Love battle

I hopped into the Landgraab household. I haven’t really played with them before. I got Geoffrey and Nancy divorced though. Nancy and geoffrey have one teenage son Malcolm.

Nancy and Geoffrey know that one day one of them is going to have to move out. And that one of them will take their son. Now they are battling for their son’s love.8-9-15_20-39
I wanted Nancy to level up her cooking skill. So I set her at the stove and got her cooking breakfast for her son. Love goes trough a man’s stomach. Right?

“Malcolm! I’ve made you breakfast! Come get a plate!”
“Goodmorning mom.”
“Goodmorning honey. Grab a plate and set yourself up in front of the TV.”
“No dinner together?”
“I know you always want to eat in front of the TV. I’m not gonna disturb you.”
“Thanks mom.”

“This is the life.”

That evening Charlie Agee dropped by. They are actually really good friends when I looked at their relationship panel.

When he left his sister Chloe walked by. A mistake. Malcolm needed 2 people to dislike him for his aspiration.

“Hey aren’t you a cute little baby!”

“What did you say?”

That you are a cute little baby!”

“I am not cute! And I am not a baby!”

“And you wear a stupid very cute beany! Who wears that anymore? That is soo GTW.”

“I mean look at it!”

“It looks cool! What are you even talking about?”
“About your stupid beany!”
“You can’t say stuff like that!”
“Yes I can! My parents are divorced! I can do what I want!”

Malcolm took her hands and started hitting her with it.
“Stop hitting your stupid face! Stop hitting your stupid face!”

“Stop it! I’m out! I’ll tell my parents!”
“Ohh! I am scared.”
“I’ll tell Charlie!”
“Like I care. Who do you think he’s gonna believe? Your stupid face?”
Malcolm knew he might just have lost his friend. Deep down inside, that really hurted. He liked Chloe. She could take a beating. But he still felt like he needed to be mean. To prove himself? But to who?

Nancy worked on her mischief skill. So she could get a promotion. If she would make more money than Geoffrey Malcolm would want to stay with her. Right?

The next morning Geoffrey made some breakfast for him and his son. Malcolm couldn’t go watch TV though.

They had a nice convrsation. That was untill Nancy came downstairs.

“Geoffrey! What are you doing?! You are getting him bored! What is he supposed to do in school now?!”

“Nancy? What are you wearing? Go put something decent on!”

“I am a free woman now geoffrey! I do whatever I want! Where did you sleep tonight anyway? We don’t have a guest room.”
“I setted up a bed in the attic.”
“Without telling me?”
“Nancy! Technically this house is mine! I can do whatever I want to!”
Nancy stormed off.

Malcolm knew why he had to be mean. His dad wasn’t mean and his mother didn’t like him. If he wanted his mom to like him, he needed to be mean.

“Malcolm. I am very sorry you had to hear that.”
“It’s okay dad. I’m fine.”
“I need to tell you some things…”
“I need to leave for school dad. Bye.”

Nancy had breakfast alone. She saved her son from a boring conversation.

Geoffrey played some chess when Malcolm was at school. Nancy joined him looking for a fight. This time Geoffrey yelled.

Nancy was unpleasantly suprised with that.

Nancy just went to the kitchen and started on dinner. She really enjoyed cooking. Something she never realised.

For the rest of the afternoon Nancy read a book.

After school Malcolm joined her and made his homework. Geoffrey joined too.

So Malcolm? You have plans for tonight? You know I could always use a chess partner.”
“Actually dad. I wanted to go to the night club. Can I go?”
“He can go from me.” Nancy answered
“And you dad?”

“You’re not an adult yet. You can’t go to the nightclub.”
“But all my friends are going!”
“If your friends eat the cow plant cake, would you eat it?”
“The night club is not a cow plant!”
“Don’t raise your voice against me!”
“Ohh yeah. He needs to be quiet and never tell his opinion!”
“But we’re his parents Nancy.”
“SO he should just blindly follow whatever we say? Malcolm, go eat a cow plant cake.”
Malcolm just sat and didn’t move.
“See. Don’t make our son a zombie.”
“Whatever. He’s not going to the nightclub.”
“Why can’t the bot have a social life?”
“Son let’s go to the park.”
“Nobody’s there at night.”
“Then text some friends. We’re leaving after dinner.”

“Put your phone away at dinner.”
Malcolm smiled at his phone.

“I need to text some friends!”
“He took his plate and sat in front of the television.”

“okay Malcolm have fun. I’ll be at the chess table.”
No reply
“No reply

Cassandra Goth came around and the first thing she needed to do was take a selfie ofcourse. A rondom stranger photobombed her picture.

“Do I look good?”
“Eww! Get out! Cassandra screamed.
“Hey get out!” Charlie Agee pushed the stranger away.

The three teens chatted away for around a hour.

Some time later Olivia and Naomi entered the playground and joined the trio.

At some point the group splitted ito two groups. The girls and the boys. malcolm and charlie talked about things from cooking (Charlie’s into cooking) to their families. Malcolm wanted to know if Chloe said anything. Apparently she didn’t. Yet.

Charlie got a text that he needed to go home. Malcolm need to head home as well. geoffrey had been standing there waving at him for 15 minutes now


They hugged eachother and than left.

“That was actually pretty nice.”

“How can it that he isn’t even tired yet? I’m exhausted.”

“Son. We’re all going to the park this afternoon.”
“Who is all?”
“Your mother, me and you.”
“Mom’s coming to the park? With you?”

When they arrived at the park Malcolm saw Naomi and walked over to her.
“Look at this video. Olivia danced after you left.”

“Ohh. That’s so funny. look at her face.”

His brother was at the park too. Malcolm went to say hello.

Malcolm told him about the fights and everything that was going on at home.12-9-15_16-13
“They are doing what? If you don’t want to be there anymore just come to us okay.”
“I will. But they are still my parents.”
“malcolm I don’t want to make it even harder for you.” *sigh* “Just remember. All it takes to get kicked out of the house is dropping out of school to pursue you dreams.”

June joined the conversation too.

“June, You’re here too? Where is Bobby?”
“He’s playing at the house of a friend of his. We’re kinda on a small date.”

Some time later Charlie joined the conversation and they all cloudgazed together. (All autonomously. So cute).

Soon the day ended. Doesn’t matter how hard Geoffrey or Nancy tried. malcolm loved them both.



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