1.13 Museumtrip

“Aydan! Over here!”
12-07-15_7-52-53 PM
“I almost thought you wouldn’t come.”
“Caiden held me up.”
“That explains a lot. Thank you for coming. This means a lot to me.”
“Hey it doesn’t happen everyday that your dad’s paintings get famous.”
“Woudn’t call it ‘famous’.”
“It’s in a museum ,so it’s famous.”
“I can see you know a lot about art ,so I guess you’re right.”
“Let’s head inside and actually view this art.”

12-07-15_7-53-44 PM
“Is this one of your dad’s?”
“The artist was very skilled. How he uses the brown and yellow in his painting is brilliant.” Aydan read out loud from the little card under the painting. “See! Famous!”
“Wrong! This painting was made after he bought that new house. The canvas just got dirty.”
“Well. He used it to his advantage.”

They looked at some more painting and eventually sat down.12-07-15_7-55-19 PM
“It was really nice with you Aydan.”
“It was fun with you. Art suddenly became interesting because of you.”

12-07-15_7-54-23 PM
“What can I say. I have that effect.”
“You do indeed.”

They joked and talked for hours and hours until it became too late.
12-07-15_8-05-35 PM
“Let’s never forget this night.”

Thank you for reading.





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