Background story 1: Frazier

10-24-15_7-04-58 PM
“Hello everybody! I’m Helen Walden. A journalist, wife and mother. From now on I will write the background stories from your favorite characters. I think it’s suited that I introduce——-“

10-24-15_12-29-09 PM
“Hey mom!”
“Hello Shauna. Hello Howard. What are you doing here?”
“You told us to come in and look cute for the readers.”
“Shht! You’re not supposed to say that. Nevermind I’ll cut that out.”

10-24-15_12-30-04 PM
“This is my daughter Shauna. She is very popular and a bookworm. Just like her mom. Isn’t that cute?”

10-24-15_12-30-09 PM
“And this is my son Howard. He is very creative and a perfectionist. Isn’t he handsome?”

10-24-15_5-46-28 PM
“And this is my husband Cedric. He’s a stay-at-home dad. A modern man. He’s very skilled. I’m soo proud of him.”

10-24-15_5-49-15 PM
“We’re a pretty close family. We’ve just moved into a very cosy small little villa. Nothing much. It is called Modern family house by metaforra

“Hey Shauna here! I opened this without my mom knowing. It’s not a cosy small little villa. We have 2 sitting rooms and 2 living rooms! 2! Who has that!”

10-24-15_12-28-03 PM
“Anyway. Enough about my amazing life. Not everybody is so lucky I am. The Fraziers were a very happy family. Marco Frazier and his wife Frances had a daughter Naomi then a few years later a son John. Marco together with a business partner runs a succesfull business from his home. Frances can be a stay-at-home mom because of this.”

10-28-15_7-18-14 PM
Frances and marco are both bro’s and had a bromance. I know kind of weird.

10-28-15_7-19-21 PM
They were so cute.

10-28-15_7-20-09 PM
Just like their kids.

10-28-15_7-20-19 PM
They were having a little fight and John was winning.

10-28-15_7-20-35 PM
“After tonight I’m sooo gonna win from you!”
“You will never beat me big sis.”

10-28-15_7-21-14 PM
“I’m aging up today. I’ll be bigger than you then!”

10-28-15_7-21-22 PM

10-28-15_7-21-36 PM

10-28-15_7-21-44 PM
“Well” John said with a grin on his face. “I’m bigger than you right now. So when I age up I’ll be bigger than you. I will always be bigger!”
“No I’m bigger!”
“Can you look over the hedge?”

10-28-15_7-22-00 PM

10-28-15_7-22-12 PM

10-28-15_7-22-20 PM
“Watcher! John!”
“Ohh I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you Naomi.”

10-28-15_7-22-24 PM
“I’m not scared!”
“Ha! Ofcourse you weren’t.”

10-28-15_7-22-49 PM
They laughed together untill John started waving his hand in front of his face.

10-28-15_7-32-37 PM
“Are you okay? I don’t want you to be sick on my birthday.”
“Probably starry eyes again.”
“I’ll go tell mom and dad.”

Poor little John gets starry eyes quite often.

“Hey Naomi. We were just talking about your birthday party.”10-28-15_7-37-41 PM
“Ohh. Daddy? Can I please repaint my room for a birthday present?”

10-28-15_7-37-46 PM

10-28-15_7-37-59 PM

10-28-15_7-37-54 PM
“Thank you daddy! I love you!”

10-28-15_7-34-35 PM
Naomi raised an eyebrow and smiled to her dad.

10-28-15_7-34-08 PM
“We already got her a present! And you didn’t even ask me!”

10-28-15_7-34-23 PM
“Yes dad! it’s not like you only have 5 birthdays in your whole life.” Naomi teased Frances in a lower voice.

10-28-15_7-41-04 PM
“Hihihi sorry mommy.”

10-28-15_7-41-11 PM
“Ohh yeah mommy, John is sick again.”
“Ooh no. We don’t have any medicine left.” Marco said.

10-28-15_7-41-34 PM
“Don’t worry mommy’s got it. Marco you go to the pharmacy. I get the house ready for the party.

10-28-15_7-41-42 PM
“Can I go with daddy?”
“Yay! Roadtrip!” Marco said in a high squealed voice.
“Daddy you’re sooo funny.”

Marco and Naomi started walking trough Willow Creek.
10-28-15_7-53-20 PM
“Daddy? Is being a teen hard?”
“No it’s amazing. It’s a lot of fun. You get to do some much new things.”

10-28-15_7-53-38 PM

10-28-15_7-53-50 PM
“Naomi! Look out!”

Marco pushed Naomi to the side.
10-30-15_7-11-01 PM

10-30-15_7-11-21 PM
“Whoa. that was pretty close, wasn’t it daddy?”

10-30-15_7-11-29 PM

10-30-15_7-11-38 PM
“Are you okay daddy?”

10-30-15_7-11-47 PM
“I’m so sorry Naomi. Your teen years are going to be great. I know you’ll age up beautiful.”

10-30-15_7-14-09 PM

10-30-15_7-14-30 PM
“Hello everybody!”

10-30-15_7-14-40 PM
“Marco Frazier. 2 young children. He’s a bro. Successful. Funny.” whisperes to himself “If somebody pleads I’ll let him go.”

10-30-15_7-15-12 PM
During the entire scene a whole group of people gathered around, but didn’t do anything.

10-30-15_7-15-28 PM
“Nobody? Fine by me. Watcher I love this.”

Grim took Marco and left an urn. Because that was all to see the strangers all left without saying a word.
10-30-15_7-15-57 PM

10-30-15_7-16-07 PM
“Excuse me sir? Can you help me? I can’t find my daddy.”

10-30-15_7-18-34 PM
“So cadet Villegas, are you exited for your first day on the streets. I know evening patrols aren’t busy. There isn’t much action, but if something happens it is very interesting.”
“I am very exited detective Branham. It’s nice not sitting at my desk all day.”
“You deserved it.”

10-30-15_7-18-53 PM
“There is a kid standing there Rosa.”
“I’m still higher than you. Call me Branham.”
“Yes ma’am.”

10-30-15_7-19-07 PM
“Hey kid!” officer Branham yelled “Get off the streets! You’re going to get hit!”

10-30-15_7-19-48 PM
Naomi started crying and slowly walked over to the police officers.

10-30-15_7-20-47 PM
“Why are you out so late young lady?” cadet Villegas said, thinking naomi just ran away from home or something.
“Hey sweethearth what happened?” officer Branham said in a sweet voice to Naomi while looking angry at Villegas.
“My daddy—— got hit——-! Look!” Naomi showed the urn and started crying very loud.

10-30-15_7-20-58 PM
“Oh Watcher!”

10-30-15_7-21-57 PM
“Do you know what I have for you?”
“Some candy.”
“Thank you.”
“What is your name?”
“That is a very pretty name. I bet your last name is pretty too.
“Yeah. I got it from daddy. Frazier.”

Villegas could only look how experienced Branham was and how good she handle the situation.10-30-15_7-21-16 PM
Naomi unpacked her candy and started eating. Branham leanded over to Villegas and whispered to him: “Check where she lives.”
He nodded.

10-30-15_7-22-15 PM
He nodded again very quickly after he called the police station.
“You wanna go home?”
“Yes please.”

10-30-15_7-26-59 PM
“John come here! I think they’re home!”

10-30-15_7-28-02 PM
“There she is! Suprise! happy birthday!”

10-30-15_7-29-03 PM

Naomi ran over to her mom.
10-30-15_7-30-03 PM
“I’m so sorry mommy. I’m so sorry!”
“What’s wrong?”

10-30-15_7-31-01 PM

Villegas placed the urn onto the lawn while Brahan explained Frances everything.
10-30-15_7-32-35 PM

10-30-15_7-32-19 PM
“Daddy? Daddy! Come back! I miss you!”

Naomi was sitting on the porch the entire time. Just looking into nothing.
“Ahh plum it!”
She stood up and walked inside.
“Naomi what are you—” Frances tried to ask.
10-30-15_7-34-01 PM

Branham and Villegas were still standing inside of the kitchen.10-30-15_7-34-07 PM
“Happy birthday to me!”

10-30-15_7-34-34 PM
“Wait don’t you want your broter and mom to be here?”

10-30-15_7-34-17 PM
“Well okay then.” Villegas stambled

10-30-15_7-34-53 PM
“I’m a teen now.”

10-30-15_7-35-19 PM
“Naomi? You’ve aged up?”

10-30-15_7-35-38 PM
“Daddy is not here to see me. I’m so sorry daddy!”

(The next chapter is the haloween special. I wanted to get it ready today, but because of school I didn’t have the time. I home I have some time tomorrow.)

Thank you for reading


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