Almost love and death experience

The Caliente’s. A special family. Not that they care. They love eachother.

Nina is lazy and doesn’t have a job because of that. She stays at home all day and doesn’t even do the chores. She wants to help though. In her own way that is.
09-24-15_7-24 PM
“There I find my smallest little brother sitting in the dining room.”
“Hey Nina.”
“Sup. What are you doing?”
“Is it easy?”
“No I don’t get it.”
“I have a very good trick for that.”
“You don’t even know what type of homework it is.”
“It works for everything.”
“Can you teach me?”
“It’s a very big secret. I can only tell it once so your brother needs to be here too.”
“I don’t know where he is.”
“Wait! Is it fair?”
“It’s what you call fair.”
Joaquin just entered the room.
“Come on little bro. Have a little bit of fun. You’ve been at that homework for hours.

09-24-15_7-25 PM
“Ok now. You write down some thing that have to do with the subject. If it’s math just write some random numbers down.”
“Now you erase it. But not very good! It still needs to be kinda visible.”
“Done. What now?”
“That’s it. You just tell your teacher you tried. He’ll believe you.”

09-24-15_7-27 PM
“Oh! Hey Don!”
“Don’t teach my sons those tricks please! Don’t want them to end up with the lazy trait.”
“Fine!” *sigh* “So change of plans. First you try your hardest and if you fail you erase it like I told you.”

09-24-15_7-33 PM
While Nina was teaching her mischievous ways to her brothers, Katrina returned home. She wasn’t happy. Her birthday to elder was coming up. And look at what she had accomplished in her life. Right now she needed the only thing she didn’t mess up. Her daughters.

09-24-15_7-33 PM-2
“Hey Nina. The boys are finally asleep.”
“They gave you a hard time again?”
“I just want to help them you know.”
“What do you mean?”
“With their homework.”
09-24-15_7-34 PM
“Ohh yeah. I want them to do something with their lives. Katrina and I sure didn’t. I want to teach them to work hard.”
“Javier was working for hours now. He didn’t even draw today.”
“It amazes me that he doesn’t have the perfectionist trait.”
“And it looked like the only way to let Joaquin even look at his homework.”
“I know. Katrina and I aren’t home enough. Nina. You are. Can you please help raise the boys when we’re not home?”

09-24-15_7-34 PM-3
“I am not going to take your role in this Don. Sorry.”
“Ohh.” Don’s voice suddenly sounded cold. “I see how much you care about the boys.”
“Don please. That is not…”
“Hello sweethearth. Hello Don. You know the boys were talking to eachother instead of  sleeping.”

09-24-15_7-35 PM
“Katrina. Sorry. It looked like they were sleeping.”
“They are a handful aren’t they?”
“Yeah they are. We’ll do it right together.”
Katrina started tearing up.

09-24-15_7-36 PM-2
“Come here honey. What is wrong?”
“I need to practise the violin.”
Katrina walked away.
“Katrina wait!”
Nina stopped him.
“Don, violin means “leave me alone” I guess you didn’t know her as much as you thought you did. Good time to have kids.”
“Watch your language  young lady!”
“You’re not my dad Don. Don’t pretend to be.”

09-24-15_7-53 PM-2
“I am not hearing the kitchen. I am not hearing the kitchen.”

Katrina stood there for hours.09-24-15_7-54 PM
“Mom! You’re still up?”

09-26-15_12-22-05 PM
“Dina! You scared me! Never do that again!”
“Sorry mom. I’m kinda energized right now.”
“Go jogging then.”
“You never want me to go jogging after dark?”
“You’re an adult Dina.”

09-26-15_12-22-14 PM
“What happened?”
“Something interesting happened at work?” Katrina said trying to change the subject.
“Mom what happened?!”

09-26-15_12-22-32 PM
“Ohh you had a little fight with him? I remember when you had those with dad.”

09-26-15_12-22-46 PM
“Mom? It was more than just a fight. Wasn’t it?”

09-26-15_12-22-49 PM
“It wasn’t a fight.”
Katrina started sobbing.
“Sit down. Here let me help you.”
Dina guided her mother to the piano.
“Tell me.”

09-26-15_12-24-07 PM
“I can’t live with Don.”

09-26-15_12-24-13 PM

09-26-15_12-24-56 PM
The twins luckily fell asleep before they heard anything.

09-26-15_12-25-41 PM
Dina made breakfast after she helped her mother into bed.

09-26-15_12-27-24 PM
She took a quick jog before she wasn’t energized anymore.

09-26-15_12-29-31 PM
Don jogged in the morning as well.

When Don returned he woke up the boys.
“Boys! Wake up! Breakfast!”09-26-15_12-29-52 PM
They jumped out of bed simultaneously and almost bumped into eachother.
“We need a bigger room.”

09-26-15_12-32-21 PM
“Hey dad!”
“Guess what we are doing in school today!”

After the boys went to school and Don left the dinner table, Katrina and Nina had a talk together.09-26-15_12-38-39 PM
“Nina. I told Dina something yesterday. I think you should know too.”

Katrina repeated the exact same things she said yesterday.
09-26-15_12-48-01 PM
“Finally! You see he’s not the one for you! I was getting really tired of him.”
Tears started forming.
“Mom? But you just said…..”

When Katrina walked into the living room to practise her piano skill she saw Don sitting at the piano.09-26-15_12-52-46 PM
“Don? You don’t look like the musical type.”
“I am not. I am the romantic type. Let’s go on a date.”
“A date?”
“We haven’t done any of those since we got the twins.”
“You’re right. Maybe we should keep it that way.”
“We both have a day off and the boys are at school. Come on. I know you want to.”

09-26-15_12-54-15 PM
“We’re on a date.”
“Indeed we are my pretty lady.”
“Let’s sit down.”

09-26-15_12-55-53 PM
“So? How’s work?”
“Do you want to talk about work? You?”
“No. Making small talk.”
“We have 2 kids. We don’t need to make small talk.”
“I guess we don’t.”

09-26-15_12-55-59 PM
“Have you heard what Nina did?”
“No. What?!”
“Don’t worry. It’s nothing bad.”
Don told the whole homework story. He left out the fight though.
“Ha! That does sound like Nina. It’s so nice you are friends with my daughters.”
“Ha. Yeah. Very nice. Ohh look!”

He pulled her away from the table and turned her around, facing him.
09-26-15_12-56-54 PM
“Katrina. I’ve haven’t known you for very long, but I love you and—”
“Don please don’t—-”
“Let me speak please. I love you and you gave me 2 amazing sons and 2 amazing steph-daughters. And most importantly you gave me you.

09-26-15_12-57-00 PM

09-26-15_12-57-07 PM
Katrina looked around nervously.
“Don please.”

09-26-15_12-57-12 PM
“Will you…”

09-26-15_12-57-16 PM“Marry me?”

09-26-15_12-57-20 PM
Her thoughts rushed trough her mind.

09-26-15_12-57-26 PM
“Katrina? Will you?”

09-26-15_12-57-34 PM
“Don! Are you crazy?!”

09-26-15_12-57-38 PM

09-26-15_12-57-43 PM
“Kat… Katri…. What? Why?”

09-26-15_12-57-46 PM
“Do you want to trow your life away!?”

09-26-15_12-58-01 PM
“Wha… wha…why…”
Seeing him like that broke her hearth.

09-26-15_12-58-39 PM
She trew her around him. He looked like he needed that.

09-26-15_12-59-06 PM
“Why Katrina? Just why?”

09-26-15_12-59-01 PM
“You would trow your life away! I’m almost an elder. You’re still a young adult. I’ll die when you’re in your adult years. You have no idea how hard it is to find new love at that age. Especially if you have kids! This was never meant to work. Heck! Joaquin and Javier weren’t supposed to happen!”
“Katrina! Mock me! But don’t touch my sons!”
“There are mine too. And I love them dearly. I just don’t want you to have that burden. I want you to find someone else! Have kids and live happely ever after!”

09-30-15_7-56-30 PM
“Sorry Don. I can’t do that to you. I love you too much.”

09-30-15_7-56-41 PM
“Why won’t you accept that I love you too. I am so sorry about your husband but it is over. Accept that you can love again.”

09-30-15_7-57-27 PM
“I…I Love you.”
“I love you too. And I don’t want anybody else.”
“We can try.”

09-30-15_7-58-24 PM
“We’ll get it to work.”

09-30-15_8-00-26 PM
“Yes we… Don?”

09-30-15_8-00-42 PM

09-30-15_8-00-49 PM

09-30-15_8-01-52 PM
“We need to take it slow!”
“Katrina. I am so sorry.”
“Just take it slow Don. Slow.”

09-30-15_8-02-07 PM
“Can we end the date here?”
“Yeah. I think that’s for the best.”

When they arrived home Don head was killing him. Quite literally.09-30-15_8-13-09 PM
“Don’t try anything else Don.”

09-30-15_8-12-49 PM
“You are good at that game.”
“It’s not hard. You just need to keep focused.”
*Rumble* *Rumble*
“What is that sound?!”

09-30-15_8-14-49 PM
“Don! No! No!”

09-30-15_8-15-24 PM
“Don Lotario. First of many more to come!”
“What is happening?” Joaquin came out of nowhere.

09-30-15_8-15-56 PM

09-30-15_8-17-11 PM
“What is the rumble about?” Dina asked when she ran outside.
“Don! No!” Nina screamed “Javier! No! Don’t look!”
Too late.

09-30-15_8-17-28 PM
“No! No!”

09-30-15_8-17-40 PM
“Step aside kid. Let me do my job.”

09-30-15_8-17-57 PM
“Sir! Please!”
“Joaquin! Don’t mess with him! He’s dangerous!”

09-30-15_8-17-47 PM
“Please! he can’t die yet! He’s a young adult! I’ll beat you up if you don’t give him back!”
“Silence child!”
Dina pulled her little brother away fom death.
“Don Lothario! In other worlds you accomplished so much. So much drama. So much kids. You’re a disgrace. Anywho. Died from… ohh embarrassment! Ohh some more drama if i let you live I see. Fine little boy. I’ll let him go. For now! Death out!”
Death lifted Don up with his powers and Dina helped him upstairs.

09-30-15_8-28-30 PM
“I’m so stupid!”
“Mom. This isn’t your fault.”
“Yes it is. I almost killed him.”
“Mother! It was not your fault! Nobody blames anybody!”
“The boys! I haven’t talked to them!”
“Nina is doing that. You don’t need to do anything.”

09-30-15_8-31-25 PM
“Hey mom.”
“How are they?”
“Bridget and Charles walked by. They are talking to them now.”
“Okay. And Don?”
“I going to check on him now. Wanted to see how you were doing first.”

09-30-15_8-32-34 PM
“It’s all my fault. Isn’t it?”
“No of course not.”

09-30-15_8-31-34 PM
“Mom, you can’t blame yourself again. Don’t do what you did when dad….” *couch* “Stay here for Joaquin and Javier. Don’t make that mistake again.”
“I won’t.”

09-30-15_8-42-13 PM
“Hey Don.”
“Hey Nina. How are the boys?”
“How are you? You’re the one who almost died.”
“Javier couldn’t even speak anymore and Joaquin talked to death. Are they okay?”
“They’re fine. And you?”

09-30-15_8-42-21 PM
“Did you know?”
“Know what?”
“Why she didn’t say yes.”
“I did. Sorry.”
“Don’t be. Don’t be. Your mom wanted to take things slow. You think that would work?”
“Yes. I do. Last time I saw her so happy was with dad. Last time when I saw her so sad was with dad.”

10-01-15_7-45-19 PM
“Thank you Nina. I’m sorry about what I said. I know you care about them.”
“It’s just that I want them to see you and mom as their parents. Not me. We were raised by colleagues and friends because mom didn’t have enough time after dad. And I’m sorry about what I said. Mom didn’t want you to know her. She wanted to make it easier for her.”

10-01-15_7-44-53 PM
“You’re an amazing steph-daughter Nina.”
“You’re an amzing steph-dad yourself.”

Downstairs Dina was chatting with Katrina at the dinner table.
09-30-15_8-43-48 PM
“Dina? Am I home enough?”
“For the boys, Don, you and your sister.”
“It’s enough time. Just weird times. At night and stuff.”
“I think I’m going to quit my job.”
“What? Why? You love your music.”
“I can still play here. I’ve never made much promotions and I’m never home.”
“You’re an adult mom.”

09-30-15_8-44-53 PM
“What should I say?”
“Just tell them everything they need to know.”

09-30-15_8-45-05 PM
“Hello? I quit! Yeah Katrina. Bye.”

09-30-15_8-44-58 PM
“Did I do that right?”
“Perfect. I’m going to call everybody to eat.”

10-01-15_7-48-55 PM
“Hey dad! How did it feel?”
“It wasn’t nice.”
“Did it hurt?” Javier asked.
“Javier! Joaquin!” Katrina shouted “Leave your father alone!”
“No it’s fine. I don’t remember how it felt. I just know it doesn’t feel good.”

10-01-15_7-50-08 PM
The conversation took a different route and everybody was enjoying themself.

When the conversation dropped Don got thinking.
10-01-15_7-49-05 PM
He looked over to his sons and thought to himself: “I almost missed this all. Them all! They could all be sitting here sobbing over my death. And nothing I could do about it.

That evening the adult gathered in the living room.
10-03-15_3-01-23 PM
“I have decide to start growing a very small garden.”
“You gardening?”
“I want to be able to make ambrosia.”
“Ambrosia?! Dina! Don’t mess with death!” Katrina shouted.
“It’s not witchcraft. I wish I could have done that with dad.”
“You let him rest!”
“Mom! Don’t worry. I’ll leave him alone.”

10-03-15_3-00-52 PM
“Umm. Mom. I’ve changed my aspiration to bestselling author. To create the book of life. And guess what! I’ll make money from those books.”
“Why can’t you leave the death alone?”
“What if Don dies again? Or the twins!”
“I won’t let that happen!”
“You didn’t do anthing today! Or when dad—”
“Stop!” Tears were forming in Don’s eyes. “Let the girls try Katrina! They care about people. Let them!”

Thank you for reading.


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