1.11 Mine?

12-02-15_7-01-06 PM
Aydan walked home after his talk with Justice. He showered and went to bed. He now knew what to do. His hearth still hurted ,but he was ready for something or someone new.

12-02-15_7-01-42 PM
It was time for a new beginning.

Aydan started working out again.12-02-15_7-02-08 PM

He headed to work.12-02-15_7-04-38 PM

And he even came home with a promotion.

12-02-15_7-05-22 PM
“I don’t need Zoe!”

Aydan was cooking dinner when somebody knocked on the door.12-02-15_7-40-56 PM
“Who would that be?”
“Zoe. Begging to get you back.”
“Ha! Would she think that would even work?”

12-02-15_7-44-14 PM

12-02-15_7-45-00 PM
“Zoe! I’m over you! I don’t want you back. Go away!”

12-02-15_7-45-25 PM
“I’m pregnant!”

12-02-15_7-45-30 PM

12-02-15_7-45-51 PM
“An… and is…is it…mine?”
“Yes. It is.”
12-02-15_7-46-26 PM
“Oh…my… Wait! How would you know?! We did it safe! It could be J’s too!”
“It’s not. It’s yours Aydan!”

Aydan pulled out his phone from his pocket and started calling.
12-02-15_7-46-38 PM
“Who are you calling?! this is important!”
“Shht! J? Hello?”
“Zoe’s here.”
“I was expecting she would go to you next!”
“Did she tell you it was yours?”
“Yup! Don’t believe her bro!”
“I won’t.”
“Good. Anyway. Gotta go!”
“Bye J”
“See ya! Don’t believe her.”
Aydan put down his phone.

12-02-15_7-47-35 PM
“So! Who’s after me? One of those 2 other guys.”

12-02-15_7-48-05 PM
“Now you listen to me! I’m pregnant and you could be the dad! If you are, I’m moving in with you! And you’re going to be a dad!”

12-02-15_7-48-30 PM
“What do you mean ‘no’?”
“I won’t love you again! Even if you are baring my child!”
“What?! Af course you would love me again!””
“I won’t Zoe. Goodbye!”
“You’ll hear from me!”

12-02-15_7-50-58 PM
“What if it’s mine, Watcher?”
“We’ll figure it out. Don’t worry. It probaly isn’t yours anyway.”
“How did you know it was Zoe?”
“I’m the Watcher. I can see your whole lot.”
“That is cheating.”
“Too bad!”

Thank you for reading.



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