Can you come over?

Aydan got his first promotion the second day of working hard.
11-29-15_3-03-13 PM
“Why aren’t you happy? You are one step closer to walls.”

11-29-15_3-03-22 PM
“Why do I need to work so hard? Can’t I enjoy it?”
“You’re the one who wanted walls.”
“I’m regretting that decision now.”
“Look. You need money for walls and stuff for your future children. Do you want them to live without walls because you didn’t want to work?”
“Go jog then.”

11-29-15_3-03-57 PM
“I don’t like you.”
“You’ll thank me later.”

Aydan woke up pretty early the next morning and had some time to spare. He decided to call Zoe.

11-29-15_3-00-01 PM
“Would you like to come over?”

Aydan walked over to the lake at the front of his “house”. Zoe joined him pretty soon.

11-29-15_3-10-24 PM
“Hey Aydan.” Zoe said quite annoyed.
“Hey. What’s wrong?”

11-29-15_3-10-31 PM
“My roommates! They are sooo worried about me!”
“What do you mean?”
“Where are you going? What are you doing? Who is gonna be there? Aydan, don’t know him. You sure he’s cool? Do you have your cell phone with you? Do you want me to take you there? Shouldn’t you meet here?”
“Sounds like they are your brothers.”
“Yeah. J is the only one who’s not worried!”
“I’ve never asked. Are you guys close?”
“Yes and no.”
“Me and J are pretty close and Gavin and Mitchell are the best of friend.”
“How come the 4 of you live together then?”
“We all were very good friends. Untill we moved in together.”
“How come?”
“Everybody has a job exept for me. I’m expected to do the cooking and the cleaning. I don’t mind either. The only reason why those two were worried  is because if anything happens to me. Something happens to their food supply! Anyway. Thank for letting me rant. I needed it.”

11-29-15_3-11-46 PM
“No problem! I like listening to you.”

Aydan and Zoe talked and joked a few hours.
11-29-15_3-10-42 PM
“It was really nice talking to you Zoe. Really nice.”
“Then keep talking.”
“I wish I could. But I have to head to mr. I am the boss and check in for work.”
“Will I see you soon?”
“You will.”

Thank you for reading.



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