A proper home needs money

There you have it Aydan. Your new home.

11-27-15_5-58-28 PM

“Yes Aydan. Home.”
“What is that thing?”
“Ohh that. A small thing that costed almost all of your money.”
“It’s the rules Aydan!”
“Don’t always play by the rules Watcher!”
“I’ll make it better! look!”

11-27-15_6-00-29 PM
“Isn’t that better?”
“Where are the walls?”
“Who needs walls?!”

11-27-15_5-54-46 PM
“Anyway. I have something to discuss with you. Something important. This may be the most important decision of this whole legacy. This will shape the legacy, Aydan.”
“Succession laws.”
“What is that?”
“That decides who will be the heir.”
“Okay. How do I choose?”
“First. Gender laws. Do you want the heirs to be boys, girl or both?”
“What if I say boys. What will happen?”
“Every heir will be a boy. You can even choose if girls can be the heir if there aren’t any boys born or not.”
“Wait that means the sons have a better shot at winning then the daughters?”
“No. Everybody gets a fair shot.”
“Okay. Equality it is.”

11-27-15_5-58-33 PM
“What now?”
“Bloodline laws.”
“What does that mean?”
“If adopted children or naturally born children get the title of heir.”
“Aydan. Why do you think I’ve made you so handsome? I want to see how far those blue eyes of you go. I don’t want adopted children to be heir. It will be strict traditional.”
“Can my children still adopt?”
“Yes. If they have a child on their own to become the heir.”
“Okay I guess.”

11-27-15_5-58-50 PM
“Now Aydan. Heir law. Who will be the heir? Oldest, youngest, random, smartest or by democracy?”
“Can the heir be just defined by who is oldest. That’s not fair is it.”
“Well the world isn’t fair.”
“Yes. But we shouldn’t make it unfair.”
“Little poet I tell you.”
“What do you think is the most fair?”
“What is that?”
“I let the readers decide.”
“So the most popular will win? Isn’t random better then?”
“No. The readers are smarter than that. They will pick the best heir. Sometimes somebody doesn’t even wants to be the heir and I can’t do something about it if he or she get chosen by random.”
“Yeah. You’re right. Is there anything else?”
“A little thing. Species law. Do you want an alien to be the heir?”
“Yes. If a man gets abducted he can get pregnant by an alien. Or If a heir marrys an alien.”
“Again. All my grandchildren.”
“Tolerant it is. Then we are done.”


11-27-15_6-07-19 PM“I want to tell you one more thing about this legacy.”
“This legacy is going to be an alphabetacy. That means we’re going to have 26 generations. Each starting with a new letter of the alphabet. That why you’re called Ayden. Your children will start with a B”

11-27-15_6-01-03 PM
“So what does a legacy founder do all day?”
“Do you want walls?”
“Let’s find you a job then.”
“I was hoping for something else.”
“Too bad.”

11-27-15_6-01-47 PM
“What job do you want?”
“I don’t want to sit at a desk all day.”
“The entertainer career maybe?”
“No. The athletic career!”
“Okay! Your life.”

11-27-15_6-07-08 PM“I did something today. I’m proud of myself.”
“You  need to work out now. You need promotions.”
“Go jogging!”

Thanks for reading. What do you think of the succession laws?


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