An unLUKEy love story

13-7-15_17-58Luke Cameron and his family has developped a routine. Luke works out at night while Femke helps Missy with her homework. Missy is behind on her classmates so she needs all the help she can get. Femke and Luke take turns on who cooks dinner or breakfast. Luke cleans the house so Femke can read or write books. Depends on what her boss asks her to do.

13-7-15_17-59-4“No Missy that is all wrong! Why won’t you listen to me. The answers is 36!”
“Why is it 36 though? i don’t get it.”
“There isn’t an answer for everything.”

With that Femke got up and left. Just as she wanted to climb up the stairs Luke stopped her.
“What was that Femke? She just wants to understand it.”
She just raised her head and shook him off of her arm. Luke turned around finding Missy sobbing over her homework.”

13-7-15_18-01Hey Buttercup.” He said with his sweetest voice. “Isn’t it working out?”
Missy was still sobbing but she raised her head and looked Luke in his eyes. “Why does Mommy need to be soo mean all the time?”
“She doesn’t. Now what is the problem?”
13-7-15_18-01-2“See. Do you understand now?”
“Yes I do. Thank you daddy.”

The next day a new face showed up at their doorstep.


“Mick!” Femke said exitedly while she opened the door.
“Guess what happened.” He said whit a deep voice.
“Your wife died and she left you all the money?” Femke said “you” like it was a question.
“Yes me and not my awful ungrateful son of mine.”

Flashback time!
22-7-15_19-36When Mick and his girlfriend Angela were teens they were already in love. High school sweethearts. They had unprotected WooHoo. And you guessed it. Angela got pregnant as a teen. mick had a job as fastfood employee and Angela as a babysitter. Soo that was their income. Mick bought the cheepest house on the block and moved in Angela with him. Angela gave birth to twins Martin and Molly. When the twins just became teens Molly ran away. Matrin stayed. A few years later Angela was diagnosed with an unknown disease. She died a few days ago.

Back to the present.
13-7-15_18-54“I love you Femke. Come live with me and we will be happy.”
“What about Martin? Where will he live?”
“My stupid wife put in her testament that I only get the money if I take care of him till he is an young adult.”
“I can live with that. You should just go to the house already. I don’t want Luke to see you. He has been nice to me. I don’t want to treat him that bad now.”
“Ok. you know where I am.”

Luke overheard their conversation and ran upstairs to warn Missy.13-7-15_18-05“Missy look. Your mother loves someone else.”
Missy didn’t need to say anything her facial expression was enough. It meant “What did you just say?” But also disappointment and relief.
Luke knew he didn’t have enough time to tell Missy anymore when he heard Femke’s footsteps walk up the stairs.
“Just remember that I will always love you.”

And the door opened.
“Ohh good you are both here. Look sorry to say this but Missy you have no manners and Luke you are too boring I met an exiting man with a lot of money.”
Luke stared at her and couldn’t say a thing. He was suprised by the cold way she brought the news.
“Hello! I am divorcing you. The best woman in the world is divorcing the most boring man in the history of boring men! Some emotion please.”
“He is not boring! You are! And you are not taking me away from him!” Missy was saying all of this while she stood up and moved closer and closer to her mother.

“You ungratefull! Little…!”
Femke didn’t take those words and wanted to hit her. Missy already backed up and raised her hands like it was normal.
13-7-15_18-08“Out of my house now! And never come near me our my kid again!”
“This house is technically mine you know. And I don’t want that. Ha!”
“No its not your house! You broke up with me and I have proof that you were cheating on me.”
Luke literally pushed her ot of the house.
“My stuff! Hello”
“Missy and I are having a campfire tonight.” He said while he smashed the door.
Femke had no phone. No money. Nothing. There was nothing else to do than to walk to the house.

The nexy days were sad for both of them.
13-7-15_19-17-2“Hello? Sadness hotline?”

13-7-15_19-20“Hello sir I am from the sadness hotline”

13-7-15_19-22Frances Frazier talked to Luke for a while.
“Did you tell your family already.”
“No I didn’t.”
“Do you have sibling?”
“Yes 3 sisters and 2 brother but they are just kids.”
“Whit which one are you closest too? And are your parents retired?
“Scarlett. And my father is.”
“Let your father know first and let him tell everyone in your family. After that you let Scarlett know and she tells all of you friends.”
They talked for a while from their kids to rainsing them on your own.

Later that day Duuk came over.

Missy came home after that.

Luke already asked Scarlett to come over but he fell asleep.
13-7-15_19-10They talked for a while.

13-7-15_19-13-2Scarlett walked up the stairs to find her crying niece.

“Whats wrong honey?”
“My face hurts from when mommy hit me and I am hungry but dad doesn’t make food and I am scared he will hurt me when I ask for it.” Missy said in one breath.13-7-15_19-13“Listen to me now.” Scarlett lowered on her knee.
“your dad is never ever going to hurt you. Never. He is just sad right now. How about I make you some spaghetti and cake for dessert?”
You can guess Missy’s answer.

The next few days were hard but it all came good in the end. Luke really pulled himself up after he came home one day to find Missy at the dinner table eating some leftover cake for dinner. He started cooking and cleaning the house again. He also started working out for his job again. And the next day he got a promotion. Missy and Luke are happier now than they were with bossy Femke around.

Thats it for today. Thanks or checking out my blog.


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