1.5 An evening out

Aydan got a call from Zoe. She was going out and wanted Aydan to tag along. Aydan headed to the Solar Flare and Zoe showed up a little later.
11-29-15_3-16-46 PM
“Let’s never forget this night!”

They had a few drink and eventually walked over to the couch.
11-29-15_3-17-50 PM
They had a few innocent flirts.

11-29-15_3-27-46 PM
And a few not so innocent flirts.

11-29-15_3-20-47 PM
“Aydan!” Zoe laughed.
“What’s the matter beautiful lady?”
“What are you a gentlemen.”
“Indeed I am.”

They laughed, talked and flirted for a while. People started to leave and the barman started to get annoyed.

11-29-15_3-19-40 PM
“I think we should head home.” Zoe whispered.
“I’ll walk you home.”
“You can’t say that enough.”

They talked the entire way to Zoe’s home.

11-29-15_3-38-33 PM
“Aydan. I think I love you.”
“I really like you too.”

11-29-15_3-37-29 PM


11-29-15_3-39-00 PM
“Oh Watcher he’s amazing.” Zoe thought


11-29-15_3-39-06 PM
“I think I really love her.” Aydan thought

11-29-15_3-40-27 PM
“Watcher. I think I’m in love.”


Thank you for reading.


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