1.21 Let’s settle in

“Do you know what married couples do?”  Aydan started.
12-11-15_3-57-22 PM
“You want to do that before marriage?”
“I do indeed.”
“Let’s go then and make the new heir.”

12-11-15_3-59-17 PM

12-11-15_3-59-26 PM

12-11-15_3-59-53 PM
“Morning ,Aydan.”
“You gonna check?”

12-11-15_4-00-01 PM
“Hmm. Names with a B?”
12-11-15_4-00-10 PM
“I really hope I’m pregnant. I don’t want to dissapoint Aydan. He’s so happy.”
12-11-15_4-00-17 PM
“Naah. If I didn’t get pregnant from last night. Nothing will.”
12-11-15_4-00-35 PM
“See. Nothing to worry about.”

12-11-15_4-01-01 PM“And?”

12-11-15_4-01-17 PM
“Seriously, Aydan? What do you think?”

12-11-15_4-01-25 PM
“Of course yes! We’re going to be parents!”
“Yes! Oh I’m so exited!”
“Go show that excitement at work.”
“What? Why?”
“You’re late!”
“Am I!? See you tonight ,honey. Wait! Are you going to be okay?”
“Yes. Why wouldn’t I be?”
“You’re pregnant and all.”
“I’ll be fine. Now go and earn money for the nursery.”
“Ohh yeah. It’s gonna need a room.”

12-11-15_4-04-17 PM“Not bad, Aydan. Not bad at all.”
“I’m gonna be a dad, Watcher.”
“I know dude. I know.”

Thank you for reading.




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