1.10 Justice

Aydan ran out of Zoe’s house as fast as he could. He will never forget it. How confident he walked over to J’s room. Thinking they were just chatting. And then the disappointment, sadness and anger he felt when he opened the door.

11-29-15_9-19-20 PM
When he was standing outside the sadness overtook the anger. He didn’t have Zoe anymore. He didn’t want her back. Not at all. His soulmate was still gone though. He’ll never kiss her again. He neaded a place and a person to be sad with. He wanted to be around as few people as possible. And with someone who wouldn’t yell or laugh at him. He went trough his options. Caiden. His best friend would try to cheer him up by making it a joke. Not an option. Mathilda is mean and would be mean to him. Not an option either. Aydan didn’t make any friend after Zoe came in his life. Not a single one. Justice! She wasn’t a very good friend like Caiden and Mathilda. That was of course because she wasn’t a colleague. Justice wouldn’t laugh. Justice wouldn’t yell. He wasn’t sure if she would come though. He called her up and to his suprise she said ‘yes’.

11-29-15_9-21-18 PM
“Hey Justice.”
“Hey Aydan.”
“I’ve been waiting for 20 minutes now.”
“You calling me was quite a suprise. Plus, Willow Creek is a long way from here.”
“Yeah yeah.”
Aydan sat down at his spot at the bar again. There were a couple of empty glasses surrounding him.11-29-15_9-22-06 PM
“How many did you have?”
“Not much.”
The bartender shook his head to Justice.
“Let’s sit at the table.”

Aydan told his story. Everything about Zoe and how he felt. He stopped, ranting after he realised what he said to her.11-29-15_9-24-10 PM
“I’m sorry.”
“For what?”
“For me ranting and everything.”
“It’s okay you just need a shoulder to cry on. What she did was horrible. She used you.”
“You have any advice?”
“Have some fun. With other friends. I’m probably boring.”
“You’re right. Not about you being boring. Because you aren’t. The part about having fun. Let’s go somewhere fun. I’ll call Caiden and Mathilda. Do you want to join?”

So two hours after Aydan found out about Zoe, he was standing outside of the nightclub in Oasis Spring with his 3 friends.
12-02-15_6-42-44 PM
He went through every possible emotion and now it was time for anger. The hole in his hearth wasn’t filled yet. The thing what bothered him the most was why it got there.

12-02-15_6-43-03 PM
Caiden was happy he could go on an evening out with his best friend. He was ready for an evening of drinking and laughing about anything tonight.

12-02-15_6-42-55 PM
Mathilda wasn’t very happy about this meetup. It was the middle of the day. She had the early shift tomorrow and she was eager for a promotion. Coming in tired and with a hangover didn’t look very good. This little push was enough to bring out her mean side.

12-02-15_6-42-49 PM
Justice who regretted her words as she saw everyone standing there. This evening would only hurt Aydan.

They walked inside and sat down at the bar. Justice made sure she sat next to Aydan. And most important of all, Caiden didn’t. Aydan already drank enough. Caiden would only make things worse.
12-02-15_6-45-11 PM

12-02-15_6-45-21 PM

They moved over to the couches and got a whole croud of people around them.
12-02-15_6-51-22 PM
Justice lost track of Aydan for one second when she looked back he was gone.

12-02-15_6-52-41 PMAydan walked outside. Away from the strangers. Away from his friends.

12-02-15_6-54-48 PM
“What am I doing? I can’t do this. Not now. I found out a few hours ago! Plum!”

12-02-15_6-54-55 PM
Aydan heard someone walking towards him. he turned his head and saw it was Justice. Sad.

12-02-15_6-55-17 PM
“What are you doing here?”
“Checking on you.”
“Because I care about you.”

Aydan thought about this. He remembered today. Everything he saw and said. Not the part about Zoe. About Justice.12-02-15_6-55-48 PM
“What do you mean?”
“I was rude to you all day! You came over to the bar! No questions asked! I didn’t even thank you! You came with me now and looked after me the entire time! I was drunk! And I kept drinking more! I could’ve died! And I still didn’t thank you!”
“Thank you. You didn’t need to save me. You didn’t need to come. Thank you.”

12-02-15_6-56-16 PM
“Aydan. I care about you. Don’t think I need a ‘thank you’. Don’t  think people need something in return to love.”
“Why are you sad?”
“You remind me so much of my dad. Lost the lost of his life. And from then on never loved again. Saw love as a favor.”
“What happened to your—. Oh I’m sorry. I was being nosy, wasn’t I? If you don’t want to aswer.”

12-02-15_6-58-46 PM
“No. I don’t mind. My dad was a painter. Not a good one. My mom worked in a retail shop. My mom and dad were high school sweethearths. My mom got pregnant right after graduation. They both couldn’t come back to their family. Dad bought a house. It was abandoned. Mom didn’t like it. Obviously. The house wasn’t clean though and mom got sick after giving birth to me. Very sick.”

12-20-15_10-58-27 AM

12-20-15_11-01-49 AM

“After mom died, dad got depressed. Started drinking. Always sleeping. That was when I started fishing. It was the only way I could eat.”
12-20-15_11-06-13 AM

I sat by his bed everyday.
12-20-15_11-06-22 AM

12-20-15_11-10-32 AM

12-20-15_11-11-25 AM
“Dad, You okay?”

12-20-15_11-12-05 AM

12-20-15_11-12-15 AM

12-20-15_11-13-15 AM

“I still sat by his bed everyday.”
12-20-15_11-14-21 AM
“I grew up.”

12-20-15_11-15-48 AM

12-20-15_11-16-34 AM

12-20-15_11-16-47 AM

“And I left.”

12-02-15_6-56-33 PM
“Aydan. Love is good. Don’t build a wall when you get hurt. You’ll never love again if you do that.”

12-02-15_6-59-15 PM
“We all care about you.”



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