Best friends again.

10-03-15_4-30-29 PMThis is Christene Spergels. Scarlett’s best friend. She’s looking for love and friends all the time. Everywhere.

10-03-15_4-31-02 PM
She is meeting her neighbour Rebecca Kain.

10-03-15_4-34-41 PM
When it was getting late she returned home to finish painting for her job.

10-03-15_4-37-49 PM
She worked on that painting deep into the night and woke up tired. Luckily it was the last day of work before friday. She was heading into town that night.

10-03-15_4-55-44 PM
She was standing in front of the Blue Velvet. Ready for a night of meeting new friends.

10-03-15_4-58-42 PM
Inside there was a little dance party going on. Christene joined of course.

After a while a familiar face walked in. Eric Lewis!10-03-15_4-59-28 PM
“Eric! Hey! How are you doing?”
“I have Scarlett so.”
“Amazing I see. Come on dance with us!”

10-03-15_5-00-38 PM
“I’m not the best at dancing.”
“You’re just like Scarlett! You don’t need to be good to have fun!”

10-05-15_7-59-10 PM
“See! Fun isn’t it? Anyway I need to head home. See ya later!”

10-05-15_8-00-54 PM
No matter how much Christen loves going out. It’s always a relief to come home.

10-05-15_8-02-03 PM
Christene slept in that day. Dancing is very hard work you know.

10-05-15_8-06-58 PM
Watching some comedy shows while she’s eating.

10-05-15_8-08-17 PM

And she’s ready to head out.
10-05-15_8-17-48 PM
“Hello! I’m Christene! Who are you?”
“I’m Chelsea.”
“Hello Chelsea! Lets sit down.”

10-05-15_8-19-08 PM
“So Chelsea. Do you like school?”
“Yeah I do! it’s amazing! I can’t wait ’till I have an A!”
“Thats the spirit! What do you like most?”
“Science! Do you have a boyfriend? Do you like your red hair? What do you do for a job? Why is your t-shirt so funny? I like your necklace.”
“No. Yes. Artist. Says the one who wears a shirts with a cat wearing glasses on it. Thank you! I like your braid.”
“Why don’t you have a boyfriend? Why do you like it? Artist? Like painting? Hey! Not nice! Thank you!”

10-05-15_8-21-47 PM
“Chelsea I love to aswer your questions but I need to go and finish my painting.”
“Just answer my questions! I won’t ask new ones!”
“It will be a suprise untill you meet me again. Bye.”
“Where can I meet you again?!”
“I’m an artist!”

10-05-15_8-27-24 PM
Christene painted untill night fell. She never got a good idea and went to the secret place every artist went to when they got stuck.

The museum in Willow Creek. And look who she came across.
10-07-15_5-05-20 PM
Chelsea and her dad.
“Chelsea! You got the hint!”
“Pretty smart, aren’t I?”
“You sure are. I never met the right person. It’s pretty. Yes, painting. You’re welcome.”

10-07-15_5-05-05 PM
“She’s something isn’t she?” Her dad asked.
“Yeah. I’m Christene Spergels.”
“Tom Stratton.”
They shook hands.
“Stratton? Is that british?”
“Yes. You know what your last name almost means in German?”
“Yes! I’ve heard it a lot. I’m from Germany.”
“You went here all alone?”
“No I came with my brother.”
“Ohh. I came with my sister.”

10-07-15_5-08-14 PM
“Chelsea told me about your little riddle. Why here? Aren’t you sick of art after a whole day?”
“Ha! Oh you’re not kidding? Art never stops for us. We come here to get some insiration.”
“So everybody here is an artist?”
“No. You can see who is one and who isn’t.”
“Really? So you can see that I am not?”
“Yes. I can. Just look at everybody. Some people just want to look like an artist or be friends with one.”

10-07-15_5-06-47 PM
“That is kinda impressive.”
“Chelsea told me she likes school. Do you see that in her results?”
“Yeah. She really does her best. She might be walking in my footsteps. I’m an astronaut.”
“Really?! Do you have a rocket?”
“Not yet.”

They talked for another while until Chelsea got bored of the “boring” people.
10-07-15_5-09-22 PM
“Tom! I’m bored! Can we go home?”
“Yeah. It’s getting late. Christene, I’ll see you around, I guess?”
“Yeah. I’ll see you. Bye!”
“Bye Christene!”
“Bye Chelsea!”

The next morning Christene invited Scarlett and Tori to the park. Christene and Scarlett haven’t rebuild their relationship yet.10-07-15_5-39-16 PM
“Tori go ahead and make some friends. Okay?”
“Do I have to mom?”
“Yes. Go ahead.”

10-07-15_5-39-53 PM
“I saw Eric friday.”
“Yeah. He’s really good at dancing.”

10-07-15_5-40-28 PM
“I haven’t even seen him dancing.”
“Well. I guess I’m special to him.”
“Stop it!”

10-07-15_5-57-40 PM
“I’ve met somebody new.”
“A british guy.”
“Ohh! Fancy.”
“One thing though. He has a kid.”

10-07-15_5-57-57 PM
“So people with kids can’t find new love?”
“No. I love Chelsea. She’s amazing. It’s just he never talks about her. If I wouldn’t have met her first I wouldn’t even know.”
“Maybe it is still a painful subject for him.”
“No. When I ask about her, he aswers happily.”
“Everybody is different.”

10-09-15_9-42-24 AM
They talked for a while.

10-09-15_9-43-30 AM
They cloudgazed.

10-09-15_9-52-11 AM
And they became best friends again.

10-09-15_9-52-31 AM
“I need to go home. it’s getting late.”
“Yeah. You’re right. I’m heading to somebody else.”
“Good luck.”

She arrived in Willow Creek and knowked on his door and walked inside.10-09-15_9-54-46 AM
“Tom hey!”

10-09-15_9-55-08 AM
“Hey Chelsea!”

10-09-15_9-56-05 AM
“Why are you here? Are you two dating?!”
“No we’re not!”
“Yes you are.”
“Tom! Let’s go outside?”
“Good idea. And you go to bed.”

10-09-15_10-04-25 AM
“Why are you here?”
“I like you! I want to love you and I will take care of your daughter and I like you.”
“Umm what?! We met once. And daughter?!”
“She’s my sister!”
“Ohh! Sorry.”
“Christene. You’re amazing but we’ve only met once. Bye.”
Tom walked back inside leaving a very confused Christene behind.

Thanks for reading.


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