Love all around

 In this chapter we check on an entire street in Willow Creek. The Thomassen household, the Pancakes household and the Spencer-Kim household. Oh and we go and see Bob Pancakes too.

Firts off the Thomassen. Let me refresh you. Martin Thomassen and his grilfriend Angela were highschool sweethearts and accidentally got pregnant on their young adult birthday. With almost no money and disaproving parents they moved to Willow Creek. Angela gave birth to twins Martin and Molly. They never had a wealthy life and Mick didn’t want that for his children. He leared to program and made some virus and hacked websites. A few days before the twins’ birthday to teens they moved into the lovely house they do in now. Shortly after their birthday Molly ran away. Some more days later Angela was diagnosed and died of an unknown decease. Mick and Femke (ex-wife of Luke and mother of Missy) Are now boyfriend and girlfriend. Martin still lives in their house.

Mick and Femke won’t let Martin out of the house. His grades aren’t the best and they have a reputation to think about. So when they are asleep, he sneaks out to meet some people.

“Hello! I am Martin.”
“Hey! I’m Olivia. What are you still doing out on the streets so late?”
“I should ask you the same.”
“I went to visit my mom and granddad and it got kinda late. I’m heading home right now.”
“So your parents are divorced?”
Olvia nodded.
“I am sorry. My mom died a few years ago.”
“Ohh. I am sorry.”
“No need to be sorry or sad.”
“Ok then. Why are you avoiding questions?”
“Why are you out on the streets so late?”

“My dad has this new girlfriend an now a reputation is all he thinks about. You need t get an A bla bla bla. He won’t let let me leave the house anymore. So I sneak out at night.”
“What do you do in the middle of the night?”
“On fridays and saturdays there are still people at the bar. On school evenings there are mostly some people out for a late night jog.”
“Well Martin it was very nice meeting you. This is my number.” She started writing on his hand. “And we will see eachother at school tomorrow.”
“See ya!”

When he entered the house he finished the homework he couldn’t complete because of Femke’s rant about not finishing his homework.

The next evening their neighbour Eliza Pancakes came to dinner. When Femke went to open the door for her Martin quickly aksed a question.5-9-15_14-23-2
“Dad I finished my homework. Can I go outside  later?”
“How many times have I told you!” Mick whispered so Eliza wouldn’t hear “You don’t go out when you haven’t completed your homework or after dinner.”
“But we eat so early. I barely get my homework done by now.”
“Well thats to bad.” Mick clenged his teeth together. “Well hello. You must be Eliza. It’s nice to meet you. I am Mick. And this is my son Martin.” He waited for Martin to introduce himself. “Martin introduce yourself to this fine lady.”
“Sup? I’m Martin. I have an awful dad, an evil steph-mother and a C in school.” He sat back down and began his meal.

“Martin!” Femke and Mick shouted. “To your room! Now!”
“No no. Let him stay. I would like to talk to him.”
Martin sat back down and looked Eliza in the eyes.
“Now young man. What do you want to be in life?”
“Good and popular.”
“What job?”
“Don’t know yet.”
“A skill to make money?”
“I’m not very creative.”
“Maybe programming like your dad?”
“No. I would like to spend time with my family.”
“So you want a family? With who a rich lady, a beautiful one?”
“Somebody I love?”
“What if she’s poor and ugly?”
“Like you? I get why Bob did it. Yeah I know Bob divorced you. Not the othe way around.”
With that he walked to his room. The last thing he heard was:
“You should send that boy to the military or something! You guys don’t deserve this. You just can’t help everybody.”

Eliza and Femke kept spending time together. Meaning Femke became more and more mean and everything she said started with : “Eliza said…” . The only good thing that came from it was Eliza once saying that jogging was amazing and every rich woman should do it. If she thinks it’s only for the rich. She won’t jog anymore soon. She doesn’t have a job and makes almost no money.

When Femke is out for her jog and Mick is concentrated on his programming, Martin can sneak out during the day time.

One day Luke came for a visit. Femke hadn’t paid any money to him in the last few weeks.

“I am not paying for her!  She doesn’t behave, she get’s bad grades and she doesn’t dress like a girl! She is your problem now!”

“Missy is not a problem! She is amazing and she clearly doesn’t look or act like you!”
“What a shame!”

At that moment Martin walked in.5-9-15_15-55
“What is going on here?”
“Ohh. So now you have a new kid? You already forgot about the other one?”
“Kid is this your mother?”
“I wouldn’t call her that.”
“So you treat this one like garbage as well!?” He turned his face to Martin. “Did you know she had a daughter who she hitted? Goodbye Femke!” He pulled Martin closer to him and whispered in his ear: “If you ever need help come to me. Or my family. We’re the Cameron’s.”
And then he left.

Hopping over to the Spencer-Kim household who live at the end of the road.5-9-15_16-06
Tbias showed up at Dennis’ font door.(To my suprise because Dennis and Tobias don’t even know eachother. Dennis is Tobias grandfather though. If you dont remember why click here.)
“Hey grandkid.”
“You never talk to me and you don’t even know my name?”
“I heard you have a kid? My ex-son in law is dating her mother.”
“I don’t have a child!”
He stormed off.

Alice worked out a lot because she needed to for her job.

Dennis had been flirting with Eliza for the past couple of months now.

They’ve had their first kiss.

Are boyfriend and girlfriend.

And Eliza even asked Dennis to move in.

When Alice came home she saw a for sale plate on her house. Dennis came out of the front door and explained.
“You just move without telling me!”

“And– and you’re dating a woman who could be your daughter! Plum she is even younger than me!”
“Watch your language young lady!”
“Oh is my language bugging me!? Well let me get out of your way than!”
She stormed inside and left Dennis alone.

That evening at dinner she showed up though.
“Listen Alice. I know this is weird. I wouldn’t approve it either. But your father and I are really in love. And when you will fall in love again. You will see that love doesn’t have an age.”
“I don’t believe anything you just said.”
“I understand that. I just want one thing. That this doesn’t ruin our relationship. Or the relationship between you and your dad. Because if it does, I will need to say goodbye to this relationship.”
“Eliza! Don’t do that.”
“Sorry Dennis I have morals too.”

And now we go and visit Bob Pancakes. He kept his friendship between him and Cassidy high.
They are on the selfie level!

They have become more than friends lately. He gave her the first kiss (missed it. Sorry.).

He took her to the most beautiful place anybody ever took her to. And asked her to be his girlfriend.
Her thoughts: “I really don’t know. I’ve never been in love. People descibed it as a magical moment. That sparks were flying around him everytime you see him. I don’t see sparks. But if he took so much time into bringing me here. Than he sees the sparks. Maybe they’ll come later?”

his thoughts: “Why did I ask her that? I was still flirty and confident from that shower! Do I like her? I want new love I really do. I’m a loner it’s hard to meet new people. I’ll see what she says.” Bob really wanted to find new love sooner than ever. The house that he bought had a child bedroom. He really wanted a child of his own and he wasn’t getting any younger.




“If we’re going to do this. We’re going to do this right.” Bob thought

“I guess he did saw the sparks.” Cassidy thought
“Bob.” Cassidy stopped kissing. “Before we go any furthur. I need you to meet my brother. He is the most important person in my life and he needs to know.”
“Okay. When do we leave?”

“Ollie this is Bob. My new boyfriend. I’ll let you two meet.”
“Hello Ollie. I’ve heard much about you.”


They became friends and got over the akward and for Bob the frustrating part of just meeting somebody new. Not sure if Ollie trusts this guy.

Anyway. That’s it and thanks for reading.


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