Food comes with problems

10-16-15_3-49-49 PMFrances Frazier. Gloomy, family-oriented and a bro. Works in the buisness career. And she is looking for a new soul-mate.

10-16-15_3-50-16 PM
Her son John. A goofball and a social butterfly.

10-16-15_3-50-52 PM
And her daughter Naomi. Cheeful and self-assured. She wants to be a mansion baron one day.

10-16-15_3-57-22 PM
“Need to pee. Need to pee. Need to pee.”

10-16-15_3-58-09 PM

10-16-15_3-58-20 PM
“We only have cereal. Again.”

10-16-15_3-58-49 PM
“What’s for breakfast?”
“Cereal or yoghurt.”
“Again?” John said with a sad tone in his voice.
“You know what?” She kneeled down so they were on eye-level. “I’ll make the best cereal you ever ate.”
“I doubt that.”
“Watch me.”

10-16-15_4-00-07 PM
“Looks like regular cereal.”
“Does it taste like regular cereal?”
“Npho This isghfdgood gfhfsis.”
“Don’t talk with food in your mouth.”
“Sorry. This is good. How did you make it?”
“That is my little secret.”
Truth is she did nothing special with it. Their mother didn’t make dinner last night. John was just so hungry everything would taste good.

10-16-15_4-00-16 PM
“Hey kids. Are you as hungry as I am?”
“Yeah.” Naomi looked up angry. “Yeah we do. How would that be?”

10-16-15_4-00-55 PM
Frances was already gloomy. It didn’t help when her kids yelled at her with every mistake she makes. Naomi doesn’t realize how lucky she is with her self-assured trait.

10-16-15_4-02-29 PM
“Naomi made the best cereal ever today!”
“She did? That is amazing Naomi.”
“Yeah. I don’t forget to feed him. Unlike some others”
“So now you wan to argue right in front of him?”

10-16-15_4-05-37 PM
Frances cleaned up after breakfast.

10-16-15_4-06-25 PM
After the kids left for school Frances had another hour for herself. She spended the entire hour crying it out.

10-16-15_4-08-53 PM
“Naomi I’ve invited Ethan to play!”
“Ok have fun.”

10-16-15_4-08-58 PM
“Stupid teacher. Ohh I’m sorry I couldn’t bring lunch. I’m sorry the only thing we have is cereal.”

10-16-15_4-10-58 PM
“Sweet sweet video games. What can’t they do.”

10-16-15_4-10-04 PM
“Hey John! Lets go to your room.”

10-16-15_4-10-32 PM
“Whoa. Whoa. Calm down. We have a whole playground right over there. There is nothing to do in my room.”
“You don’t have any toys?”
“No. I don’t.”
“Let’s go to the playground then.”

10-16-15_4-12-01 PM
“I’m the best captain ever!”
“No I am the captain. I’m steering!”
“The captain is the one who stands the highest. That’s why my parents sleep on the top floor.”

10-17-15_6-21-16 PM
“Hello Naomi. Doing your homework?”
“That is fantastic. Good job.”

10-17-15_6-21-55 PM
“Hey John——. John?”

Frances look trough the entire house for her son.
10-16-15_4-14-21 PM

10-16-15_4-16-07 PM
“Where is John?”
“He invited Ethan to play.”
“And where is he?”
“I don’t know. At the playground I guess.”

Frances ran outside and returned pretty quickly.
10-16-15_4-16-52 PM
“Yes Naomi. He was at the playground.”
“See, no problem.”
“I want you to look after him while I’m at work!”

10-16-15_4-17-02 PM
“Young lady!”
“I mean he’s old enough and he’s not stupid.”

(And now a little change of scenery because of sims 4 musical chairs.)

10-16-15_4-18-03 PM
“Your dad was old enough and definitely not stupid!”

10-16-15_4-18-18 PM
“If that would happen to him there is nothing I could even do! Or are you saying that it was my fault after all?”

10-16-15_4-18-31 PM
“Naomi. You know it wasn’t your fault.”
“No I got the point.

10-16-15_4-18-58 PM
“Little apple…”
“Don’t you even dare to call me that!”

Frances stormed out of the room.10-16-15_4-20-20 PM
“Doesn’t she understand that this is very hard for me? She didn’t lodse her soulmate did she?”

Ding dong
10-16-15_4-21-03 PM
“Hello ma’am. That will be 25 simoleons.”
“Here you go.”
“Thank you and have a nice day.”
“You too.”

“John! Send Ethan home! It’s getting late and dinner is ready! Naomi dinner, if you like it or not!”
10-16-15_4-21-53 PM
“Ugh pizza again? Can’t mom cook herself just once.”

10-16-15_4-22-04 PM
“Hello mom.”
“Hello Naomi.”

10-16-15_4-22-48 PM
“So John. Was the playground nice?”
“Yes I was the captain. Ethan sayd he’s the captain. He’s not.”

Naomi kept looking angry at her mother.
10-16-15_7-46-50 PM
“Sis. You need to calm down.”
“What do you know?!”

10-16-15_7-47-04 PM
“Calm down. Here eat your pizza.”

10-16-15_7-47-11 PM
“That is just the thing John! We always eat pizza or cereal. I’m sick of it!”

10-16-15_7-47-37 PM
“Inhale and exhale sis.”
“What? That is—”
“Just do it!”

10-16-15_7-47-46 PM
“Now isn’t that better?”
“It actually is John.”

10-16-15_7-48-14 PM
“Sorry mom.”
“It’s okay honey.”
“Can you please try to keep up with the housework?”
“I will. Don’t worry.”

The next morning.
10-16-15_7-58-02 PM
“No breakfast? I’ll give her one more chance.”

 A few hours later.
10-16-15_8-01-02 PM
“Tori is coming to play!”
“Have fun! Wait are you going to the playground?”
“I don’t think so.”

10-16-15_8-02-05 PM
“She didn’t clean up? I should’ve known.”

Meanwhile John and Tori were joking around.10-16-15_8-03-42 PM
“Stop it! Stop it Tori!”

10-16-15_8-05-50 PM

10-16-15_8-06-03 PM
“I mean it Tori, stop it.”
“I’m not doing anything.”

10-16-15_8-06-07 PM
“Really? Huh.”

Frances came home from a bad day. She fell into a puddle on her way home.
10-16-15_8-07-22 PM
“Can’t they clean up just once?”

10-16-15_8-07-57 PM
“Being a mother isn’t always easy I guess.”

10-16-15_8-11-57 PM
“I’m gonna take matters into my own hands.”

10-16-15_8-13-33 PM
“Naomi? Did you made dinner?”
“Yeah for John and me.”
“Figure it out yourself.”
“You wouldn’t have made dinner anyway! What is the difference? Oh I know food for your children!”
“Can we just eat dinner together? Please?” John screamed. “When was the last time you two weren’t fighting?”
“Yes let’s do that.”

John was trying to take some salad with his fork but he kept missing the bowl.10-16-15_8-14-26 PM
“John? Are you alright?” Naomi asked
“Starry eyes!” Frances screamed. “Naomi get the medicine!”

10-16-15_8-16-17 PM

10-16-15_8-16-33 PM
“This stuff is pretty good.”

10-16-15_8-16-39 PM
“Am I supposed to feel this energized?”
“Go rest on the couch John. I’m going to check on your sister.”

Naomi fleeded to her bedroom during this scene.10-21-15_5-51-14 PM
“Naomi are you ok?”
“It was just like with dad, mom. It was scary.”

10-21-15_5-48-47 PM
“It’s okay sweethearth.”

10-21-15_5-51-41 PM
“I’ve decided to change thinghs around here. In the weekends I cook. During the week you do.”

10-21-15_5-51-21 PM
“Ahh the power of being a mother.”
“Do I need to?”
“It will increase your cooking skill. You’ll only benefit from it.”

10-21-15_5-52-26 PM
“I see you two made up.”
“Yes. Yes we did.”

10-21-15_5-52-34 PM
“All because of me and my starry eyes.”

10-21-15_5-53-16 PM
“Ohh yeah. We decided that you will clean up every day from now on.”

10-21-15_5-53-19 PM
“Funny. Very funny mom.”

10-21-15_5-53-48 PM
“No we’re serious.”
“My stupid starry eyes.”

(I’m going to do background stories a little different from now on. You’ll see this background story in the next chapter.)

Thank you for reading.


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