How do you look?

Hey guys!
I’ve decided to finally start my own Legacy.

11-27-15_5-46-13 PM

“Hello you!”
“What? Who are you?”
“You can call me…” *makes dramatic handmovements* “The Watcher! Play dramatic music please.”
“I’m your player. I have your life in my hands. Mwhaha!”
“What!? Who are you?”
“Who are you?”
“I am—. I don’t even know.”
“We’re gonna work on that. Look. You live in a game. I just created you. I can change you however I want to right now.”
“So I won’t look like this for ever?”
“Thank God, no!”

11-27-15_5-46-33 PM
“Your face. Let’s change it.”

“Ok. Let me work a bit on your face.”
“Do I have a saying in this?”
“No. Ohh!”
“Your eyes!”
“What about them?”
“I’m gonna make them blue. But very blue.”

11-27-15_5-46-42 PM
“There you go. You are already a lot more handsome. Just some small changes.”
“I guess I do need them.”
“Now. Your hair. First, color.”
“I’m not keeping my black hair? Can’t I keep something from my original self?”
“Do you want to?!”
“No. You’re right. Change me Watcher!”

11-27-15_5-47-04 PM“Blond? Naah. Too light.”

11-27-15_5-46-59 PM“Red?”
“Fine by me.”

11-27-15_5-47-09 PM“Brown!”
“You like it?”
“I do.”
“Good. Because I’m not changing it.”
“Am I keeping this hairstyle?”
“Thank you.”

11-27-15_5-47-16 PM
“It’s okay. But no.”


11-27-15_5-47-30 PM
“Too classy.”
11-27-15_5-47-33 PM
“I like the longer hair. Just not this one.”
11-27-15_5-47-36 PM
“Hello handsome.”

“This is it!”
“You think?”
“I know!”
“What’s next on the list?”
“Your clothes.”


11-27-15_5-48-12 PM“This. Is. Your. Party outfit? You want crazy? I’ll give you crazy.”

11-27-15_5-48-19 PM

“There you go. Happy?”
“Why am I a cowboy?”
“Kinda suits you.”
“Are you done changing my clothes?”
“Yes. On to the traits!”
“Wait! What are you going to do to me once you’re done dressing me up?”
“You’re the founder of a legacy.”
“What’s that?”
“I’ll explain the details later. You’re going to have a big family.”
“Do I. Uhm… A story?”
“You want one?”
“I want to mean something. Be someone. With my own story. Not just someone who you created.”
“You can make up your own story if you like.”
“No I want you to make it. I want to prove that whatever you trow at me I’ll still be myself. However you change me I’ll still be that ugly guys from a few minutes ago.”
“That is really pretty dude. Okay. You are originally from a town mainly made from farms. You grew up on a farm yourself. You had 5 other siblings. The town burnt down though. You were outside town to buy some stuff. Nobody survived. You inheritted some land inside of Willow Creek and moved there with the clothes on your back and the money you were carrying with you. Determined to have a big family once again and make sure your children never have to struggle.”
“I like that. We can choose my traits now.”
“You sure you’re okay?”
“Yes. It was just…. That is my story something you just made up. I can’t be sad about the loss of the family I’ve never met. And I can’t be happy about the memories I’ve never had.”
“You are a little poet, aren’t you?”
“Traits please.”


11-27-15_5-49-19 PM“Let me look at this pretty face again. What do I want you to be? I know!”


11-27-15_5-48-53 PM“Family oriented!”


11-27-15_5-50-20 PM“I’m pretty funny.”
“Of course! Cheerful!”


11-27-15_5-50-29 PM“I say funny, she picks cheerful.”
“You’re already funny. Why would you need a trait for that. Traits don’t define us. We can be hidden goofballs or loners or something like that.”

And of course. You’re too handsome not to be.”

11-27-15_5-49-18 PM“Romantic! With the soulmate aspiration.”

“That is me, ha?”
“That’s you. That’s Aydan Grimes. Are you happy?”
“Yes. Yes I am.”


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