Making friends

I went to the household of Sissy Cameron. it’s been a while so let me introduce them to you again.

You have Sissy cameron. She follows the entertainer career. She is creative, romantic and cheerful. She is also a serial romantic. In the early days of her YA-years she fell in love with someone. Sissy was really in love with him. She wanted to change her aspiration to soulmate. After a few rounds of WooHoo Sissy was pregnant. the guy admitted he was an alien gave Sissy some money and left. He didn’t want his child to live with an alien father. Sissy wasn’t a stable relationship for him anyway. Sissy gave birth alone to a girl Eefje and a boy Jack.

Eefje. The oldest of the two is outgoing and her aspiration is rambunctious scamp.

Jack wants to be a social buttterfly and is hot-headed.

When I enter the household jack and Eefje just return from school. i put them at the table and make them do their homework.

When they were done I just let them do whatever they wanted to do. Sissy came home around 5PM. I got her cooking dinner.

She cut her finger. Look at her face! She is just smiling. She cut anothr finger a little bit later and she was still smiling.

“Eefje. Tonight you do the dishes.”

“Ha! you need to do the dishes.”
“Jack you do them tomorrow.”
“Mom. I don’t want to.”
“To bad jack.”

“Ohh looks like jack needs to do the dishes too.”

After dinner Eefje did the dishes as she was told.

And Jack listened to his mother’s music.

She was not good.

Eefje swinged on the monkey bars after her chores.

The next day was a friday. Sissy made some scrambled eggs in the morning.

“Kids! I have a suprise.”

“Is it a good suprise?”

“We’re going to the park tomorrow.”
“Really?” Eefje squeaked.
“Really. The whole day. We’re having dinner there.”

“That is a good suprise.”

“Thank you mommy. But we need to leave for school now.”
“Have fun.”
“It’s school!” they said at the same time.

After the  kids were out the door Sissy was talking to herself.
“They really act like I did and do. Where did I go wrong? I don’t want them to trow away their future.”

Jack and eefje invited their friend Ruby (travis Scott and liberty Lee’s daughter) to their house.

“You know…. We have monkey bars. We can play on them.”
“I’ve never played on monkey bars before. We don’t have on at home and isn’t it dirty? I mean if you fall and your hands get dirty and you touch it again?” (Squemish trait right there.)

“I know right! It’s not even fun. Your hands hurt and you can fall off.”

“You can hurt yourself?”

“That is above my level. Sorry Eefje.”
Ruby has been on a high “level” lately. Because she is “better” than her half-sister Rosy. You know because her parents aren’t together and hers are.

“Exactly. If you want to stay on that level you need to know how it feels like to live on our level. To have a better story to tell others.
“Do I need to?”

“Eefje! She obviously doesn’t want to.”

“No. She’s right. Where is that monkey bar?”
“Follow me!”
Eefje jumped up and ran trough the front door…

…with these eyes in her back

When jackalso went to the back of the house he saw Sissy who just returned home.
“Hey mom. Ruby’s staying for dinner.”
“Okay honey.”
Jack went through the door.
“Uggh. They are soo me. I should apologize to mom and dad.”

“Look what I can do!”

“This is so dirty. This is so dirty. So what do I do now. Get it over with.”

“Look. You just take the next one and let go of the first one. But not at the same time!”

“I’ll do it with you.”
“Eww. You stink.”

“Sorry. This just isn’t me.”

Sissy practiced on her guitar and cooked some dinner for the kids.

“So Ruby. Do you like school?”
“It’s alright. My sister is in the same class as me.”
“Ohh you have a sister? Older or younger?”
“Older. But only by a couple of hours.”
“So you’re twins?”
“No we’re not.”

“Are we gonna try the monkey bars again after dinner?”

“Actually. I need to go home. Bye Jack. Bye miss Cameron.”

“Eefje. Please go take a shower. You’re stinking.”
“Sorry mom.”

Eefje got up and took a bath.

After she got out she ran to the bedroom. Clearly showing tears.
“Hey. Are you alright?”
“Ruby doesn’t like me.”
“What do you mean?”
“She didn’t say goodbye to me. And– and she didn’t want to play with me.”
“But you played together on the monkey bars.”
I played on it. She just stood there and after i crossed 2 times she was already off.”
“Sometimes we meet people who don’t like you.  And that’s ok. Just be nice to her and make other friends.”
“Is that why daddy isn’t here? Did he just not like you and gives money to be nice?”
“No” tears started to form “Daddy loved me. He just couldn’t stay.”
“Did he love me?”
“Of course he did.”
“But he doesn’t like Jack?”
“No. Of course he liked him.”
“But he didn’t knew Jack would be there.”
“Listen. He loves all three of us.”

“Are you going to kiss a lot of men at the park again?”
“No. Of course not.”
“Can you play a sea monster tomorrow?”
“I will.”

The next morning the twins were up early to watch some cartoons.18-9-15_16-50-4
“I am going to make friends with everyone!”
“Friends with you? Sure.” Jack wispered to himself.

Jokes were crcked at the table. The only sad faces came because of the BLT.


They didn’t want to ruin their mothers mood by saying she was bad at making a sandwich.

After breakfast they headed to the park and Eefje immediatly took the role of captain of the space ship.

Jack played along.

“You! Space creature with the hat! My ship is pretty cool right?”
“It’s not bad.”
“Not bad!? Where’s you’re ship?”
“It’s invisible. Duh!”
Olivia’s phone buzzed.
“One sec Captain.”

“Cassandra just sended a picture of her in the willow creek park. I need to send one too.”

“Okay. Now show your ship.”
“One minute. I need to select a filter.”

“Everybody! Look at the diva here! ohh look at me I need to pick a filter!”
“Okay okay. Now it doesn’t matter how your ship looks. Can it survive an attack?”

“Oh no! A space monster! I need a bigger crew!”
Eefje looked around the playground and saw her uncle Ethan and yelled at him:
“Ethan! A space monster! Help!”

“I’m on it!”

The fight was over pretty quickly. Olivia left and Ethan and Eefje talked for a while. Soo Chloe joined the conversation too.

Jack found Bobby, his neighbour and cloudgazed with him.
09-18-15_5-47 PM

Sissy didn’t keep her promise and started flirting with some random man.
09-18-15_5-48 PM

09-18-15_5-48 PM-3
Look at her moves!

09-18-15_7-11 PM
look who showed up! Evan!

09-18-15_7-11 PM-5
They took a picture together.

09-18-15_7-16 PM-5
And they tease eachother a little.

09-18-15_7-15 PM-3
Jack got himself a bigger crowd. Ruby Scott, Zachary Torres and bobby Zest.

09-18-15_7-17 PM
Sissy got embarressed pretty quick.

09-18-15_7-18 PM
While she was embarressed she couldn’t meet anybody alse so I sent her on a jog. That guy right there is checking her out!

09-18-15_7-25 PM
After she was happy again she walked over to this guy and handed him a rose.

09-18-15_7-27 PM
Britt Cameron was walking with Eric Lewis next to th playground so Eefje went to get a hug from her grandmother.

09-18-15_7-28 PM
When the night began to fall Sissy prepare some burgers to eat.

09-18-15_7-29 PM-5
“You didn’t keep your promise. You didn’t play as a sea monster.”
“Oh honey. I’m sorry. I completly forgot. But you had fun didn’t you? Isn’t that more important?”

09-18-15_7-29 PM-3
“Can we stay here tonight?”
“Nobody’s here anymore honey. It will be boring.”
“So we’re going home?”
“Yep. It’s getting dark. I want to keep an eye on you if you stay here.”
“So keep an eye on us!”
“I can’t watch the both of you.”

09-18-15_7-35 PM
At home Eefje played some games on the computer.

09-18-15_7-35 PM-2
And Jack climbed on the monkey bars.

09-18-15_7-38 PM
Jack woked up angry the next morning.

09-18-15_7-38 PM-2
Very angry.

09-18-15_7-38 PM-3
Jack! Wasn’t yesterday fun? I made 1 new friend and I talked for soo long to Evan.”

09-18-15_7-39 PM
“How’d you do that? You’re soo enoying!”
“Without you I could’ve stayed in the park! I wish we weren’t twins!”

09-18-15_7-39 PM-2
“I am the oldest Jack! If we weren’t twins it was you who wouldn’t exist. And everybody would finally think I was nice!”
“What do you mean?”
“Ohh you’re the sister of jack? Well you must be mean then too!”
Eefje stormed off to her room.

09-18-15_7-40 PM
Nobody really said anything during breakfast.

09-18-15_7-42 PM
During the day June Kay came to visit.

09-18-15_7-43 PM
And Jack talked with some friends.

09-18-15_7-45 PM
After noon Eefje started on her homework. Jack joined her a tad later. Still not saying a word.

09-18-15_7-46 PM
“I don’t get it.” Eefje scratched her head. “Mom! I don’t get my homework! Can you come and help!”

09-18-15_7-46 PM-2
“I am watching television! Ask your brother!”
Eefje looked at her brother in fear of actually needing to ask him. But when she looked down at his homework, she saw that he didn’t fill anything in either
“He doesn’t get it either!”
“Try harder!”

09-18-15_7-49 PM
Darcy Agee came to visit Jack after his homework.

09-18-15_7-51 PM

09-18-15_7-52 PM

09-18-15_7-55 PM
Scarlett came to visit her niece and nephew.

09-18-15_7-55 PM-3
“Aunt Scarlett! Our trip to the park wasn’t really fun.”
“Ohh no. What happened?”
“Mommy promised to play a sea monster and she didn’t!”
“Ohh that—-”
“And she flirted with 3 different men! She promised she wouldn’t do that!”

09-18-15_7-55 PM-5
“She did what!”
“She didn’t come and look at us untill 7PM.”
“She. Did. What? Where is she now?”

09-18-15_7-58 PM
“Flirting with a stranger like always.”
“So you were alone before I showed up?”
“Jack and Darcy were there. Ohh and Evan is there too!”
“She left you alone! I need to have a good conversation with your mother.”

09-18-15_7-56 PM
“Wait! Can you help me with my homework. Jack and I both don’t get it and mommy won’t help us.”
“Why couldn’t she help you?”
“She was watching tv.”
“Of course I’ll help you.”

Thank you for reading.


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