A family fight

3-7-15_10-38“Ohh Look at me. I am Tobias and I am noncommittal so I have an excuse for everything. That includes leaving my amazing wife and daughter behind. La-di-daa.”
Scarlett laughed silently. Christene could litteraly cheer her up anytime.
“You were right Christene. I did need this.”
“We didn’t even had the juice.”
“OK. Lets get juice then.”

3-7-15_10-38-2“Ohh. Nathan. What are you doing here?”
“I live in town. That means I can come here. Ohh yeah its a public building too.”
“Ohh. Yeah. Right. You are.. umm…right.”
“Anyway I have to go. Nice seeing you here Chris.”
“Yeah you too. Nath?”
“Leave the nicknames to me. OK.”
Nathan winked at christene.

3-7-15_10-39“Soo… This is the famous Nathan. You were right again he is kinda cute.”
“Hey he’s mine miss. I know you are single now but he is mine.”
The girls both started laughing.

“Lets dance.” Christene said.


3-7-15_10-55One day Tobias just came by with the biggest smile on his face.
“Scarlett please let me talk to you!”
Scarlett walked out the front door. A bit hangover from the juice and dancing last night.
“What?!” she said angry.
“Look you don’t want to raise Tori alone. So…”
“I am not taking you back.”
“I don’t want to. Look my older sister is already an adult and she still hasn’t met someone and she really wants to be a mother. And she doesn’t want to adopt. So I was thinking that she gets Tori and you can go on with your life.”

3-7-15_10-56“What?!?! First you leave me and Tori. Then you want to take her away. Does your sister know about this?”
“No it would be an suprise.”
“A kid for a birthday present? You are a sick person. Stay away from ma and my daughter.”
“She is my daughter too Scarlett.”
“Not anymore.”
“Get out!”
Tobias left feeling betrayed.

3-7-15_10-53“What was that?” Joaquin asked.
“I dont know.”
Tori has become pretty good friends with the twins who are also her neighbors.

4-7-15_11-51Scarlett is a good mom. She reads to Tori
4-7-15_11-54And she helps her with her homework.

At dinner Tori asked “the question”.
4-7-15_12-19“Who was that man mommy?”
Tori knew the answer but kinda scared of the answer.
“He was your father Sweatheart.”
Scarlett explained everything about their relationship.
“The moment he left he wasn’t your father anymore.”
“Do you regret him?”
Scarlett left the table and lowerd down on one knee and put her hands on Tori’s shoulders.
“Look I do regret him. But definitely not you. I will never regret you. You are the best thing that has ever happend to me.”
“Thank you for keeping me with you and not putting me up for adoption.”
“Of course honey.”
4-7-15_11-58Tori was a smart kid. Sometimes too smart for her own good. She already knew how the world worked and not the good part of life.

Lets hop over to the pancakes household.
5-7-15_14-08This is Eliza Pancakes. She is neat, a perfectionist and materialistic. She joined the painter career. A serious reputation is everything for her. She is married to Bob.
5-7-15_14-08-2He is a loner, a slob and a gloomy. He stands in the culinary career.

Their marriage isn’t going so well.
5-7-15_14-22Eliza made a new friend Frances Frazier. You will meet her and her family later in this chapter.
“Our marriage just isn’t what it used to be anymore.”
A lot of talking and disscussing went on between the two woman.

Meanwhile in the kitchen. Frances kids were disscussing something as well.
5-7-15_14-23-3“I give their marriage 2 more weeks.”Naomi said to her little brother.
5-7-15_14-23-2“No they are happy. Everybody is happy around Bob. They will work it out.”
5-7-15_14-23-4“Wanna bet on that?”
“Hell yes I will.”
“10 Simoleans it is.”

Back in the Pancakes residance.
5-7-15_14-35Bob broke up with her. He just couldn’t handle the pressure anymore. The way she treated him nomatter what he did. So Naomi get 10 Simoleons.

To the Frazier house we go.
5-7-15_22-39-4So guys new house new town new life. Do you like the house qo far. You both have an own room.” said Frances Frazier. Her kids carry her names because she never married their father. Frances is a geek, gloomy and a bookwurm and joined the buisness career.

5-7-15_22-40Did I get the small room again?” John asked. He is a social butterfly and a goofball.
“Both of the rooms are the same size.”

5-7-15_22-40-2“Do we have a lot of expansive stuff?” Naomi the selfassured, active mansion baron asked.
“Go check it out yourself.”

The kids stormed down to gind their rooms.
5-7-15_22-43-2“MOM!!! I am not a kid anymore I have told you that before!”
“They are delivering the new furniture tomorrow honey.”

5-7-15_22-45“MOM! Thank you so much! My own computer, a guitar two beds!”
“That computer goes into the living room. You will need to share it with your sister. And the second bed goes too. And the guitar is something only teens and adults can play.”

I am so sorry that I have to end it here I thought I didn’t need this much time. So part2 will be up as soon as possible. Just think of it as one. Because I had money from my birthday I bought the outdoors retreat, luxurious stuff pack and the latest perfect patio stuff pack. I made 2 more major families that I wanted to introduce now. I will show them in part 2 I guess. Later guys.


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