Expensive bed adventure

May I introduce you to…

Liberty Lee. She is a geek, clumsy and a bookworm. She wants to be a nerdbrain. She makes her money by being an astronaut.

Summer Holiday. An astonishing—– future cook. She is active, cheerful and an extravert. She wants to be a friend of the world.

These two girls have been best friends since childhood. Now that they live together they have also moved in their childhood friend and crush…

Travis Scott. He is a geek, selfassured and an extravert. He(s a whizzkid and follows the tech guru career. Liberty and Summer have a crush on him and they kinda make a game out of it. Poor Travis has no clue.

The chores in the house are divided. Summer does all of the cooking. Liberty does all of the repairing. And Travis pays the bills and cleans

Days went by full with relationship building, skill buiding and focusing on their aspirations.

Summer works an entire different work schedule than Liberty and Travis. Given Liberty and Travis a lot of time to spent just between just the two of them. Liberty was out playing chess all by herself when Travis decided to join her for a game.

“So. Loser does winners dishes?”

“Okay first step. Umm…” Travis tried to start the game.
“Do you even know how to play?”
“White begins not black.”
“Ohh. Sorry.”
“No problem.”
Liberty explained all the rules of her favorite game to her favorite man.

“Lets see. Ohh! I know what you are trying to do.”

“Touché Liberty. Touché.”


“No! Looks like I am doing the dishes tonight.”
“It sure does.”

“I am going to read a book. Hope you can handle the dishes.”25-8-15_15-19“Hey? You still up?”
“I had to do the dishes.”

The next day Travis came home from work angry.
“Stupid colleagues.” He said with his teeth clenched together.


“Hey Travis!”
“You look happy.” Travis responded
“Yeah work was great! I found this mysterious little black box and even that I was curious I didn’t examine it and handed it over to my bosses and they just gave me a performance gain! And another one because I didn’t ask any questions!”
“Great.” Travis tried to fake a smile for his friend but failed.
“Work didn’t seem to go as good for you I see. Come on lets sit.”

“Tell me about it.”
“There was this guy in the test room and he was in there for hours! The room was starting to stink and I was sitting right next to him because my colleagues pusshed me on the ground before entering the room so they wouldn’t have to sit next to him. Eventually I just stood up and told him to go and clean himself up. He got mad and the guy that pushed me found 4 bugs that I would have easily found if I didn’t stood up! My boss called me on his office and I got a performance lost.”
“Doesn’t our neighbour work at the same place you do?”
“No. Well yes. Maxim(Kuijpers) works with us but he wasn’t  there today. He isn’t even working on the same project.”

After the talk they had Liberty went for a jog to get in shape for her next promotion. Travis worked on his programming skill and Summer came home with her promotion.


“Travis! I got the promotion!”
“Great. Summer. Really great.” he said without much enthousiasm
“They gave me a coffee machine.”

“OMG. That is amazing Summer!”

Summer worked for another day and then her weekend began. Travis and Liberty  needed to work though. Summer decided to score some points with Travis.

Travis came home 1 hour before Liberty did. When he walked trough the door Summer was sitting on the couch with some warm freshly made cookies.
“You got cookies!”
“Yes I do. Come on don’t be shy. Eat.”
“Shouldn’t we wait for Liberty?”
“When she’s home we already need to eat dinner. She can always eat later.”
“You Summer are  right.”

He took 2 cookies and gave Summer one and then he sat down with her to eat.
“Summer. This is golden!”
“Really? It’s my first time making these.”
“Don’t worry. They are great.”

They talked and laughed for another hour untill the door opened and Liberty walked in.
“Hey guys. Can we start dinner I am starving.”
“Yeah sure Liberty.” Summer said while walking to the kitchen to warm up the food that she already prepared. Travis walked to the kitchen too to put the cookies away.

“Ohh Watcher. My head. Ohh thats right I forgot to take the medicine.”


Summer have been having some headaches lately. She works at night, sleeps for a few hours then wakes up to have breakfast with travis and then go back to sleep. It’s not that healty.

Liberty wasn’t really happy today because she didn’t get that promotion she should have gotten today.
“Guys. I have been thinking.”
“That usually isn’t a good thing.” Travis joked.
“Ha. No serious now. What if we buy a hot tub?”

“A hot tub? I don’t know what to think about buying that.” Travis said. He loved the idea of a hot tub just for them but they were all saving up.
“No. We need the money for new beds. We wake up every morning with back pains.”
“Yeah I am following Liberty.”
“No listen. These are the prices for a hot tub.” Summer showed a paper full of hot tubs with their prices.”
“Not for a hot tub. How cool would it be to have a hot tub of your own?”
“Summer it’s too expensive.”
“Don’t think about the price for a minute. Would it be cool.”
“Yes it would.”
“More people are going to realise this soon and the prices will go up. If we want one. We need to buy it now.”
“But what about the beds?”
“See it as an ivestment for later. Plus we all tree have steady jobs and the both of you are about to have a promotion. Come on. When we are still young.”
“You know what!” Travis started “Yes. Lets buy a hot tub.”
They both looked at Liberty with puppy faces.
“Fine. But we will all work hard to get the next promotion as quick as we can.”



“Admit it. It was worth it.”
“Yeah Summer it was.” Liberty admitted.
“heaven.” Travis slipped further into the water.

Some days later Liberty and Travis both got their promotion. Some weeks later they all got another one. Travis and Liberty were home alone. Travis made some decisions and said to Liberty that they should go and buy some beds with just the two of them and suprise Summer when she gets back home.

This store is called Ikea Furniture Store by LulNyanCats

“How ’bout this one.”
“Nah. Too expensive.”

They spened some hours looking and picking beds. They had still six hours ’till Summer would be home.

“Look at this place Liberty. Wouldn’t this be nice in my room.”

“This is bigger than your room.”
“Hey be nice.” he said with a grin on his face.

“Liberty I need to tell you something.”
“Look ever since we moved in with eachother I had a crush on you and Summer. I kept this feeling for you but the feeling for Summer wore off. I didn’t fell that comfortable around her anymore. Like she wasn’t my friend. Like she was my my housekeeper who was forced into small talk. Not with you.”

27-8-15_12-40-3“Liberty I love you. Do you love me?”



“I have had a crush on you too ever since you moved in with me.”
“Remember that expunsive bed?”
“Yes why?”

“This is why.”

Travis and Liberty returned home and placed the bed into place and sold their old ones. Travis went to bed when Summer texted that she would be later. Liberty stayed up though.

“Liberty? Wake up.”

“Summer! Summer! I need to tell you something!”
Liberty told everything from Travis’ confession to the expensive bed adventure.
“Just in the store?” Summer was a little bit hurt. She really liked travis.
“In the store.”
“Looks like you won Liberty.”
With that she walked off to bed.

“Ohh so now we are doing an expensive hot tub adventure.?”

“Yup. Come and join me. If you dare.”

“Ohh she dares.”

“I need to go to work.”
“Can’t you call in a vacation day?”
“We can’t keep having expensive thing adventures when we don’t go to work.”
“We can do some less expensive adventures.”
“I am a classy lady Travis.”
“HA! You?!”
Liberty slapped his face and left the hot tub to head to work.

Travis went back inside to practise his programming and when he was done with that he headed over to the kitchen to have a chat with Summer. Afterall they are still friends.

“Let me. Make you a drink.”
“Show me your magic mixing skills.”
“You mean mixology?”
“Do you want it to sound boring?”

Summer neaded to hear everything about how amazing Liberty is and couldn’t take the not winning feeling anymore. She added ome of her magic ice cubes that she made all by herself. She will not lose.

“This is good.”
“Just good?”
“Its too sour for me.”
“Ohh I diodn’t quite follow the recipe.”
“Never follow the recipe Summer.”
“Why not. The recipes are there for a reason.”
“As a professional cook you want to be know as a good cook who follows her own recipe not somebody else’s one because you won’t even be known then.”
“That is some good advice Travis.”

“Now let’s have some fun.”
“No you’re not Liberty!”
“I am silly.”
“You said we should work for our expensive adventure’s.”
“Let’s have some less expensive adventures then.”
“I thought you were classy.”
“Very classy.” Summer said with a small sense of sarcasm.

Travis laughed the entire time because of Summers class. So hard they didn’t even hear Liberty enter the room.



“I guess my adventures are over.”

Summer guided travis over to the couch where he immediatly fell asleep. She walked over to Liberty’s room.

“Liberty? You o.k?”
“No how would that be?”
“Listen. Guys are dork—–”
“You are just as guilty as Travis is!”
“Travis started! He just walked in and started flirting with me.”
“I don’t care about who started! You agreed.”
“He pushed me onto the bed Liberty.”
“Out! Get out of my room now! Now!”
“This wasn’t my fault Liberty.” with that she slammed the door shut.

Liberty was forced out the door the next evening. She was starving. She already didn’t have breakfast or lunch. And she read all the books in her room twice.

Travis was still asleep from yesterday and Liberty decided to not be scared in her own house anymore.
“Hey! You! Wake up!”

“Why Travis! Why?”
“Wha? How late is it?”
Liberty looked very very mad at him. He looked at his watch.
“9 o’ clock?”
“Yeah you have been sleeping from yesterday!”
“You what? Why?
“Why what?”
“You slept with Summer!”
“Wait that wasn’t a very bad dream?”
“Looking at your face it wasn’t  a bad dream!”
“Look! I don’t know what happened but–”
“Tell me everything. I just need to know why.”
“From when?”
“When it started.”
“I was talking to her, she made me a drink. She didn’t follow the recipe. I remembered that! Then she started flirting and I said I couldn’t. Then she changed into you and we had an adventure. Then she turned into Summer again and I just fell asleep.”
“Worst excuse ever Travis! If she can win you over with one drink!”
“The drink!”
He stood up and smelled the empty glass that was still on the counter.
“Here smell this.”
“Travis please. Just admit it.”

“She putted something in it! I had juice on the rocks before and it didn’t taste like that at all!”
“Travis! Please!” Liberty started to cry again.
“Look give me one chance.” He took Liberty’s hands who immediatly pulled her hands back. “One! Please.”
“Fine! How do you want to prove that?”

“Scarlett. Yes it’s Travis.”
“Hey! How are things between you and Liberty?”
“Not soo good. In fact you can help us. I need to test something on drugs.”
“Did someone get hurt. Did someone take drugs?!”
“Look we just want to test something.”
“Who took it?”
“I did. But I– I didn—-”
“Travis! I am not mad. I just want you to be safe. Bring it to my house.”
“Thank you Scarlett.”
“One rule! Don’t give it to Tori under any circumstances!”
“Promised! I am going to haed over now. Is that okay?”
“Yeah sure. Bye.”

“Let’s go.”

“Soo what happened?”
Liberty explained everything while Scarlett examined Travis against his will.
“Okay. Just give me the cup and I will have the results tomorrow.”
“Sorry Liberty. I will give it as soon as I can okay?”
“Okay. Travis let’s go.”

“Are you okay?”
“I don’t know what I want the results to be.”
“It’s going to be alright. And after the results are in. You get to make the decisions.”
“Thank you.”
“No problem.”



They all ate in different room that night.

The next morning Travis and Liberty were both in the livingroom. Travis was fluttering trough the room and Liberty sat on the couch with her head in her hands. They both jumped up when they heard the ringtone of Travis’ cellphone.

“Is it Scarlett?!”
“I don’t know!”
“Look at where?!”
“Look if it is Scarlett!”
“Ohh. Ok! Yes! Yes its her!.”
“Pick up!”

“Scarlett! Soo what are the results?”
“I am not Scarlett.”
“Then who are you?”
“Where is your mother?” Liberty looked weird at Travis.
“She can be home any minute.”
“Why are you calling?”
“Mom spend all night working at that machine. The machine calculated all day! A paper rolled out with the title. ‘Travis’ drug test’. Soo I searched into mom’s phone to a Travis and well.”
“What does it say?”
“A word that I can’t pronounce.”
“If you can’t tell me then why did you call me?”
“I am sorry. It means that it’s not negative. Thats good right?”
“Does your machine check positive when there was alcohol in it?”
“Ok. Sorry for barking at you . I am just cranky.”
“No problem. Ohhh mommy is home.”
“Give her the phone!”
“Hello? Travis?”
“Scarlett please tell the results.”
“Okay just one sec.”
Travis heard some background noises and it might have been the scariest minute of his life .

“Travis! It was a drug!”
“Really which one?”
“The name is hard to pronounce. The thing it does is give the user a happy feeling. They will not struggle or protest. THe user will fall into a very deep sleep after a hour and will not remember the last day.”
“That is great!”
“It is for you and Liberty and Summer.”
“It’s not an illegal drug. We use it in the hospital too.”
“Look at what she did with me!”
“I needed to use everything in the glass. I am a doctor the police will just think it was from me. Sorry Travis if  I had known—-.”
“No Scarlett. Don’t blame yourself. You did enough. Thanks. Bye.”
“Ohh. Tell Tori that she is really smart.”
“Yes she is. Thanks.”

“Gueass what?”
Travis explained the other part of the story.

“Wait! You said that you refused at first. You even think about me when you are drugged. Awww….”
“Does tht mean I am good?”

We are good.”

They made it up in an expensive hot tub adventure.

They went to bed early because they wanted to go on a date the next day and Travis needed to head to work at 4 o’clock.

Summer woke up that morning after Travis and Liberty left.
“Ohh…. Watcher! My back. And my belly!”

“You look very bright!”
“You don’t like it?”
“NO I love it really! Its weird but beatiful.”
“You are such a goofball! Lets sit somewhere private. Maybe we’ll even find an expensive bench.”
“No I want to sit here with you and let everyone know you’re mine.”

“Liberty. You have been the sun of my life for all these years.”

“Will you marry me?”

“Of course! Yes! Yes!”

“Come her!”
They jumped into eachothers arms and Travis almost dropped Liberty whena voice screamed his name.

“Travis! Guess what!”
“Summer ruining the moment! Get out!”

“OMW did you propose?! Well good i caught you before you eloped then it would be even harder.”

“I am pregnant!”

“I know aren’t you exited!”
Travis fell on the ground and couldn’t say a word. Liberty tried to pull him up. That was untill Summer pushed her aside and said : “Leave my man alone woman! He’s mine now!”
Travis suddenly had no problem with standing anymore.

“You said what to my fiance!?”
“I am not your man Summer! I know you had a crush on me but I don’t like you! And if you get pregnant with me because you drugged me! I surely don’t like you at all!”
“You are a horrible person! Thinking that I drugged you!”
“We have test results!”
“Goodbye.” Summer stormed off angry
“Travis? Ar… are you okay?”
“Yeah I am fine. What are we going to do Liberty?”
“What do you wanna do?”
“Have a happy normal life with you.”
“You want normal?”
“Ok then. Let’s do what normal people do when they got engaged.”
“I need to head to work.”
“Call in sick.”

Travis called his work and he sounded so sad that they just thought he was actually sick. Just a few minutes later….
“I really don’t know what to do Liberty.”
“You’re not supposed to. Let’s get your mind off things.”


“Travis. You just stay here okay? I’ll be right back.”

Liberty suspected this for a while now. She had been feeling nauseous lately. She needed to know now. After the first time they had a hot tub adventure the nausea started. This was the only reason she wanted to test the glass for drugs. She would have left immediatly. She never had the time to tell or test. If she really was pregnant she needed to test now. She didn’t want to randomly have sparkles around her in the middle of the day.

“Guess I was right.”

“Woah! Why am I sooo big?”

“Travis!” Liberty wanted to say more but she couldn’t get the right words.
“OMW! Are you pregnant?”
Liberty nodded.
“Looks like our expensive adventure’s made something even more expensive.”
“Ha. I guess it did.”

“Ugh. Moring sickness. Already? And not in the morning?”

“Aww.. come here.”

“Ugh! I am feeling nauseous and hungry at the same time.”

That evening Travis went to the bar to think. Whatever he would do something wouldn’t be right. He needed to think. Away from hearing the toilet flush or the slamming of the fidge door.
Eric Lewis was alresy at the bar. Travis sat next to his co-worker. A few moments later a friend of Eric showed up. Adam Torres.
“Hello, I am Travis.”
“Nice to finally meet you Travis. I’ve heard a lot about you.”
“You did?”
“Yes. From Eric that youy are a nice friend and a very talented programmer. And ofcourse. The rumors. But don’t worry I knw it didn’t go that way. If you work in the buisness of art you will know what to believe and what not to believe.”
“Wait?! Rumors?”
“Yes. You didn’t know?”
“They say you knowked poor Summer Holiday, your roomate up.”
“What! She– she–she said what?”
“I said I didn’t believe it Travis. But can I ask you who’s baby it is?”
“Mine. But she drugged me for whatever reason she had.”
“I knew it didn’t make sense.”
“I can never clear my name now can I?”
“You can’t no. Look a lot of customers talk about it. When me or my wife heard those words fall. We will go over and correct them. We have that power in town you know. I bet the Agee’s started the rumor anyway.”

“Thank you Adam.”
“No problem. I will go by those Agee’s and tell them.”
“No. Don’t start a fight because of me.”
“I am afraid the fight already started.”

“Now over to the other solution.”
“Eric who didn’t speak the entire conversation started talking. “What other solution.”
Travis first explained everything that have happened in the house in the past few weeks.
“Now what do I do with Summer? I can’t keep her in the house, I don’t want her to take the baby away and I don’t want this kid to live without a mother.”
“Forgive Summer as much as you can. Liberty will be a great steph-mother. This kid won’t lack anything.”

The night went on for another couple of hours and the boys talked. Untill the boys all three decided to go back to their children. When Travis came home the girls were already asleep.

Summer woke up the next morning with a more than full bladder. She waddled over to the bathroom.

Summer got in her third trimester over night. She was now as big as Liberty who was only in her second trimester.

“Woah Summer. You’ve gotten big!” Summer was suprise with Liberty finally talking to her.
“Thank you.” Summer said with a slight sense of sarcasm.
“Sorry. Not a compliment?”
“Do you have any morning sickness?”
“No. Not really. You’ve got back pains?”
“No. You?”
“All the time.”
“Do you need to pee the entire time.”
“Not as much as I was expecting. You know…. 2 problems, twice as big…. you know what that means?”
“I am not having twins!”
“How would you even know?”
“I just do.”

Liberty left to work a few hours later. It was the first time Summer was home alone since she found out she was pregnant. She finally called him up.

“Sup babe.”

She pointed at her belly.
“Really? I am pregnant!”
“From Scott right?”
“Yeah. From Travis.”

“Do you still know our plan?”
“J! Ugh. Okay listen. I get pregnant with Travis. Check. You take care of me and the baby. We are gonna be the best couple ever. You will be know as the hero of the story. Saving poor Summer from an evil man knocking her up. And I will still win the competition.”
“What competition?”

Backgound story time!

When Liberty and Summer were kids they already liked Travis.

“Whoever becomes best friends with him first.”

“Whoever he loves first wins.”

“What do you see as ‘loving’?”
“Maybe he desn’t want to get married.”
“You are right. Have a kid?”
“Yeah. Have a kid. Then you win this time.”

Back to the present!

“I am going to be a hero!”
“Yes you will. If you take care of this.” She pointed at her belly again.
“Babe. I need to go now. I want to work out before work.”

“See ya later.”

Hours later Summer left for a short shift at work. Liberty came home before Travis did and waited for him at the dinner table. When Travis came home he saw this scene.
“Ugh! First I pee my pants and now my back is killing me! I can’t even touch a spance ship! If this is what it takes? Is it even worth it?”

“We are going on a date. Dress up nicely.”
“Wait where are we going?”
“The museum.”

“Why are we at the park? My dress is going to get dirty.”
“Umm… You look very pretty in that dress.”
“No I don’t. This is the only dress that fits me.”
“Look Liberty.”

“Look at all these children. Don’t they look happy?”
“They won’t have a complicated life like this one does.”
“Look at Eefje and Ethan. They are playing together even though Eefje is older and Ethan is her uncle.”
“They are family. They see eachother as cousins.”
“Joaquin over there. He and his brother almost never get to see his parents or sisters. And Chase over there. His parents are in a fight with their neighbours. No kids have a perfect life. Especially not in this town. But they still look happy.”
“I guess you’re right.”
“Now look at me.”

“Where are you going?”

“Be a space monster!”

“Not without me you’re not!”

“A double attack? I can’t handle this!”
“It’s actually a triple attack!”

They had a lovely evening in the park. When they finally got home Liberty was for the first time happy about her pregnancy.
“Travis I got a suprise for you! We are engaged but we don’t even sleep together. From tonight you sleep with me. I already made a nursey from your old room. A nursery for two baby’s not 3!
“Travis? Do you want to feel the baby?”
“Uhm. Yes!”

“Right here?”

“This is amazing!”
“I got into my third trimest just before work. You never felt Summer’s belly?”
“No. Never.”
“Make it up with her. That baby deserves a good bond with both her mom and dad without a fight.”
“You’re right.”

“Hey Summer!”
“So when is this baby due?”
“Any minute now.”
“Really? Oh that’s soo exiting. Guess you’re glad you won’t be pregnant anymore?”
“Actually. I am not.”
“What why?”
“Won’t this hurt?”
“There are painfree ways. Like in the hospital.”
“I won’t be able to afford that. I barely got any money in the last few day. Plus the nursery.”
“What about my money. I will pay for this child too. It’s my child as well you know. And we already took care of the nursery.”
“Really! Thank you Travis.”
“No problem Summer.”
“Do you want to feel the baby?”



In the middle of the night……

“Who woke me up?”

“Ohh. It’s you.”

“J won’t go with me. I don’t want to go alone. Will Travis go with me? Liberty is due tonight as well. He might be scared he will miss her. I need to ask I can’t go alone.”

“Travis.” she whispered at first but then a sharp pain wnet though her and she started shouting.”Travis! Wake up!”

“Huh? What?”
“It’s coming!”
“Let’s go to the hospital!”

They got to the hospital fairly quickly.
“travis was worried. Very worried.”

“Oh Watcher! You’re in labor! Doctor Wolters! Somebody’s in labor.”
“Get her to the delivery room!”
“Come with us miss.”
“What about the father?”
“He can come as well.”

“Hello miss. Please place your feet into the fachine.”
“Where is my doctor. Doctor Cameron.”
“She has the day off.”

It was a long but painless surgery2-9-15_19-07
“Okay. I am going to make an incision to get the baby out.”
“Oh Watcher. You’re doing it with a laser.”

“My child is beautiful. Thank you Watcher.”

“You can go and cuddle your daughter ma’am.”

“You look so fragile.”

“I am going to need a name for the file miss.”

“Rosy. Rosy Holiday.”

Travis raced home to check on his daughter and on Liberty.
“I am a father! I am a father!I am a father!”

“Hello you.”

The next day Summer invited over J.
“I see you’re not preggers anymore.”
“Nope. I got a girl. She’s sleeping now. You know what we can do now?”

“Was that amazing or not?”
“It was.”

“Get a room! Ohh and Summer your baby is crying. Think you want to handle that yourself.”
“Yeah I would. Thanks Liberty.”
“So I guess your a couple?”
“Yes. Yes we are.”

“Come here Rosy.”

“Ohh! This hurts! Travis! The baby is coming!”

“You mean babies?”
“I am not having twins!”
“We could handle 2 babies at once.”
“Yeah 2 not 3!”
“Your daughter was born a few hours ago and you already forget about her?!”
“No! Let’s go to the hospital.”

“Calm down. You’ve done this before with another woman. Remember?”

Liberty changed into other clothes and waited for the nurse to bring her to the delivery room.
“Ma’am? Why are you still in the lobby? Let me bring you to your room.”

Liberty climbed into the machine and the nurse was the entire time into the room. Right in front of Travis so he wouldn’t be able to see Liberty clearly.

“Is. That. My! Hearth!?”

She was unconscious for a very scary minute.


The doctor putted her hearth back and Liberty woke up again.

“There is you little bundle of joy.”
“How ’bout the other one?” Travis asked.
“There is just one sir. Who told you that?”

“What should we name her?” Travis asked
“Ruby Liberty? That’s nice.”
“No. Ruby Scott. That’s better.
“But, we’re not married.”
“Not yet.”

“I am a father again! I am a father again! I am a father again!”

“Aren’t you precious.”

“Aren’t they beautiful?”
“Yes. They are gorgeous. Liberty?”
“I don’t want Summer to leave. I saw her looking at Rosy. She is in love with her. I don’t want to lose Rosy. I don’t want her to see J as a father more than me.”
“Don’t worry. She won’t. I promise you.”

The next three days were filled with taking care of the babies.
“Shht Rosy. It’s ok.”

Summer was with her daughter the entire time. Right before work and immediatly after work. She never knew she could be so in love with someone who wouldn’t talk to her, cry in the middle of the night and asked for so much attention.

But compared to Ruby. Rosy is an angel. She cried a lot. A LOT! She wakes up, starts crying, I take care of it, she cries again, I take care of it, she cries again again! One time she cried herself to sleep. She was up for hours in a good mood. She starts crying and Travis walks over to her. He didn’t even enter the room and she fell asleep.

Liberty and Summer take care of each others babies as well.

The babies have the same routines. They get hungry at the same time and cry at the same time. Causeing Liberty and Summer to wake up in the middle of the night together. This baby thing has driven them apart and brought them back together as well.

Summer visited J that morning.
“Rosy ages up at noon. Be there.”
“You are he new father from now on.”
“Do they know our plan?”
“No nobody does. Now be there okay?”
“I will babe.”

“Are we all here? Yes. Okay. Let’s do this.”

“I can never pick her up after this anymore.” Summer thought to herself.

“Woah. I have actual fingers now.”

“Which one of you is my dad?”

Travis didn’t talk. He just hugged her.
“I guess you are my dad.”

“Yes and no. I will explain everything when your sister ages up. She will age up in a couple of hours.”
“I have a sister that is a few hours younger than me? How is that possible?”
“I will explain.”

Ruby started crying (obviously). Rosy wanted to be a good big sister.
“Don’t cry. Daddy will axplain. She won’t stop crying!”
“She is just hungry Rosy.”

Rosy made her homework at the dining table. Travis joined her.
“Daddy how will we fit at this small table?”

“We bought a new one sweetheart. We are placing it this afternoon.”
“I can’t concentrate. The tv is on.”
“J! Turn the tv off!”
“I can’t they are playing a game!”
“Out now!”
He pushed him outside and whispered to him : “You’re her dad now too!”
“Sorry sweetheart. Don’t mind him.”
“Is he family?”
“Yes. Yes he is.” Travis was starting to tear up.
“Then I don’t mind. Family is nice. I do wnat my own desk and bed.”
“We are going to decorate yours and Ruby’s room after she ages up. Okay?”
“Okay. I want a yellow bed!”
“We’ll get you a yellow bed.”

“I guess we need to do this now? Rosy! Travis! Get in here! You’re going to miss it!”

“My sister has awesome hair!”

“Are these boy clothes?!”
“Come on let’s get you in some new clothes!” Rosy pulled her sister by her arm to Liberty’s room to get her some other clothes.

Here are some pictures of their new room.



“Can you please explain now daddy?”
“Don’t you think we should wait for your mother to come home?”
“But she is my mother too?”
“Travis I think you should explain now. It’s a school night and she won’t be home till midnight.” Liberty said.
Travis explained everything that these children would understand. He explained steph-fathers and mothers. Half-siblings. He left out the drug part though.

“Kissing?! That is my cue to leave! Come on Ruby!”
“No. That’s soooo romantic. Mommy? Daddy? Will I ever find love?”
“Well that’s a bit soon. But yes you will.”
“With less adventures I hope .” Travis whispered to Liberty.

Rosy Holiday
This is Rosy Holiday. She is a spitting image of her mother. The only thing she got from travis as far as i can see right now is her eye color(light brown). She wants to be a social butterfly and she is a geek.

Ruby Scott
Ruby Scott. She looks a lot like her mom. The only thing she got from her father is his haircolor, skin color and eye color. She is a whizzkid and squeamish. She is very very girly.

Ayway I am very sorry this chapter took so long to write. It just took so long to write a sentence and I kept changing my mind. Also school started again.

Anyway again. Thanks for reading!


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