1.16 Can’t ignore her

The next day Aydan headed towards Oasis Springs. He walked over to Zoe’s house and saw J standing outside.
12-11-15_2-16-42 PM
“H-h-hey J.”
“Aydan! How are you doing?!”
“Not that good. I couldn’t sleep all night.”
“You were worrying about the results?!”
“Of course! What if it’s mine?”
“Just ignore it. That is what I’m gonna do. Anyway, gotta go!”

Aydan thoughts ran wild. “Ignore it? How can you ignore a child that is maybe yours. Wait! He must know the results already. And you can’t just ignore your own child. That means it…..is…….mine.”
“Aydan! Don’t think like that!”
“Watcher! What if it mine? What if—”
“Stop it! Go inside. Now.”

Aydan knocked
12-11-15_2-17-04 PM
“Come in.”

“Zoe. Hey. How are you doing?” Aydan sat down next to her12-11-15_2-18-13 PM
“Hey Aydan. What brings you here?”
“You’re not pregnant anymore.”
That is correct. You never called, how did you know?”
“I saw J.”
“Oh.” Zoe sounded dissapointed “Wanna see her?”
“Yes please.”


They entered Zoe’s room. There was a little green crib in the corner of the room.

“Pick her up. Go on. You’re not going to break her.”
12-11-15_2-21-50 PM
“Oh hello you! Aren’t you cute.”
“She’s called Amiyah.”
“That is a very pretty name. It’s unique.”

12-11-15_2-21-18 PM
“It’s not yours.”
“Amiyah. She’s not yours. She’s J’s.”

12-11-15_2-20-17 PM
“I’m sorry. For trying to trick you. It…I was just–”
“It’s okay.” Aydan pulled her in a hug.
“Look,” he continued “I won’t be a part of her life ,but I won’t ignore her. Not like J.”
“Thank you.”

Thanks for reading.



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