1.18 I don’t want to take it slow

12-11-15_2-30-18 PM
“I like you too.”

12-11-15_2-30-25 PM
“What!? I’ve been waiting so long to finally tell you! And– and you like me too!?”
“I’m sorry? I wanted to tell you ,but my promotion and Zoe’s kid were in the way. How long have you loved me exactly?”
“Ever since our night together. I’ve never just told anybody about my mom and dad. Only to you. How about you? When did you now?”
“The same night. I wasn’t sure at first ,but then we went to the museum. And from that moment I just knew.”
“Guess we’re made for eachother.”

12-11-15_2-31-02 PM“Let me take the next step. I’m taking you on a date.”

12-11-15_2-31-09 PM“Are you now?”

Aydan and Justice went to the park. The park didn’t have any specific meaning to them. They didn’t want something like that. They both wanted to leave their past behind them. They wanted to begin a new adventure.

12-11-15_2-33-35 PM
They went to a bench away from most of the people and enjoyed eachothers company.

Days flew by. They kept coming back at the exact same spot.
12-11-15_2-35-56 PM
They shared laughs, hugs and they flirted with one other.

Days turned into weeks.
12-11-15_2-36-49 PM

And just a few days later…
12-11-15_2-37-23 PM
…they made it official.

12-11-15_2-38-37 PM

They were a happy couple for a few weeks when….
12-11-15_2-40-32 PM
“Will you move in with me?”
“Yes! I thought you would never ask!”
“You do know what that means, right? With the legacy.”
“Of course I do. You told me many times.”
“We won’t have a lot of money.”

12-11-15_2-40-37 PM
“I have a lot more money than you ,Aydan. We’re a couple. My money is your money.”

12-11-15_3-02-22 PM
Justice moved in and brought her money with her. We used the money for some much needed furniture. They have a little gym right next to their bedroom for Aydan’s work. Justice doesn’t have a job (she fishes for money) so she doesn’t need anything.

“Aydan! What do you think about the WALLS I build for you?!”
12-11-15_3-03-35 PM
“Aydan? Aydan!”

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