Scarlett Cameron

Parents: -Father: Duuk Cameron
-Mother: Britt Cameron

Siblings: -Ella Cameron
-Luke Cameron
-Sissy Cameron
-Ethan Cameron
-Evan Cameron

Relationships: -Tobias Koning (Divorced)
-Eric Lewis (boyfriend)

Kids: -Tori Cameron

Job: Doctor

Maxed skills: Cooking

Background: Scarlett was the thirs child of Duuk and Britt Cameron. She has always been the smartest and wanted to help people as much as she could. She became a doctor. Scarlett fell in love with Tobias Koning. they married but when Scarlett was pregnant he flew away. Scarlett only left the house to work. She was always at home. At Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis’ birthday party were Scarlett promised to watch the kids she discovered her social life again. From that point she has been dating Olivia’s dad Eric Lewis.






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