09-19-15_2-53 PM
This is Tammy Koning. She is the sister of this guy…

09-19-15_4-45 PM
Yes. Him.

For the people who don’t remember him.
09-19-15_4-49 PM-2
This is Tobias Koning he is a tech guru. He is non-committal, bro and outgoing. He was married to Scarlett Cameron for a while (1 day). He is the father of Tori. Guess what he did then. One tip. Think of his first trait.
Scarlett kicked him out and since then he’s been living with his sister.

09-19-15_4-49 PM
Let’s talk about someone who we actually like. Tammy is good, loves the outdoors and is family-oriented. She wants to have a big happy family, she switched her aspiration to freelance botanist. “To suit her job” she says. The truth is, she hasn’t really met anybody who she liked and she’s not getting any younger.
She doesn’t have a real job. She has a garden and sells whatever she harvests.

09-19-15_10-18 PM-2
“Are you still mad at me?”
“Say something.”
“I know you’re mad.”
“It’s still not right what you did.”
“What wasn’t?”
“Leaving her with nothing.”
“She can affort that little brat on her own.”
“Tobias! She is your daughter!”
“So what?”
“You said you were okay with having a kid!”
“I was wrong. Give me a break!”
“You do the dishes!”
She stormed off to her room.

09-19-15_10-25 PM
“Family oriented sims. Pfff.”

09-19-15_10-28 PM-3
The next morning no words were said.

Tobias had the day off so he went outside to maybe meet some new people.
09-19-15_10-31 PM
“Mother! How are you doing?”
“Good. Are you also visiting your sister?”
“No. I live here now.”
“You’re what? And for how long?”
“I don’t know? I’ll see.”
“If we let you decide you will be living here until you die!”
“So? Tammy let’s me live here.”

09-19-15_10-31 PM-3
“Tammy is too nice and you’re using her! Youalready left that poor girl and your daughter—-”
“No Tobias! Let me speak! That you ruined your life is your buisness! Don’t ruin Tammy’s!”
“How would I ruin her life?”
“Tell me. is she cooking for you?! Washing your dishes?!”
“Yes. So what?”
“She is spanding all her time with you and taking care of your lazy needs! She wants a family and you knwo that just as good as me! She will never meet a man because of you!”
“Like she would meet somebody? She isn’t pretty, you know.”

09-19-15_10-37 PM-4
“Fine! I’ll save up and buy a house. Happy?”

09-19-15_10-45 PM
In the meanwhile Tammy was gathering plants,

09-19-15_10-43 PM
Planting them,

09-19-15_10-40 PM
Caring for them

09-20-15_1-25 PM
And putting them to good use.

09-20-15_12-06 PM-2
“Tammy. How about we hit the nightclub tonight?”
“Don’t you need to work tomorrow?”
“If we need to always think about our job there isn’t any time to spend the money we maked from it.”
“If you wanna go.”

09-20-15_12-11 PM
“This was a good idea Tobias.”
“I always have good idea’s.”
“You really are my best friend.”

09-20-15_12-15 PM-3
Tammy talked to the (fake) bartender for a while.

09-20-15_12-15 PM-2
While Tobias flirted with a random redhead.

09-20-15_12-17 PM
Tammy left early though. The bartender wasn’t really nice to her.

09-20-15_12-19 PM
Tobias came home around 5 though.

09-20-15_1-21 PM
“I’m gonna be late. I’m gonna be late.”

09-21-15_7-53 PM
“How late did you come home?”
“Maybe around 5.”
“If you don’t live your life a little bit more to your job, you’re not going to have enough money anymore.”
“It was once. I’m sorry Tammy.”

09-21-15_7-54 PM-3
“I talked to Scarlett today.”
“She called me.”
“Why’d she call you?”
“I am still that girl her aunt. She told me what you’ve said to her. You asked her to give her daughter to me?! First of all, that is very very wrong! Second, Why didn’t you tell me?! What if it would’ve worked?! You would stand here with her!”

09-21-15_7-56 PM-2
“Tammy? I’m so so sorry. Please. I will make up to you.”
“Not to me. To Scarlett. After your work you’re apologizing to her!”

09-23-15_3-57 PM
Tammy didn’t have that much work in her garden that day.

09-23-15_4-01 PM-2
She went out to meet some new people.

09-23-15_4-05 PM
“Tammy! I got the promotion!”

09-23-15_4-05 PM-2
“That is amazing! You know we’re still going to Scarlett right?”
“I could always try.”

09-23-15_4-07 PM
“Come here Tobias. i’m not supposed to do this.”
“I don’t want to.”

09-23-15_4-07 PM-2
They stood there for a couple of minutes. Nobody answered.
“I don’t think she’s home.”
“Oh darn.”
And Tobias ran off.

Thank you for reading.


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