pregnant with her was really rare.”
“And what if I buy the fertile trait?”
“Same chances.”
“But if she got Sarah that means it is still possible we just have to keep trying.”Maxim said.
“The chances are so slim. Sarah could already have her own kids by the time you would get pregnant.”
“And there is nothing you could do?
“I am so sorry Ella. But I have to go to work now.”

While she left she gave Ella a big hug and put a small piece of paper in her hand. It was the information of an adoption house.

24-6-15_21-10“Lets do it Maxim.” We can’t just feel sorry for ourself. And I don’t want Sarah to live without a sibling.”
“Fine Ella but you explain to Sarah.”

After everything was explained they went to the adoption house and adopted….

Maarten Camer24-6-15_21-15

That it folks see ya later.


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