1.12 Friends

Aydan had the day off and called up Caiden and Mathilda. They headed to the park for a much neaded catch up session.
12-07-15_7-06-38 PM

First they talked about work. Mathilda got her new promotion and Aydan was heading for one too.
12-07-15_7-39-48 PM
“So.” Caiden started “That means you get to choose your career branch soon.”
“It sure does.”
“What are you going to pick?”
“Yes! Told you!” Mathilda teased her husband.
Mathilda worked in the bodybuilder branch ,but Caiden worked in the pro athlete path.
“You do know you are going to mentor sims now, don’t you?”
“Yeah. I know.”
“You now you’re going to be bad at it. Right?”
“Mathilda!” Caiden stopped his wife.
“It’s true Caiden.” Aydan said. “I wanted to ask for tips.”
“There isn’t any theory. When you get that promotion we’ll go to the gym together. Deal?”

Then the conversation shifted to Zoe.
12-07-15_7-34-49 PM
They talked and mostly laughed about her and her desperate plan on winning Aydan back.

Conversations shifted from one subject to another. They went to the back of the park to cook some dinner and talked further.
12-07-15_7-49-57 PM
“Aydan. Why don’t you come to our house? We can have a movie night!”
“Sorry can’t. I’m going to the museum with Justice.”
“Ohh! A date!” Caiden teased.
“It’s not a date.”
“Sure it isn’t.”


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