1.7 First time

11-29-15_8-16-57 PM
“Well aren’t you happy!”
“Love is amazing Watcher.”
“You are soo cute!”

11-29-15_8-17-44 PM
“Hey Aydan!”
“I have to head to work soon.”
“No problem. I’ll stay untill you leave.”

They talked for a few minutes.11-29-15_8-18-21 PM
“I have to change clothes for work.”
“It’s not chaging when you’re not wearing anything.”
“Don’t laugh. Okay?”
“I won’t.”

11-29-15_8-19-31 PM
Zoe covered her mouth with her hands.
“Sorry. Sorry.”
“How can I ever forgive you now?” Aydan said teasing Zoe.
“Just come to my place after work. I’ll make it up to you.”
“Is that a real promise?”
“It is.”

After the work day Aydan headed to Oasis springs.11-29-15_8-38-14 PM
“So what do I get?”
“It’s inside. Follow me!”


11-29-15_8-40-21 PM
“You sure you’re ready?”
“Yeah. I am.”

11-29-15_8-40-37 PM
“Let’s do it then!”

11-29-15_8-41-02 PM

11-29-15_8-44-26 PM
“I really love you.”
“How could you not?”

Thank you for reading.




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