Looking for friends

Bob Pancakes. Our favorite chef. A beloved friend—-  WAIT he has no friends.
Our Bob knows nobody else than Eliza Not-Anymore-Pancakes. We need to change that!

I sended him off to the park to find some friends.

First off he met Johhny Zest and Bridget Goth.

That girl is so curious. I never really played with her before but everytime I see her she is talking to one of my sims.

Bob is and stays a loner. When he got stressed out he walked away and introduced himself to another loner Cassidy Purdue. She is an EA-premade. She and her brother Ollie live in Willow Creek. They decided to find a calm spot by the river away from all the madness. They talked for hours untill it became dark and both of them were hungry. Bob quickly made some grilled fruit for him and Cassidy.

“This fruit is amazing Bob.”
They talked for awhile untill it was really time to head home.

Look who I saw! Its Martin Thomassen. The son of Mick Thomassen or the step-son of Femke. He just put away the trash. Voluntary! He is a really weird teenager.

Anyway….. We’re on a quest! Finding friend for Bob. Suddely everybody left the park. Ohh its midnight already. Thats why. So he headed home and practised his mixology skill.

If this guy wasn’t a loner. He would have the best parties. Let’s face it.

The next day he went to introduce himself to his neighbours. He only got to introduce himself to Mitchell. He lives in the roomis household together with Zoe, Gavin and J. After a hour of chatting Bob left to go to work. At work he met June Kay and Dina Caliente.

The next day he visited the roomies household again. This time he met Zoe Patel.

All by all. The last few days were nice for him. He got stressed out by crowds just once. But Bob is Bob. And for Bob there is nothing better then being alone and eating pancakes. Ofcourse Bob wants and needs friends. But a few close ones like Cassidy is better for him. For now he will just stick to Cassidy, his colleagues and his neighbours.

For now. Bob just wants to be Bob and eat pancakes.


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