A very late halloween

I said I could have this chapter out by monday. I kinda forgot we planned a little trip away from home and it was too late to change it. Sorry. Anyway here’s the chapter.

The house was build by Deligracy

11-01-15_2-31-14 PM
“Ok guys. We all here?” Olivia counted the heads of the kids in costumes and nodded to Martin.
“I know most of you know eachother ,but we’re still going to introduce ourselves.”

11-01-15_2-32-07 PM
“I’ll start! Hi I’m Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis. I know it’s a long name.” Olivia knew none of these children had a very good background and wanted to reassure them.
“My mom and dad divorced a while back. What else? Ohh yeah! I have a little brother who rather plays chess then to celebrate halloween. Crazy.”
Everybody laughed.

11-01-15_2-31-56 PM
“Now me! I’m Chelsea! I have a big brother who already works and stuff! I don’t have my parents anymore! People say that I’m very very smart ,but I talk too much! Do you guys think I talk too much? Anyway, I’m a princess because my daddy used to call me a little princess and my brother calls me that too!” Chelsea said in one breath.
“Wow Chelsea. You sure are pretty in that dress.” Olivia commented.

11-01-15_2-32-25 PM
“Can I go now?”
“Well my name is Eefje.” she was speaking in a high pitched voice “I never knew my dad. And my brother is being mean to me because I’m the oldest.”
“Ohh. Why are you wearing that costume Eefje? Where did you get it. I haven’t seen it around the shops.” Olivia asked out of curiosity.
“Mommy made it. She painted a jumpsuit and got a pumpkin.”
“Well it is very pretty.”

11-01-15_2-32-12 PM
“Hello! I’m Missy! My mommy and daddy got divorced too.”
“Ohh really?” Olivia said.
“Yeah mommy cheated on daddy and she would hit me.”
“Ohh. Well…..”

11-01-15_2-32-19 PM
“I’m Ethan. My parents are already old. I’ve already got nieces and nephews that are even older than me.”
“Ohh yeah. Sarah right?” Olivia asked
“Yep. She’s the oldest. Do you know her?”
“Yeah. We go to the same class.”
“Cool. I’ll tell her I saw you.”

11-01-15_2-32-29 PM
“I guess I’m next. I’m Evan. This guy his awesome and younger twin. I’m always after him. He already told everything there is to know about me.”

11-01-15_2-32-34 PM
“Hey what about you?” Evan asked “You haven’t introduced yourself yet.”
“Yes Martin. Introduce yourself.” Olivia said whit a grin on her face.

11-01-15_2-32-33 PM
“Okay. I’m Martin. My mother died a few sim years ago and my twin sister ran away. I’m a gladiator because it is cool.”

11-01-15_2-33-34 PM
“Kids!” Martin yelled “We’re not going trick or treating.”
*gasp* “What?!”
“We got a call that this house might be haunted!”
*gasp* “Sure it is.”
Olivia was looking angry or cunfused at Martin.
“We should check it out.”
“Yeah ,but first Martin and I go check if nobody is home.” Olivia said and they walked to the front door.

11-01-15_2-34-57 PM
“Martin!? What the plum.”
“Ha! You look so pret— funny when you’re angry.”
“We were supposed to go trick or treating!”
“I know but Chase told me about this and it looked cool. Much more fun than ordinary trick or treating.”
“I’ve never even seen this house and I live pretty close by.”
“It was painted not so long ago. Anyway, this is much more fun. Let’s get the kids.”
“Fine. Kids!”
“I don’t think there is somebody inside…..yet!”
They stepped inside.

11-01-15_2-39-37 PM
“Okay. So the rules. Nobody wanderers alone. It’s too dangerous. Go and explore.” Martin explained.
“Ohh. And if you’re in danger. Scream!” Olvia tried to scare the kids.

11-01-15_2-40-53 PM
“Hey Ethan. Can we be a group?”

11-01-15_2-40-48 PM
“Missy! We’re the cool group aren’t we?”
“Hey guys?” Eefje asked “Can I join you guys?”
“Will you be cool?”

11-01-15_2-50-52 PM
“Well. They are off.”

11-01-15_2-52-00 PM
“Maybe we should start our own little investigation too?” Olivia said.
“Oh my Watcher! that sounds amazing!”

11-01-15_2-52-13 PM
“This house is soo cool! It’s is like really old!”

11-01-15_2-50-36 PM
“I’ve got an idea! Why won’t we look for some ghost before my brother does. He’s always saying I’m not cool enough for halloween.”
“Yeah let’s go! my brother would be soo proud.”

11-01-15_2-53-52 PM
They found the library and forgot about ghosts and just started chatting.

11-01-15_2-53-37 PM
“I know right!”

11-01-15_2-54-30 PM
While the “cool” group headed outside to the graveyard.

11-01-15_2-54-40 PM
“Are these real?” Eefje asked.
“Of course not!”

11-01-15_2-56-32 PM
“Come on! Let’s smash them!” Missy yelled
“Yeah!” Evan agreed.
“No! That is just wrong!”
“Who is going to stop us? You?”
“I’ll tell Olivia and Martin.”

11-01-15_2-57-35 PM
“I thought you were cool?”
“I’m cool. Look at me. I’m a skeleton.”
“It’s not only how you dress. It’s how you act!”
Missy and Evan walked further. Angry.

11-01-15_8-36-24 PM
“Yeah that is a cool pose.”

11-01-15_8-36-46 PM
“Does it look good?”
“Yeah. Let’s take one together.”

11-01-15_8-38-19 PM

11-01-15_8-39-18 PM
“I should take one of myself.”

11-01-15_8-41-46 PM
“Hey Missy! Look!”
“Cool! Let’s try to open it!”
“We can’t! It’s not something you should do!”
Evan and Missy looked at eachother and nodded.
“Eefje. You are official banned from the cool club.”
“Go to my boring brother or something.”

11-05-15_2-30-15 PM
“This library is soo pretty.”

11-05-15_2-35-04 PM
“Hey! Can I join you guys?”
“Did my brother yell at you?”

11-05-15_2-26-48 PM
“What is this? Martin!”

11-05-15_2-27-25 PM
“Huh? What is wrong?”

11-05-15_2-27-37 PM
“What are those?”
“And what are they used for?”
“Torture? WooHoo?”
“There wasn’t supposed to be stuff like this in here.”
“Should we gather the kids?”
“Yeah. Let’s.”

11-05-15_2-31-21 PM
“Evan. Look at these pumpkins.”

11-05-15_2-32-00 PM
“I think that we are thinking the same.”
“Are you thinking?”
“I’m thinking.”

11-05-15_2-33-40 PM
“It would…”

11-05-15_2-33-53 PM

11-05-15_2-33-56 PM
“…a shame…”

11-05-15_2-34-19 PM
“…if something happened to it.”

11-05-15_2-34-32 PM
“Hahaha! This is so much fun!”

11-05-15_2-36-34 PM
“Hey? What is so warm?”

11-05-15_2-36-55 PM

11-05-15_2-37-15 PM
“Woah! Martin! Olivia! Help! Help!”
Evan ran away to get help leaving Missy alone.

11-05-15_2-39-23 PM
“Ahhh! Ohh Watcher! Help me!”

11-05-15_2-39-14 PM
“Plum! Plum! Plum! Plum! Plum!”

11-05-15_2-40-08 PM
“A fire?! Ohh Watcher Missy is in there.”

11-05-15_2-40-25 PM
“Martin?! Help me! Help me!”

11-05-15_2-40-32 PM
“Hang in there.”

11-05-15_2-41-04 PM
“It’s over. Thank you Martin.”

11-05-15_2-43-31 PM
“What happened Missy?”
*starts sobbing*
“I was destroying the pumpkins and—- the fire—- I don’t—–”
“It’s okay. Come on. Let’s join the group and then go home.”

11-05-15_2-49-42 PM
“Where is Missy, Olivia?”
“Martin is with her. She’ll be okay. Don’t worry.”

11-05-15_2-49-54 PM
“There she is Evan.”

11-05-15_2-50-26 PM
“Missy. Are you okay? Let’s go to the bathroom, clean you up and go home.”
“Yes please.”

11-05-15_2-52-01 PM
An old lady who was dressed like a witch suddenly walked in.

11-05-15_2-52-27 PM
“Olivia! Martin!” the kids yelled in fear.

11-05-15_2-52-41 PM
“Excuse me ma’am, but who are you?”
“I’m the owner of this house.”

11-05-15_2-53-38 PM
“Ohh dear.” The old lady saw Missy. “You go upstairs and clean yourself up.”

11-05-15_2-53-05 PM
“Umm ma’am? Who are you?”
“I’m Grace Newberry. The owner of this house.”
“What? But Chase told me nobody lives here.”
“I don’t live here. I’ve used to. Me and my husband got too old to use the stairs. So we re-furnished the house.”
“Sorry, but why are you even here?”
“I got a call that the smoke alarm went off. We were at a halloween party with our grandchildren ourselves.”
“Ohh I’m soo sorry.”
“It’s okay. Is there a lot of damage?”
“No. The building didn’t catch on fire. It did burn some grass away.”
“That might make it even more scary.”
Missy came back down the stairs.
“Okay. We’re soo sorry ma’am–”
“Call me Grace.”
“Okay. Thank you Grace. Kids gather at the door. We’re leaving.”
“You all must be starving. Let me cook you something.”
“I’m sorry Grace, but I think these kids just want to go home.”
“You sure?”

11-05-15_2-55-05 PM
“Ohh yeah. Grace? What are those rocks upstairs?”

11-05-15_2-55-22 PM
“That is for me to know and for you to find out.”

Olivia and the kids walked trough the door a few minutes later. Just as Martin wanted to go outside Grace pulled him aside.
“That is a very pretty girl you have there.”
*sigh* “I know.”
“Don’t worry. What is meant to happen. Will happen.”
“Thank you Grace.”

Thank you for reading.


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