A free chess table

It took 2 days of no social contact but. I did it. I think it is the most unfortunate of Sarah. I n this chapter we age her up and she was beautiful. I couldn’t quite recover her. She is still beautiful but still. I want the old Sarah. She wasn’t really skinny but it looked soo good on her. Better than a skinny body. And I can’t quite recreate her body and it is really bothering me. Anyway….. New chapter!

Ella and Maxim Kuijpers have 2 children Sarah and an adopted son Maarten. The thing is… they are poor. Ella works in the culinary career and Maxim in the tech career. We pick up at Maartens birthday.

“Little brotherrrrr!”
“Big sisterrrr!”

“Maarten? Did you do your homework already?”
“Do I need to do that already? I literally just jumped out of that crib.”
“You aged up on a sunday. Sorry honey.”
“Fine. I want to be a whizzkid anyway.”
Ella forgot about child aspirations. Sarah is a social butterfly so she didn’t need anything that you needed to buy. Maarten would need a chess table. Ella was on her weekend soo it would be 3 days before she would get any money. She just hoped Maxim would bring enough money.

Maxim returned home with barely enough money. Ella and Maxim decided to wait untill he would ask for a chess table. Ella helped Maarten with his homework and Maxim helped Sarah. The kids were just finished when the doorbell rang.
“I’ll get it.”

t was Missy. Ever since the divorce Missy came by almost everyday. Sarah and Missy’s friendship bar was getting closer and closer to the maximum.

The next day Luke called.
“Ella? With Luke.”
“Hey Luke! Whats up?”
“I need a favor.”
“What is it?”
“I have a game tonight and a lot of important people are gonna be there. I won’t have time to cook can Missy eat with you guys?”
“Yeah sure. Just send her over.”
“Thanks. Missy is coming over soo much and when she comes home she is just soo happy. I bought something for you.”
“You don’t have to do that.”
“Yes I do. Just look at it as a late birtday present for Maarten.”
“Uhmm. Thank you.”
“No I need to thank you. i am sending Missy over right now. Bye.”

“Who was that mommy?”
“Luke. He’s giving you a late birthday present and Missy is staying for dinner.”
“Cool!” Sarah shouted “When is she coming?”
“Right now.”
“I am gonna wait outside.”

“Hey. Help me with this please.”
They carried the big box on the stairs and then Maxim returned home.
“Hey Missy.”
“Hey uncle Maxim. I needed to bring this here.”
“And she staying for dinner.”
“Ohh OK. I’ll carry this inside.”

The girls stayed outside while Elaa and Maarten put the chess table together and played a quick game before dinner while Maxim played some free games for his job.

They became best friends.

And partners in crime.


“Girls! Dinner”

They had a nice family dinner.
“Soo Missy how are you doing?” Ella asked.
“Is it bad that I feel better now that momis gone?”
“No.” Maxim and Ella said at the same time.
“That is perfectly fine.” Maxim continued.
“How’s your father?”
“He’s better. Someone from the sadness hotline keeps coming over. When she does I run over here because she askes me the same thing every time over and over again.”

After dinner Sarah and Missy talked a bit on the porch. Until Missy suddenly felt bad.
“Aww. My head hurts i should really be heading home right now.”
“OK. See ya later.”

Sarah didn’t see that whtever Missy had she has it now too.

The next few days were kinda the same. Sarah making friends and talking to Missy. But then on sunday. It was Sarah’s birthday. Ella and Maxim trew a party.

“Its amazing how fast they grow up isn’t it.”
“Yeah mom it is.”
“It feels that you were born just last week.”
“Mom? Can I blow out the candles?”
“Isn’t there on last thing you want to do before you age up?”

“Already got an attitude. Just like her mother.”
And her grandmother.” Ella bounced back.





“Is she gonna keep wearing that?” Maxim whispered in Ella’s ear.

Sarah walked upstairs to change her clothes.



The party ended with a gold medal. Sarah needed to start with her homework because it was sunday. Ella helped her with that so it would be finished quickly.


The next day Sarah waked up feeling energized for school.

When Sarah walked downstairs for breakfast Ella walked upstairs to go to sleep.
“Good morning honey.”
“Good night mom.”

Thats it. Thanks for reading my blog.


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