An insane love story.

June Kay was sitting in her bungalow enjoying some juice. While suddenly a very familiar voice called her name.
15-7-15_12-28“June! Are you home?”
“No I am not. Leave a message after the beep. Beep!”
This wasn’t another crazy joke of June. June didn’t know if she liked Johhny’s company or not.
“If you speak I know that you’re here. Sooooo. How are you doing?”
“Johhny why are you here again? I didn’t let you in.”
“You gave me your keys for emergencies.”
“I did?”
“Yes. You put it in my mailbox.”
Why did I think that was a good idea.
“Ohh. Yeah. Right. What is the emergency?”
“The power went out. Why are your curtains closed?”
“Ummh. Just because.”
Johhny ripped the curtains open. The sunshine lit up the entire room with an orange light.
“Soo. How are you doing now?”
“Good. Good. Thank you.”
“No probl……”
Johhny was suddenly interrupted by a knock on the door.

“June? Open the door June! Now!”
June sighed and slowly got up to the door. Before she opened the door she took a deep breathe.
When she opened the door. A chubby man stood there with some suitcases.

15-7-15_12-38“June why didn’t you open yesterday?!”
“Nevermind. Give me one of your keys.”
June leaned over and whispered in his ears.
ohh did I said whisper? I meant screamed.
“You crazy woman.”
“Well actually insane.”
“You are letting me in right now woman!”
“Hmm.. No!”
The man dropped his suitcases and pulled her closer to him and tried to kiss her.
15-7-15_12-40“Hey you!”
Johhny pulled June back and started insulting him.
“What do you think you are doing?” Johhny screamed.
“Protecting ma lady. She just doesn’t know what she wants herself. SHE IS INSANE!”
“You are not..”
15-7-15_12-41-2Johhny won the fight.

15-7-15_12-42“Thank you Johhny.”
“i coudn’t just have stood there, doing nothing? could I.”
“Let me reward you with dinner.”
“Like a date?”
“Yes like a date. I think?”
“I’ll take that. Hey where is the toilet?”
“Trough that door.”
June went to the kitchen and cooked some mac and cheese. While she was cooking she talked to herself.
15-7-15_12-51“Why would he do that? Protect me? I am not even a friend.”
“Maybe he is insane as well?”
June heard the bathroomdoor open and stopped talking to herself.
“Soo. Who is this guy?”
“My almost boyfriend.”
“Almost. I swear.”
“I believe you.”
“He still thinks men have everything to say and woman have to listen.”
“Then why did you fall in almost love with him.”
“He gave me a flirty drink.”
while she said that she looked back at the stove in embarrasment.

15-7-15_12-54“June this is delicious.”
June cracked a little smile.
“No really. I mean it. I bet you work in the culinary field.”
“I am actually workless.”
“My almost boyfriend made me quit.”
“Ohhh. Well he is gone. So you can start again.”
“I was already at level 3. I don’t want to do that again.”
“Wait a minute! I f you get that one reward trait and start a job. You begin your job at level 4.”
“Really did you buy it?”
“No. My parent. Nancy and Geoffrey Landgraab kicked me out because I wanted to be a comedian. I bought the cheapest house but I was still broke. I needed a job and quickly.”

15-7-15_12-55“June? Are you actually insane?”
*sigh* “Yes I am”
“Ok. I didn’t even notice. I just thought you were a goofball.”
After this there weren’t anymore words spilled words to this insane trait.

15-7-15_12-56-2For the next couple of hours a lot of flirting went by. Only flirting. It was getting late and the power came back so Johhny needed to leave.

15-7-15_13-00June went directly to the bathroom and started talking to herself again
“Why didn’t you kiss him?”
“What?! Kiss him?! Are you crazy?!”
“No. Insane. Just like you.”
“Its too early. Noy yet.”
“He’s not comming back. He doesn’t like insane. OK he’s banished but he was still raised by a rich family. Insane is not in his blood. Its now or never.”

15-7-15_13-00-3“Johhny! Where do you think you’re going?”
“Home, remember when I said:”I am going home.”?”

15-7-15_13-01“No you are not. You’re staying.”
“OK.” he said startled “I can live with that.”

15-7-15_13-03“Lets be boyfriend and girlfriend together.”
“Yeeeeeeeesssssssss!” Johhny said with a high squieky voice.”

15-7-15_13-06Johhny moved in with June and the next morning when he washed his hands, he saw that there wasn’t a mirror.

15-7-15_14-58when he mentioned it at breakfast this was her answer:
“I can’t look at myself. I am insane. The voices tell me that, the people tell me that, my family tells me that. Everybody tells me that! I never get a rest. If I look at myself I just see an insane person. Sorry. But no mirrors.”
And she walked off into the bathroom to not look in the not-existing mirror.

15-7-15_15-02A few days later. June woke up with her skin itching terribly.
“Johhny? When was the last time we washed the bedsheets?”

15-7-15_15-03“I don’t think it was the bedsheets. YOU” He pointed his finger at her.”did NOT look in the mirror. Am I right folks?” He spreaded his arms soo it lokked like he was expecting laughter and clapping from an invisible audience.
“Very funny. I am not getting a mirror. Now when was it?”
“You are sick June. Look at your arm. It’s full of red dots.”
“I thought it was a rash from the bedsheets.”
“No you are sick. Here.” He handed her a orange-brownish bottle.

15-7-15_15-03-2“There you go folks!”
“Don’t you dare continue that joke.”

15-7-15_15-04“Johhny? You know what we have not done yet?”
“No. What?”

15-7-15_15-05“Well…” June said with the biggest smile ever.”

18-7-15_14-55-4Guess what it was.

After a few days. A knock on the door was heard. Johhny was practicing guitar and was really in the zone so June opened the door.
15-7-15_15-18“Ohh hello. Umm. You.
“Hello I am Malcolm. My parents just divorced. And they told me I have an older sibling. And that my sibling lived here. I guess you are my sister. I have a little brother?!”
“June was left with her grandparents when her parents found out she was insane so it was perfectly possible.

15-7-15_15-19“June who was at the dooooooor? we look very alike.”
“Then you are not my sister. You are my brother!”
“What?!” June and Johhny said at the same time.
“Mom and dad divorced. THey said I have an older sibling and that HE lives here. When I saw you I thought they misspoke. But we actually look alike!”
“Nancy and Greoffrey Landgraab are your parents?”
“Uhmm .Hi. I am Johhny. Your big brother.”
Malcolm reached out his hand jOhhny took his hand and pulled him towords him and hugged his brother. June turned around and walked back inside.
“I don’t know what to say?” Malcolm said.
“Malcolm how old are you?”
“So still a teen. Its almost after midnight. You need to go home now. Can you?”
“Yes mom and dad won’t fight right in front of me.”
“Good. If you ever need a place to stay or something. Come to me Ok?”
“I will. Thank you Johhny.”
“No problem Mal.”
“Are you starting already.”
“I need to catch up. Bye.”

When Johhny walked back in June was already sleeping. The next day she didn’t talk to him at all. That evening was date night though.
18-7-15_14-55-2“June what is wrong? You have not talked to me ever since Malcolm showed up.”
“You took away my little brother.”
“Malcolm thoight I was his big sister and then you showed up.”
“He is my brother June not yours. You can never hide the truth.”
“I don’t even know if I have a sibling. I don’t even know who my parents are. You do. I want a sibling Johhny!”
“You now have a brother in law. You can hang out with him and everything. He will just be like a real brother. ”
“Can I really talk to him?”
“Of course you can. Your family.”

18-7-15_14-55-3Some hours later June’s will of a little guy to take care of wasn’t gone yet. So she wanted to do WooHoo without protection. Soo she slipped something in his drink. After that he said yes.

18-7-15_14-34“Soo? Do you remember last night?”
“Unprotective WooHoo.
“What?! What did you do to me! I would never agree to that!”
“You don’t want kids?”
“Ofcourse I do want kids. You don’t have a job. I am at level 3 of my job. We can’t aford it June!”
“I am sorry Johhny. I….”
“Take the pregnancy test. Now!”
“Ok. I will. Will you leave me?”
Johhny had put his elbows on the table and his face in his hands. He stoke his hands trough his hair and lifted his face. He sighed.
“No. no I won’t. now go and do it please.”

15-7-15_15-22“Johhny? I am.”
Johhny lifted his head and saw that June was very sad.
“I am not pregnant.”
“That is good. Yes. Good.”
“Why am I sad then?”
“Look at me June.”
June lifted her head.
“Having children is the best thing in the world. If I could I would have children with you already. We just can’t afford it yet. We were both pusshed away from our family. We need to fight to get what we want.”
“Wait. So this is our parents fault! Let’s go to your parents and scream at them. Yes scream.”
“No. They wont give us money believe me. And plus we would put Malcolm in trouble.”
“We will have children right?”
“Once. Yes but not now.”

15-7-15_13-41The next day June walked in the bathroom on this view.
“Why did I never look at myself. i don’t look insane. I am beautiful.”

Time flew by and soon Iit was a year later. jUne bought the reward trait and started the culinary career at level 4 and Johhny made some promotions. They looked back at a converation they had a year back.

18-7-15_14-55-4They tried for a baby. Johnny was afraid that the test would be negative again.

19-7-15_20-25-6“Johhny. I am pregnant.”

“Did you take the test?”
“Yes. Why is that important. A friend just saw it because she suddenly was fat one morning.”
“We tried yesterday. And you don’t see a thing.”
“The test was positive.”
“And  believe you. It’s just odd.”
“Guess what.”
“I already bought a crib.”
“Thats great honey. Where did you put it?”
“In the baby’s future room. You just have to find it.”

Johhny did not find the crib immediatly. When he went to the bathroom…

19-7-15_20-29“June. The baby’s crib will not stand in the bathroom.”
“Why not. It fits and we could place a bed when the crib is gone.”
“The baby can’t sleep in the bathroom.”
“Ok I will place it somewhere else.”

When Johhny went outside to practice his guitar.

19-7-15_20-33“The baby can’t sleep outside. Its will be too cold or too warm.”
“Then where can it sleep?”
“We need another house June.”
“Which house?”
“My old house.”
“That also has just one bedroom.”
“Yes. but we can expand that house. Its harder with this one.”
“Can you take care of that?”
“I will.”

They kept talking for a few hours.19-7-15_20-35-2“Its kinda funny.” Johhny said.
“My parents kicked me out because I wasn’t “normal” I wanted to work at night on stage instead during the day and behind a desk. And now I am doing it in a very weird order. Normally it is move to a bigger house, get married and then get pregnant. We got pregnant, move and we are not even engaged. Ha.”
“Its not right!?”
“Its perfectly fine. We are happy and that is all that counts.”
“You know what lets go on a date.”
“Ok if you want to.”

19-7-15_20-39They din’t go to anywhere fancy. June insisted that they just went to the bench in between their houses..

19-7-15_20-39-2“I want to do it right. First move, then marry and then get the child.”
“Yes I will exept this ring.” Johhny didn’t mention that if she wanted to do it right. The man was supposed to ask the girl to marry him.

19-7-15_21-16Two days later June was due every moment now and Johhny and June stood under the wedding arch. All their neighbours and Malcolm was there.



19-7-15_21-17-4But then. it was time. *add dramatic music here*

19-7-15_21-18“You can do it June. You really can.”
“it hurts soo much!”
“I know but you can do it. I know you can.”

19-7-15_21-19June gave birth to  a healthy baby boy. Bobby Zest.

19-7-15_21-19-3They shared the first piece of cake together infront of Bobby.

19-7-15_21-19-2“I bet it will be a boy.” Malcolm said. He was very curious if her got a niece or nephew.
“You are wrong boy. It’s a girl.”
“Wanna bet?”

The next few days Bobby was a really quiet kid. So quiet that social services treated to take him away.21-7-15_20-36“Johhny lets go on a date tonight.”
“Yes that is a good idea. I need to get out of this house. Bobby? What will we do with him?”
“I’ll get it covered.”
“Ok. I will take a shower and then we will leave.”

21-7-15_20-48Their date went fluently until JUne got a phone call.
“What how late is it?”
“Just pick me up at the rattlesnake bar. OK?”
“Yes I know I am so sorry.”
“Yes see ya.”
She put the phone away.
“Sorry Johnny I totally forgot I have work today and I am soo close to a promotion.”
June and Johnny were both ambitious so Johnny understood.”
“Ok you just go i am just gonna finish my drink her.”
“You are the best husband ever.”


21-7-15_20-54An hour later when Johhny returned home. He heard Bobby’s crying. When he walked in and fed Bobby he didn’t see a babysitter. he walked trough the entire house and didn’t see a babysitter.

21-7-15_21-00“Hey honey.”

21-7-15_21-00-2“What the plum do you think you were doing?”
“What is wrong Johnny?”
“What is wrong! You left Bobby alone. No babysitter or anything.”
“I put a clean diaper and a full bottle of milk right next to him.”
“He’s a baby! He can’t do that on his own!”

They fought for a couple of hours after that. But they made up. In bed.

Thats all thanks for reading my blog.


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