A divorce

Eric Lewis and Alice Spencer-Kim got a divorce. Olivia’s suspicion was true. She explained it to her brother and he understood.

“Charles? are you making Olivia’s homework and Olivia are you making Charles’ homework?”
“Mine’s too easy.”
“I need to do that stuff at school already. This is a lot easier anyway.”
“Switch homework! Now!”
“You were against switching homework in the first place. It happend now. Better to leave it that way.” Olivia said.
Eric’s face was getting very red and he opened his mouth. Before he could say a word Alice interfered.
“Olivia, honey switch it now please.” Alice said with a kind soft voice “Your report cards aren’t the best you should practise. And Charles you will get where Olivia is very soon. And if you want a mental challenge. Challenge grandpa to a chess game.”

Olivia and Charles looked up to both their parents. They look up to Alice because she is soo kind and calm under every circumstance. They look up to Eric because of his ambition. They’ve made their mistakes and Olivia and Charles will learn from these mistakes.

A few hours later Vivian made dinner, the childern finished their homework and were both in their rooms, Eric started programming, Alice worked out and Dennis tend to the garden. They all stoped with whatever they were doing when Vivian called everyone to meal.
“Where is Dennis. He’s always late.”
“No Eric. You are always late.”
Eric looked up to Alice but to his suprise Vivian was the one who said this.
“Sorry that I am late. My hands were dirty and the sink downstairs are dirty or broken.”
“Its your job to keep them working and clean.” Eric said.
Vivian faced her son and calmly said: “Its Dennis and mine job. Don’t be mad at dennis if you’re not getting mad at me.”
“Anyway Alice and Dennis are moving out.”
“What?!” Everybody exept Eric said at the same time.
“What? Alice isn’t making enough money to live in this mansion or keep the kids fed. She can visit anytime she wants.”
Alice looked down at her spaghetti and then quikly to her children. Vivian saw her and looked angerly to Eric.

“What? I want to get on with my life and she will too. Eventually.”

Olivia and Charles just ate their spaghetti and didn’t talk. That was untill Eric tried to talk to them.
“Charles? How’s school?”
School wasn’t good for Charles that day. He was tired at gym and hid somewhere but his plan got discovered. If Olivia and Charled know one thing it is NEVER lie to Eric. He knows.

“Gym was memorable.”
“How’s th—”
Olivia interfened Eric. “Hot new teacher.”
“It was very educational.” Charles sid at the same time as his sister.
They both finished their spaghetti and walked to their rooms. Eric was about to call them back but Alice stopped him. If she wouldn’t have Eric would’ve found out what have happened. A’s in school is very important to him. And performance lost is very insulting to him.

Alice found a nice 2 bedroom house in willow creek right next door to Eliza Pancakes and Femke VIsser and Mick and Martin Thomassen. She never really focused on her job. It was just a social activity for her. She knew that she had to work hard for her children to live with her again.

Charles was upstairs at the chess table and Eric was in the same room working on his programming.
“Hey my little genius.”
Charles was sobbing “Are you coming back.”
“As much as I can.”
Alice didn’t want to lie to him. Her job in the athletic career didn’t give her a lot of free time.
“Alice can you please leave. The kids have school in the morning.”
“Are you letting them go to school?”
“They need to get their grades up.”

Alice ignored Eric and said to Charles that he could stay home the next day.
“Alice don’t give the kids a disadvantage in school. It will get their mind off things.”
“They need some time.”
“They are going to school. Enough said.”
“They are my children as well.”
“Watch your words or they aren’t anymore.”
Alice gave Charles one last hug and walked downstairs.

“You are coming by a lot. Right?”
“Of course I will.”

The next day the kids were send off to school and when they got back they needed to get their mind off things. Olivia went to her drawing table and Vivian read to Charles.



The next day was friday. Vivian was eating her breakfast in the kitchen while the children were in the dining room.

Eric passed Vivian to get some breakfast. This was the first time Vivian saw him sad over the divorce.
He didn’t say a word all day.

“You know I am almost done with my aspiration.”
“Really I am almost done with my second stage.”
“What?” Olivia took long to even get at her second stage. She needed to do something to be better in skills and aspirations than her little brother.

“Well when I am done with this I am starting the motor skill aspiration.”
“Two aspirations?”
Charles knew he had to do something to be better than his big sister and get his dads attention.
“Well I am going to max my logic skill before I age up into a teen.”

Oh. The. Competion. Is. On.

After she got the kids and Eric fed Vivian cleaned the house and cooked dinner for the evening. After that she started a garden to fill up her days. She was just planting her grapes when the doorbell rang.

“Alice? The kids aren’t home yet.”
“I know. I wanted to be here when they came home.”
“Come inside. We need to catch up.”

“I miss the kids Viv.”
“I know I tried to bring them over to you. But the problem is my son.”
“I really try to come by every day. I work long days and when I get home I need to work out. At the end of the week I almost pass out on the floor. I need to sleep all day. Dad have been flirting with the neighbor. He has all day for himself and he never visited the kids.”
“Do you know Scarlett Cameron?”
“Yes she has a daughter they come by sometimes. I forgot her daughters name though.”
“Tori. Her name is Tori. She is Dennis great-granddaughter.”
“What? Dennis has another kid?”
“He never really talks about us. The only reason he comes here to the kids and me is this mansion. Its only a matter of time before he is gone.”
“How long have you know about Tori?”
“Dad had a child before me. Lana. She was a teen when I came. She maried a mam a little older than her Marc Koning. They got a daughter Tammy and a son Tobias. Tobias and Scarlett were married but Tobias didn’t want any children. Scarlett got pregnant and when Tori was born he left.”
“You never told me any of this.”
“My sister and I never kept contact. I recently called her. We talked for hours.”

“How was school?”

“There was this new kid and a baby toy fell out. He said it was his baby brother’s. The bully of the class almost saw it. Don’t worry I solved it. I quickly put my foot on it and nobody saw it.”

The 4 of them talkd for hours untill it was time for Alice to go home.”
“You are coming by another time right?”
“As much as I can.”

Olivia was thinking abouta phone.
“You should call us everyday.”
“That is an amazing idea. I will.”
Alice never even tought about calling. The tiredness really affected her mind sometimes.

(Authors note: Olivia was actually thinking about a phone here.)

“Alice was here today you know.”
“Oh. Thats nice.”
“She is having a hard time living and seeing the kids. We need to bring them to their house sometimes as well.”
“They need 1 home not 2. Their skills and aspirations will suffer.”
“Is that all you care about! SKILLS and ASPIRATIONS! They need their mom not their father!”
“Why did you say mom but not dad?”
“Because you aren’t a dad anymore!”
Vivian stormes off after that conversation.

Eric took a shower and tought about it. The last day he barely even talked to his kids anymore. He wanted to change. But how? He walked to the kitchen to ask his mother.
“Help them with their homework. Talk to them. Don’t care about skills that much anymore. Eat dinner with them. Just spend time with them.”
“Thanks mom. I never realized.”29-7-15_13-57-2
Eric directly halped the kids with their homework and spended time with them.

When their homework was done the doorbell rang.

“I came to tell your dad that you can come over sometimes. I am going to be like. “Hey mister who sleeps in his underpants. Let these amazing children visit their amazing grandpops.””
The 3 of them talked and joked for a while untill Dennis needed to go home to get dinner ready before Alice got home.

The next day was saturday. The family had a nice family braekfast.
“Daddy?” Olivia asked
“Yes honey?”
“Can you watch me play the violin please? I need to play for just 1 more hour and then I complete my aspiration.”
“Of course I will.”

Eric watched his daughter hor a whole hour until a sound started playing and Olivia completed her aspiration.
“I am going to pick a new one Daddy. I want to be better than Charles.”
“Olivia listen.” Eric kneeled down next to his daughter. “No one is better than another. You are more creative, social and motoric but Charles is very very smart.”
“Can I still do the new aspiration?”
“Of course you can.”

Charles and Oliva worked on their aspirations all day. Olivia’s birthday was that sunday. So she had to hurry if she wanted to complete her second aspiration.

“Dad for my aspiration I need a jungle gym. Can you please get that for me?”
“If you’ll play with Charles on that thing. The only thing he does is play chess. He barely comes out the house.”
“I will! Thank you daddy!”
Olivia ran off to tell Carles and Eric bought one online. Just five minutes later their own jungle gym was standing on their lawn.

“There are the space bandits. We must stop them before they get to their evil leader. Come on sidekick! I’ll need you.”

“Is this really safe. We are hanging pretty high.”
“Then go behind the control panel and shoot those bandits.”

“Did you teach those bandits a lesson?”
“Do you even know us? Of course we did mommy!”

“Come here both of you! I can’t beleave that my small girl is going to be a teen tomorrow.”
“I am not small anymore. Charles just looks bigger with that hat.”
“I just wanted to drop by before your party but I really need to go now. I love you both soo much.”
“Bye mommy.” Charles yelled
“You are coming to the party right?”
“Of course I will.”
“Yay! Bye mommy.”
“Bye kids.”

The kids spended the rest of the day on the jungle gym. When it turned dark Olivia went to bed early so she could complete her aspiration in the morning.

The next morning Vivian made Olivia’s favorite meal: pancakes.
“Olvia? Did you actually finish your aspiration?” Eric asked out of curiosity.
“Almost I just need 1 more motor skill point and I am finished.”
“That is amazing sweatheart.”

“I also need just one more skill point to achieve mine.”
“Really? Good job Charles.” Vivian said.
“Yeah Charles. Very very good.”
“Daddy? What aspiration do you have?”
“Mansion baron.”
“No. Child aspiration?”
“Oh. Whizz kid.”
“So you are mentally gifted?”
“No I never completed it. Your grandma needed help with the twins when I was a kid.”

When Eric was a kid. He his dad Marc and mother Vivian were a happy family. They did everything together especially fish.

Vivian and Marc wanted a sibling for Eric. So said. So done

“We are expecting!”

“Eric. You are going to be a big brother.”
“Really? I hope it’s a boy.”

The family wasn’t really rich. But they weren’t poor either. Vivian took care of the house and made some money from gardening. Marc made most of the simoleons from fishing. One day Marc went fishing in the park. Eric and Vivian were home alone.

“Mommy? Who is that man?”
“Which man honey?”
“He is going to knowk on the door. I can see him through the window.”
“Honey go watch some tv ok.”
“Can I watch?”
“Yes now go watch.”

The man saw Eric sitting on the couch watching tv.
“Oh watcher. A kid!” *gasp* “You are pregnant!”
“Umm. Yes I am. What is wrong?”
“Please come outside.”

“Umm.. Your.. Umm. Ohh watcher. This is harder than I thought.”
“My what?! Spit it out!”
“Your husband Marc is dead!”

“No! That is impossible!”
“I am so sorry miss.”
“What. What.. happ..”
She couldn’t even speak.”
“He was fishing at a lake all the way back in the park. A rock came loose from a hill and hit his head. He fell forward into the lake. By the time someone saw it. It was to late. I brought his urn.”
Vivian just stood there. She didn’t know what to say. She just walked back inside without saying anything to the officer.

Vivian explained everything to Eric and after that they both just sat there. Saying nothing to eachother.

Days went by Eric slowly got used to the idea of no more fishing with his dad.

Right after Eric felt the baby for the hondred time a sound came from the bedroom.

Vivian investigated the sound and found everything she wanted.17-8-15_14-37

“I missed you. I soo missed you. I am sorry I went fishing.”
“Its not your fault.” Vivian said while holding back tears.

“I just feel this is going to be a girl.”
“That is what you said about Eric.”

Marc knew that Vivian always wanted to have 3 children and that she will never find someone new. She will never open up again. The number 1 secret of ghosts is that they can control a lot of thing. Like how many babies a person will have. Marc put his hand on his wife and  made the magic happen. Vivian would now have twins.

“Eric! Come here!”

“I missed you dad.”
“I missed you too little man.”
“Then why did you leave.”
“Look the thing is…..”
“AAAAAAAAAAAAA. Its happening!” Vivian shouted.

“Eric go into another room okay?”
“It hurts Marc.”
“I know.”
Vivian did what she had to do and a beatiful baby girl Emily was born.
“She is beatiful Ma…… What is happening?”
“Are we having twins?”
“The doctors said it was only one.”
“Mistakes happen all the time.”

“You scared mommy didn’t you Elizabeth. Yes you did.”


“Soo. Olivia what are you looking forward to?”
Eric almost choked on his food.
“Yes boys.”
Eric invited a lot of teen from around town so Olivia would make friends  but that was it. Friends. He immediatly regretted inviting boys.

“Can I go and work on my aspiration now?”
“Yes. Go ahead.”


Shortly after Olivia finished her aspiration the party started.

“You are going to be beautiful. I just know it.”


Olivia talked to some people ans then she ran over to the cake.

“What will I wish for?”
“Be careful. Honey” Alice said. “If you say it out loud it won’t come true.”
“I want a lot of boyfriends.” Olivia thought in herself.

“Ohh Chase. You’re her too. Excuse me for a moment. I need to change.”

“Olivia what in the watchers name are you wearing? Put on some more clothes!”

“Happy dad?”

“Hey Malcolm!”
“Hey Olivia. I must say. You look beautiful.”
“Really? Thank you.”
*cough* *cough*
“Dad! Go somewhere else.”
Eric left the dining room and walked over to Alice.

“She was talking to boys.  I mean boys! And she didn’t want me sitting there either.”
“Mhh. How would that be.”

“A boy said she was beautiful. A BOY!”
“Ever heard of a compliment?”
“Let her be Eric.”

Eric found Scarlett upstairs. She promised to keep an eye open on the kids at the party. eric ansd Scarlett talked for hours ’till the party ended.

Downstairs Eric’s worst nightmare was happening. Olivia was talking to a boy. She liked talking to Chase. He had very interesting stories. She barely left the estate because her dad wouldn’t let her. Chase on the other hand  had soo much stories about the outdoors. She really felt comfortable with him.


Thats it folks. Thanks for reading.


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