Girls night out.

Before I start the story. My exams are over and I now have more time to blog and play. I am now almost 2 weeks free and I am so sorry I couldn’t upload more. Last friday the 26th of juin was my birthday and the saturday and sunday we had my birthdayparty for both sides of the family (I have a pretty big family 😛 ). I live in Belgium and monday it was already pretty warm for my country. In Belgium we don’t have that many warm day but when we do it is a freaking heatstroke! It is so warm. It is going to stay that way till sunday. Wednesday my friend had a late birthday/pool party and today an other friend came over to swim. I also think its a waste when the sun is shining and I am in front of my computer. This weekend My 2 cousins have their 19th and 21st birthday party (6 of my 8 cousins have their birthday in the summer plus me!) Anyway I have missed blogging and simming so here is the next chapter.

26-6-15_10-37There is a new sim in town!

Christene Spergels. She lives in $10,000 Modern Starter by cChicsimmerr.
ChristeneShe is originally from Germany. She and her brother moved to a town close by when they were both YA and after their dad died of old age. She returned after her mothers health was getting worse. She is a goofball, clumsy and outgoing and wants to be a painter extraordinaire.

The first thing she did was meet her neighbour. She directly lives next to the house where Dina and Nina are holding their bachelor challenge so she went to her other neighbor Nathan Smith.
26-6-15_10-41“You have a really nice house.”
“Yeah its Modern Bachelor Pad by TheSimSupply.
26-6-15_10-50“I kinda need to go now.” Christe said with some regret.
“Ok I’ll let you out.”
Right after he said that he almost fell off the stairs.
“Sorry” Nathan said “My first trait is clumsy.”
“Really? Mine too.”
“Well then we have something in commen.”
“Lets celebrate with a picture.”

The next stop Christene made was Scarlett Cameron. Her best friend when shelives in America. They kinda lost contact. When Christene heard Scralett livedhere she got the first and cheapest house she could get.

A strange man walked out the door just as Christene arrived.
“Ohh. Hi I am…. And he’s gone.”
Christene decided to let herself in.
“Yoohoo anybody home?”
26-6-15_10-53“Scarlett! Hi! I so missed you. I just moved in in Newcrest. I just suddenly saw that you weren’t my best friend anymore on my relationship panel. Did you got a new best friend?”
26-6-15_10-54Scarlett knew Christene. She was just kinda unexpected. She is a real extravert. She has a crush on every guy she meets. she is dirrect to the point and not afraid of faillure or rejection. On the other hand, she expects that nothing will ever change. People growing up, relations staying the same and those kinds of things.

“You have been gone for years and never called me! Yes i have a new best friend! Luke!”
“Scarlett? Whats the matter?”
“What do you mean whats the matter! You left!”
“Normally you don’t scream or act this way. What has happend in the years I was gone?”
26-6-15_10-54-3Scarlett told her everything withe Tobias and Tori till now.

“You know what you need? A girls night out. Just you and me.”
“Tori’s birthday is tomorrow.”
“Then we go the day after tomorrow.”
This is something Scarlett always liked about Christene. Her solutions were as simple as could be.

The next day Tori jumped out of her bassinet. Her lips and hair (and maybe her nose) is from her father. The rest is from her mother. She is a loner and a whizzkid.


Because she is a whizzkid the first thing she did was make her homework.

The next day at the lounge. (Something went wrong and I don’t have pictures from the lounge. Sorry.)
“So” Scarlett started the conversation “How was your mom?”
“She went worse and eventually she died. But how about you what hapend.”
Scarlett explained everything.
“I am here if you  need me ok Scralett.”
“I know. You always are.”

Sorry for the short and weird post again I don’t have a lot of time to blog.
See ya next time.


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