1.20 Important date

12-11-15_3-38-22 PM

The years past and Aydan and Justice kept it simple. Just enjoying life. Justice woke up before Aydan did and cooked breakfast. Then they would eat together before Aydan left for work. Justice cleaned the house and fished until Aydan returned. Aydan rarely went to the gym these days. He would just mentor Justice. Every now and then they would have a date. Out of their little house. Out in the nature.

12-11-15_3-40-37 PMTalking.

12-11-15_3-41-25 PM
And laughing.

12-11-15_3-46-22 PM
“Ahh. Justice, have I already told you before how much I love you?”
“Just 2 million times.”
“Make that 2 million and one.”
“Sir, yes sir.”

12-11-15_3-46-46 PM“Justice.”
“Why the serious face?”

12-11-15_3-47-12 PM

12-11-15_3-47-05 PM

12-11-15_3-47-17 PM
“You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I don’t know what I would do without you. Justice Sweeney, will you marry me?”

12-11-15_3-47-35 PM“Yes, Aydan! Yes!”

12-11-15_3-48-43 PM

12-11-15_3-48-59 PM
“Gotcha. I should really mentor you more.”
“You still wanna marry me?”
“Of course.”
“Then I should stop saying that if I were you.”
“I guess you’re my boss now. So I’ll listen.”
“You know it.”

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