1.6 A couple that works out together…

11-29-15_3-42-55 PM
“I’m bored.”
“You still need to work out.”
“I don’t feel like jogging.”
“Want to go to the gym?”
“Can I invite Zoe?”
“Your life.”

11-29-15_3-47-23 PM
“Hey! You wanna meet at the gym?”
“See ya there!”

They met right above the gym to talk a little bit.
11-29-15_3-53-45 PM
“I had a really nice time yesterday.” Zoe started.
“Me too. And that is why.” Aydan took a deep breath “Do you want to be my girlfriend?”

11-29-15_3-50-27 PM
“Hmmm? Your girlfriend?”

11-29-15_3-50-34 PM
“I’m sorry if I—”

11-29-15_3-50-41 PM
“Of course I will silly!”

11-29-15_3-50-50 PM
“Let’s take a picture!”

11-29-15_3-51-21 PM
“Love you!”

11-29-15_3-52-45 PM
“Let’s head downstairs and actually work out.”

11-29-15_8-00-08 PM
“You know. We should probaly move in together soon. I can help you financially.”
“No. I don’t want to do that yet. I want to wait a little while longer.”
“Fine by me. Anyway, I have to head home. J is gonna be home soon and I haven’t cooked anything yet.”

11-29-15_7-58-29 PM
“I’ll see you later.”

Aydan finished working out and headed home. Justice Sweeney was fishing at the lake across from his home.
11-29-15_7-51-15 PM
“Hey! How are you doing?”

They talked for a while and Aydan headed to work a little while later.

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