Defying the relationship

Vivian was watching TV while waiting for her son Eric to return from his first date after the divorce.

“Hey mom.”
“Eric? Don’t sneak up on me like that.”

Eric sat down next to his mother and remembered the amazng night he just had.
He began giggling.
“OK you clearly need to be calmed. I’ll make some tea fo you.”

“Could my son really have found new love.” Vivian thought while she poured the tea into a cup.

“Here. Drink up.”


“Sooooo… How’d it go?”
“Jep. I kissed her.”
“And how did she react?”
“She kissed back.”
“Honey. Thats amazing.”
Vivian hugged her son for founding new love.

“I want to ask her to be y girlfriend.”
“Really that’s am—-”
“Please let me finish. What if she says ‘no’?”
“Now why would she do that?”
“Its too soon? No I am just going to wait awhile.”
“Its your life son. Your life.”

Eric did indeed wait. He waited for a long time.

On a morning. In Newcrest. His date has had enough.
“Christene! I need your advice.”

“So. You know I have been dating eric for awhile now.” Scarlett started.
“We kissed weeks ago and he still didn’t ask me to be his girlfriend.”
“Why don’t you ask him yourself?”
“He’s kinda oldschool. The man needs to do that.”

“Ha! Oldschool. Who did you choose this time?”
“Eric Lewis. I told you about him remember?”
“I know about him. You told me about him for hours. I was just joking with you.”
“I knew. I knew.”
“Sure you did.”
“Do you have any advice?”
“Scarlett Cameron! You suffer from a serious condition called ‘being too nice’. You want to give everyone what they want.”


“You need to take matters in your own hands. If you don’t he will ask you when you’re elders.”
“You know what? I will. I am going to call him right now.”

Scarlett picked up her phone add called Eric.
“Yeah its Scarlett. Lets go on a date!”
“Yeah right now.”
“Ohh. You’re at work?”
“A date after you’re done working? Yes! Where do you wanna go?
“Oke. I’ll see you there. Bye.”


“Was he working?”
“Well. I need to leave for work now too. Soooo.”
“I get it. I get it. I’ll tell you how it went. Bye.”

Scarlett decided to go and work out before her date.

23-8-15_21-35-2“Am I doing it right?”
“Yes. You have a lot of energy. Something bothering you?”
“I am going to handle it tonight.”
“Ok. Keep punching I have to go to someone else.”

After a while scarlett stoped punchin, took a shower and headed over to the museum.

“Hey Eric. How are you doing?”


“What are you doing there? Why won’t you come down?”
“Why won’t you catch me than?”

Scarlett started running upstairs followed by Eric. When Eric was upstairs Scarlett jumped on his back and they both fell on the couch.
“You got me. Now I am going to get you!”
Eric started to tickle Scarlett.

“Ok. Ok. Stop it!”

“You know. I am really happy to have you.” Scarlett wanted to start her question.
“Lets go downstairs.”
“Can’t we just—” Scarlett couldn’t end her sentence because Eric was already walking downstairs.

“Scarlett? Do you wanna be my girlfriend?”

“I was right!”


“I never had to worry.”
“You what?”
“I was going to ask you today too.”
“Really? Great minds think alike.”
“I guess you’re right.”

They enjoyed eachothers company for the rest of the night. And when the sun was long gone they decided to head home.

“Its getting late where is he?”
Just as Charles said that Eric walked in.

23-8-15_22-43-2“Soo dad. How’d it go?”

Eric explained the whole evening to his kids and mother.

“And you two. Go to bed please. Its almost midnight and you have school in the morning.”

“Why did you let them stay up that late?”
“They were just curious how it went. They couldn’t sleep.”
“Next time. Let them stay in bed.”
“Ok. You’re the dad.”

At Scarlett’s house there was also someone waiting on a date story. Tori tried to stay awake but it didn’t work out. She fell asleep with a cupcake right next to her

“Tori wake up.”


“It went amazing. He asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes. We had a lot of fun. I would rather have that you don’t wait for me anymore. I will tell you everything in the morning. Now go to bed.”
“Ok mommy.”

Thats it. Thank you for reading my blog.


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