A family fight. Pt2.

The first family lives in Birchwood Manor by JOL1990. 

Adam TorresThis is Adam Torres. He wants a succesful lineage. He is outgoing, perfectionist and ambitious. His other family will be introduced later. He always had to fight for everything and does not want that for his wife and kids. He is pretty amazing in painting. He opened his store ARTistique (downloaded in gallery. lost name.)  in Magnolia Promenade. He now has a mansion and a lovely (spoiled) family.

Juliette TorresThis is Juliette Torres. She wants the biggest mansion on the block. She is ambitious, squemish and family-oriented. She and her sister were rich as kids.Their parents were both buisness people with a lot of party’s. They had to do all the household chores as soon when they were teens. Because Juliette was the oldest, she had to do everything on her own for a while. She hates her sister because of that. Because of this live she is higly skilled in gardening, cooking, gourmet cooking, baking,mixology and charisma. She does not have an actual job. She is a stay at home mom. But when the shop is open she takes the kids to the park next to the shop or she leaves them at home and helps in her husbands store.

Mercedes TorresMercedes Torres. She is a rambunctious scamp and she is mean. She is the oldest kid of Adam and Juliette. She is very independant just as her siblings. She isn’t really a mommy’s or a daddy’s girl. But she does like her mom the most because she can be pretty mean herself.

Chad TorresChad Torres. A social butterfly and outgoing. He is the younger brother of Mercedes. Yep that is Chad. His name is more know because he’s outgoing. But everything that people know about him is that he is the younger brother of Mercedes.

The just moved in in Newcrest. Adam has Artistiques all over different sim worlds. The latest one was in Magnolia Promenade. adam decided it was time to settle down here in Newcrest.

6-7-15_20-24-2“So how is the store looking honey?” Juliette asked trying to start a conversation.
“It is actually really nice. But the surrounding isn’t that nice.”
“I heard it was really nice and good looking.” Mercedes said trying to score points with her father
“It is. The store right next door is a camping store.”
“Thats not that bad dad. Some people like camping.” Chad mentioned.
“The idea isn’t bad. It lokks bad. Its all made of wood and looks like a hermits house.”
“HA!”Mercedes shouted.
“Lokk at me I am a hermit and I want a store but I don’t have money. Here take this tree and lets sell tents inside of it.”
Everybody laughed exept for Chad. He felt bad for the woner of the store.

6-7-15_20-29After dinner Juliette cleaned.
6-7-15_20-30The kids did their homework. And plans were made.

6-7-15_20-31“You know we have 4 bedrooms. And only use 3 of those. Wanna change that?”

6-7-15_20-32-2They spent some day in the hottub.

I just want to say how cute they are together.

And 1+1 makes 3

Next family. The Agee family. (There isn’t much background)( They live in Tarquin estate by TheSimSupply)Jaxson AgeeThis is Jaxson Agee. He wants a big happy family. He is atlethic, family-oriented and loves the outdoors. He has a shop in Magnolia Promenade Jaxson’s outdoor pawn shop (lost the name as well.).

Jenny AgeeHis wife Jenny Agee. She is an outdoor enthusiast.

Charlie AgeeTheir oldest son Charlie.

Chase AgeeTheir youngest son Chase.

Darcy AgeeTheir first born daughter Darcy.

Chloe AgeeAnd their youngest child Chloe.

6-7-15_20-40The first thing Charlie did was make a selfie. He is really confident.

7-7-15_12-05-2Jenny and Jaxson’s first thing in the house was try for a baby. Outdoors style.

7-7-15_12-25Adam Torres their neighbor came to pay a visit. They talked about live and stuff.

7-7-15_12-25-2“We are expecting our third child. It should be born in 2 days.”
“Really we are too. Our will come in 3 days.”
“That is fantastic.”

Adam needed to leave soon though. He needed to go to his store. Jaxson noticed a bit later that he left his phone at work so he went over there.

“Adam so this is your store hé. Its not my style but its nice.”7-7-15_12-28-2“Thats your store?!”

A long story short. Their fought. And they are enemy’s now.

7-7-15_12-29-4Jaxson lost because he didn’t really want a fight. He didn’t even know why Adam was doing that.

7-7-15_12-31“I defended our honer ma lady.”

7-7-15_12-33-3“He did what? And why?”
“I dont know. We were talking about the stores and suddely he started fighting.”
“What do you wanna do know?”
“I am not going to do anything.”
“How about Darcy and Chloe?”
“What about them?”
“There is only one school for kids. They have 2 kids as well. What if they become friends?”
“Would you have a problem with that?” Jaxson asked
“No of course not. But would you.”
“No its my fight. Not theirs.”
“Good that you think that way. And we can handle Chloe and Darcy. Right?”
“And our newborn.”
“The age difference is too big.”
“No they are expecting as well.”

I decided to go by Nathan smith.
7-7-15_17-13“How long can I hold this lie up?” he said to himself in the mirror.”
7-7-15_17-13-2Hes spun around into his actual form.

Their are a few more families that I quickly want to introduce. I will go into detail in later chapters.

Bab L'AmourBabs L’Amour.

June KayJune Kay

Cassidy PurdueCassidy Purdue.

Ollie PurdueAnd her brother Ollie Purdue.

Johnny ZestJohhny Zest. The secret child of Nancy and Geoffrey Landgraab.

Zoe PatelZoe Patel. She lives together with…

Mitchell KalaniMitchell Kalani,

Gavin RichardsGavin Richards

J Huntingto IIIAnd J Huntington III

Liberty LeeNext household contains of Liberty Lee,

Summer HolidaySummer Holiday.

Travis ScottAnd Travis Scott.

Vicky KainThe last household is a couple. Vicky Kain and…

Rebaecca KainRebecca Kain. (Yes they are Lesbian.)

OMG OMG. The babies are born.

8-7-15_17-09The baby came in the middle of the night. Adam wanted the best doctor for his wife and baby. So Scarlett came immediatly to the hospital. Scarlett called Katrina (her neighbor) to babysit Tori while she was gone.

8-7-15_17-10-2Because Adam was FREAKING out. He had to wait in the lobby.

8-7-15_17-10-3After being a while in this death machine. Scarlett pulled out Juliette’s heart (by accident of course.). Scralett decided it was not nessisary to put that in the file. Juliette walked out of the room with a beautiful baby boy. Zachary.

Just a few hours later. Jenny was giving birth.

8-7-15_17-20-2Jenny calmly checked in.

8-7-15_17-21Scarlett who still had clinic duty. calmed Jenny. Not that Jenny really needed calming. She had done this 4 times before at home. The only reason she was doing it here was because they thought that the baby was in the wrong position. Jaxson was allowed inside because he was pretty calm.

8-7-15_17-23Jenny gave birth to a amazing baby boy Rhett Agee.

Thats all for today. See ya later.


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