1.9 Doesn’t stay together

11-29-15_9-12-38 PM

11-29-15_9-13-38 PM
“Zoe. I’m out. Nice “talking” to you.”
“J! Wait!”
“No. You have to explain to me Zoe! J doesn’t.” Aydan yelled.
“Look Aydan. It isn’t what it looks like! I can explain!”

Aydan sat down on the bed and croosed his arms.11-29-15_9-14-14 PM
“So explain.”
Zoe opened her mouth and closed it agin.
“Well? I’m waiting.”

Zoe finally started talking.11-29-15_9-14-24 PM
“I don’t know what to say.”
“Admit it.”
“Admit what?”
“Are you serious?!” Aydan was boiling.

He jumped to his feet and strated yelling.
11-29-15_9-13-27 PM
“I just caught you sleeping with another man! And we all know it was more than just sleeping!”
“Aydan calm down!”
“Calm down? Calm down!”

Aydan walked over to the bed again and sat down. Zoe joined him immediately.
11-29-15_9-14-57 PM
“I really don’t see what the big deal is!”
“We were in a relationship and you sleep with other men at the same time!”
“It was just with J. No wait. J and 2 other guys! Those 2 others were just once!”
“Do you think that is normal?!”
“Yes! How can a person love just one person?!”

11-29-15_9-15-22 PM
“You know what! If you think about it this way . Then this relationship is OVER!”
“No Aydan! You can’t do that!”
“Watch me!”

Zoe started crying11-29-15_9-15-29 PM
“Stop the act, Zoe! It’s over! Done!”
“Aydan, please.”
“Goodbye Zoe!”


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