Meet the parents

“Tori. Nonight we’re going to have a dinner party.”
“No! Why do you have to socialize so much. I don’t want to talk to sims I don’t know.”
“It’s just Eric, his mother and his children.”
“Children? Then I have to talk to them!”
“His son is a little bit younger than you. He is very smart and a loner as well. His mother is very very nice and his daughter is a goofball. So she will do most of the talking.”
“I still don’t want to.”
“And tomorrow we’re having another one.”
“Two! Who’s coming?”
“Eric, grandpa, grandma, Ethan and Evan.”
“That’s it?”
“That’s it.”

“One condition. I get to pick the desserts.”

The whole day Scarlett was in the kitchen preparing dinner. She wanted the evening to be perfect. She just wanted the kids to get along. They will be siblings one day. She was all workeed up in those thoughts she didn’t hear the bell rang the first time. She quickly opened the door the second time they rang though.
“So this is my new daughter in law? I couldn’t be happier! You are beautiful dear.”
“Thank you Vivian. You look very pretty yourself.”

“Hey Charles. How are you doing?”
“Good.” He was hiding behind Vivian. “What are we going to eat?”
“Chicken and for dessert cupcakes.”
“Cupcakes!” Olivia shouted “We never have desserts at home.”
“Usually we don’t have desserts either. Only for parties.”

“Hey Scarlett.”
“Hey Eric. Did the kids want to come?”
“Olivia rather wanted to go to the bar and Charles is a loner. But they didn’t argue with me.”
“That’s good Tori really didn’t want to.”
“It’s a change. Nobody likes that at first.”

They sat down to eat and talk.
The first few minutes were awkward untill Scarlett decide to talk with Olivia.

“So Olivia how’s the teen life been?”

“Schools a bit harder and I haven’t been able to go out yet. The only boys I saw were at my party and at school.”
“Made any new friends?”
“Not really.”

On the other side of the table an other conversation has started.
“So you have a science lab as well?” Charles started the conversation
“Yes. I made a few potions.”
“I think it’s the best!”
“I like chess more.”
“You can do so much more with potions! Heal sims and stuff.”
“You want to be a doctor?”
“No. Then I have to talk to sims.”

“You could also just work in the lab.”
“I don’t know yet. Do I need to pick now?”
“Of course not sweethearth.” Vivian interrupted.

“So Eric told me you’re a doctor.”
“Really that’s sooo cool.” Olivia said.
“Do you want to be one?”
“No! That’s way too smart for me.”
“Don’t say that. If you really want to, do it.”
“No it’s nothing for me.”
“Can you tell us a story about it?” Charles asked.
“So this one time a woman strolled in the hospital and collapsed on the floor.”
*gasp* “Really what did you do?”
“Olivia! Let  her speak.”
“It’s okay Eric. I helped her into the surgey room. I did surgey on her and she was fine. A few days later she walked in again and collapsed again. I did the same thing I did last time and she walked out healthy again. I didn’t see her for a week. One day she walked in again and she was pregnant and in labor! Me and the nurse helped her in the delivery room and she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. I never saw her again after that.”
“That is so cool!”

They were all quiet when Scarlett put the desserts on the table.

Before they knew it it was 10 o’ clock and they had to leave.
“I’ll see you later.”
“Bye!” They all shouted.

The next day Tori and Scarlett waited for her family at the front door.
“Hey Evan!”

Nothing important was said during dinner. When the cupcakes were on the table Ethan fell comfortable enough to fully talk with Eric at the table with him.
“Scarlett! Guess what happened this morning!”
“I don’t know what?”

“Dad was on fire!”
“He made scrambeld eggs and set the stove on fire and his jacket!”
“OMW! Dad are you okay?”
“Yeah I am fine.”

“Mommy putted him out!”

“She told us to get out of the house! And we ran really really hard to the front of the house and waited there!

“Evan thinks he could have putted out the fire himself! Ha!”

“I could of and you know it. You were the first one outside.”
“Yeah sure? You ran just as fast as me. Coward!”
“Ethan!” Britt yelled “Don’t say stuff like hat to your brother!”
“But it’s true.”
“No it’s not and now hush or you won’t get any cupcakes.”

“Here Evan.” Scarlett said to try calm down her brother. “Take a cupcake. For you listening to mom even though you could have handled it.”
“Cupcakes do make everything better.”

A hour later everybody left and left Scarlett and Tori alone at the dinner table.
“That wasn’t so bad right?”
“No. Charles and Olivia are very nice. I can play chess with them now.”
“See. Friends are nice. You don’t need to have a lot over at the same time like I do. Whatever makes you happy.”

That’s all. Thanks for reading


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