1.8 Want to see her again

11-29-15_8-50-29 PM
“You bought me walls?”
“I bought you walls!”

11-29-15_8-51-37 PM
“I have a toilet next to my bed.”
“It was the only way! Anyway. Want to visit Zoe tomorrow?”

Aydan went to Zoe’s house the next morning and walked inside. He found two of her roommates sitting on the couch.
11-29-15_9-02-07 PM
“Hey guys!”
“Ahh. You” Gavin(the man with the glasses) poited at Aydan  “must be Zoe’s new boyfriend.”

11-29-15_9-02-10 PM
“That’s me!”
“She is really crazy about you dude.”
“Yeah. We’ve been eating nothing but flirty heart cookies the last few days.”
“That is my effect!”
“Ha! Guess you are. She is in J’s bedroom by the way.”
“Hey. A friend of our cook. Is our friend.”


11-29-15_9-11-05 PM
“I’m expecting him to ask me to move in any day now.”
“Ohh is he?”
“Look I–”
“I really like him. I don’t want to lose him.”
“Yet you came to my bedroom.”
“One last time.”

11-29-15_9-11-13 PM
“Aydan will never hear from this.”
“I’ll wouldn’t dare.”


11-29-15_9-11-36 PM


11-29-15_9-11-59 PM

11-29-15_9-12-12 PM

11-29-15_9-12-22 PM

11-29-15_9-12-31 PM


Thank you for reading.



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