I was just trying to be friendly

Lets hop into the roomies household.

12-9-15_19-36-2This is Zoe Patel. She is cheerful, clumsy and a goofball. She wants to be a friend of the world. She is unemployed. She is the cook and the cleaner of this house.

This young lad is called Mitchell Kalani. He is a bro, lazy and outgoing. And he wants to be a joke star.

12-9-15_19-36-4Gavin Richards. He is a bro, creative and neat. And he wants to be a bestselling author.

And last and maybe least: J Huntigton III! He is a bro, noncommittal and active. And he is going for bodybuilder. He is the boyfriend of Summer and the stephdad of Rosy Holiday.

Whe I loaded this household I saw Zoe’s aspiration is friend of the world. With my all-mighty power I decided to not have any social contact with other people than her roommates. I would save up on reward points and raise her charisma skill untill she earned the extremly friendly trait.

I got her to cook dinner. I think when she completes this aspiration I will give her the party animal one. I want her to be highly skilled in cooking, mixolgy, charisma and maybe comedy.

Her roommates leave for work and return a couple of hours later. Mitchell needed to work untill 22:00. So she had dinner with her other 2 roommates.

“I just don’t understand.” J started his complaint. “Why am I in the tech guru career? I’m not smart. I can’t sit at a desk for so long. What were they thinking!”
“You don’t have to be in that career. Just say you quit.”
“I don’t need to have a job?”
“No. You do need a job. Just not this one if you’re not enjoying it.”
“You’re right. What would I do if I was home all day? But what job should I do?”
“Athletic?” Gavin suggested.
“Yes! I could be famous!”

“Yeah its with J.”
“I am quiting. To never. Bye”

“Hello sir. You’re speaking with J Huntigton III an I have a great offer for you……”

J worked out for the rest of the night and Zoe went to help Gavin trough his writing spree.

When everybody else was already asleep, Zoe stayed awake to hear all about Mitchell’s first day of work.

“Soo how’d it go?””
“Awful! The people in the kitchen can’t stand a joke!”
“Why are you even working in the culinary field then?”
“I don’t know I just worked there.”
“You can change your job you know. To comedian!”
“Yes! Then I can complete my aspiration too!”

Mitchell called up his boss and said he wouldn’t return the next day and he called up his new boss and he got a job!

The next morning, the meal was much more enjoyable. Eveybody was there and they were all happy with their job.

“Wait… I haven’t even told the best part! The frog just….” Mitchell tried out some of his jokes on his roomies.

“Ohh Watcher! Mitchell if you don’t make it I don’t know anymore.” J said.

That evening after dinner Gavin enjoyed some quiet time alone with a good drink.
(All of the roommates socialize with eachother autonomously axept Gavin. He makes autonomously drinks for himself and just sits at the table. He’s not even watching tv or listening to music.)

The next morning Mitchell was watching the comedy chanel and gavin and Zoe joined him.
“And then the frog just….”

“Mitchell? Isn’t that the same joke you told yesterday?”

“I had no inspiration Zoe.”
“Why won’t you be yourself? You’re funny on you’re own.”
“I”m not.”
“Yes you are Mitchell.” Gavin said.
“They won’t like my humor.”
“And will they like you copying someone on tv?”
“Just be yourself Mitchell. You might get fired otherwise.”

That evening J stormed in angry.

He sat down and started screaming at Zoe.
“You! You told me get a job! You need one! You have no choice! Well why don’t you work? You just sit here and spend our money!”


“You are a lazy, mean, evil men-seducer who just gets away with it because of her pretty face! But guess what?! When you’re older you have nothing! No money! No skills and nobody will love you!”

He stormed off into his room after his rant.

But not before he got this look from Mitchell.

“I— I— am sorry!” She started crying and ran outside.”

She was sitting on the ground when Mitchell walked towards her.
“Hey, you know he didn’t mean it?”
“Did he?”
“Yes! Of course he didn’t.”
“I think he did.”
“Zoe. You’re nothing he says you are. You’re funny, nice and there is nothing bad about you. When we moved in together we allowed you to stay home to cook and clean. The only thing he would do is hit on woman. And you have skills a lot of them.”
Zoe stopped crying.
“Of course really. Now remember what I told you about the stars?”

“Yeah the four star constellations. The one thet is shaped like a banana is you. The one shaped like a broken heart is J, the one shaped like a cloud id Gavin and— I don’t remember the last on.”
“You see those stars around us three. Those stars are everywhere making friends with other stars. being loved by those other stars. Those stars are shaped likea heart. Protecting all three of us. Without those stas we would fall apart. And those stars are sparkeling the hardest and brightest of them all. Those stars are you Zoe.

Inside J was telling himself he did an amzing job telling Zoe what he knew.

The next morning Zoe, mitchell and Gavin had breakfast. Having a great time. Untill J sat down. Zoe stood up and stumble over to her room falling over her own feet. Scared in her own house. Scared of her friend.

“Who do you think you are?!”
Gavin and Michell told J. About her doing more than him and everything they could come up with.

“Yeah! Yeah! Sure!”

Thank you for reading!


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