Should we?












10-10-15_7-38-13 PM
Bella looked down
“Ohh yes I’m not pregnant.”
Bella looked around.
“No crib. Guess it was just a dream. Would I want another one?”
Bella got up to go downstairs.

10-10-15_7-39-15 PM
“Ohh. My stumach. Oh watcher! Am I…? Oh no I’m just hungry.”

10-14-15_5-05-57 PM
“Are you alright?”
“You’re pretty quiet.”
“Oh sorry.”
“Don’t apologise. What’s wrong?”
“Nothing.” Mortimer looked at her. “Really. I’m fine.”

Mortimer left for work and Bella got to work.10-14-15_5-08-56 PM

10-15-15_5-57-55 PM
“I did everything I can do and I still have time for myself. Maybe it’s good to not have another kid. What do I do though?”

10-15-15_5-58-15 PM
“I’m pretty tired. I can take a nap.”

10-15-15_5-58-22 PM

10-15-15_5-58-38 PM
“Huh? Ohh yeah I slept. Maybe having another kid isn’t that bad? I still have some time before the kids are home.”

10-15-15_5-59-20 PM
“I can work out. Maybe not having another kid isn’t that bad.”

10-15-15_6-03-31 PM
“Look how good I look! Not having another child isn’t that bad.”

Mortimer returned home.
10-15-15_6-58-24 PM
“I can have WooHoo whenever I want to. Maybe having another kid isn’t that bad?”

The kids returned home and started on their homework so Bella went to help them out.
10-15-15_6-11-23 PM
“No! You need to do it like I said!”
“I do it the way I want to Alexander!”

10-15-15_6-11-50 PM
“What’s going on?”
“Alexander is making me do my homework the wrong way.”
“Let me look. Sweetie you’re doing it wrong. Alexander is right.”

10-15-15_6-12-25 PM
“Ohh. Okay.”

Bridget finished her homework pretty quickly10-15-15_6-12-48 PM
“Ha! You’re not that fast as I am!”
“That’s mean!”
“Kids! Behave!

10-15-15_6-13-10 PM
After 5 minuted they were the best of friends again.

10-15-15_6-11-53 PM
During the entire  time Cassandra wasn’t completely there.

10-15-15_6-13-16 PM
“Hey sweetie. Are you still here?”
“Oh sorry mom.”
“Don’t be. Is there someone.” Bella whispered so the kids wouldn’t hear.
“No mom. Don’t worry. I’ll tell you if there was.”
“Okay. Don’t rush it.”

10-15-15_6-56-22 PM
They had a nice family dinner.
“There is still one chair left. Maybe another child wouldn’t be that bad.”

10-15-15_7-00-19 PM“Hey Alexa—”
“Not now mom!”

10-15-15_7-00-08 PM
“You look weird!”
“You’re ugly!”

10-15-15_6-59-40 PM
“Ugh I don’t have the energy to handle those problem with 3 kids let alone 4.”


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