1.15 Learning how to mentor

Aydan’s promotion came and he got to choose his career path. He chose bodybuilder of course. This means he’ll have to mentor other sims in fitness.
12-08-15_2-41-58 PM
“So, is this your new outfit?”
“Yes, it is.”
“We should do something else then jog. You look ridiculous”
“You think?”
“I do think that.”
“Let’s head to the gym. I’ve already called Mathilda.”

Mathilda promised him a while ago that she would help him when he got the promotion.
12-08-15_2-43-52 PM
“Aydan! Ha! They made you wear that? Better change into something else before Mathilda sees you!”
“Yeah. I sometimes forget about her mean trait.”
“I know. She’s really nice ,but when she sees an opportunity, she grabs it.”

Aydan spun around into different clothes and walked over to Mathilda. A woman walked in and she looked like she needed a bit of help.
“Go mentor her. I’ll help you.” Mathilda insisted.

“So, what is your name?”
“Nice to meet you Kaydence. I’m Aydan. I come to mentor you. Is that okay with you?”
“Yes please. I really need that.”
12-08-15_2-53-06 PM
Kaydence punched a few times-without succes- and Aydan thought she needed wome motivation.
“You’re doing great! Just keep punching.”
“She’s not doing great! tell her!” Mathilda yelled.
“A little bit faster!”
“She’s doing horrible, Aydan! Tell her!”

12-08-15_2-53-21 PM
“Mathilda! Stop!” Aydan turned his attention back to Kaydence “Don’t listen to her.You’re doing good!”

12-08-15_2-58-25 PM“Don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself!”

Aydan mentored Kaydence for a little while longer and headed home immediately afterwards.


Aydan still neaded to mentor someone for his work and travelled the next day to the gym alone. He walked in and saw J.
12-11-15_2-07-56 PM
“Aydan! How are you doing?”
“Good. You still live with Zoe?”
“Yeah. I don’t wanna move. I can’t cook or clean, you know. And Gavin and Mitchell don’t want to kick her and Amel—Amay something like that out.”
“The kid. She had a girl. I think. She mentioned it once.”
“Who’s is it?”
“She’s taking the test today. Should have the results tomorrow.”
“I guess I’ll drop by.”
J walked towards the door and stopped right next to Aydan.
“The doctor is sending me a copy of the results. So she can’t trick us.”

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