1.22 Aydan does not need to know about this

“Now. What does one do witjout their man?”12-11-15_4-05-26 PM

“Making breakfast might be a good idea.”

12-11-15_4-07-55 PM
“Wait a minute?”

12-11-15_4-08-16 PM
“Not good. Not good.”

12-11-15_4-08-46 PM
“I extinguished the fire all by myself. Aydan does not need to know about this.”

12-11-15_4-09-31 PM
“It’s actually not that bad.”

12-11-15_4-09-17 PM
“Ok, Justice. Today is the day. Now is the moment. We’re going to make that mistake right. We escaped him long enough. It’s time.”


12-11-15_4-13-57 PM
“Caiden! Hey.”
“Justice. So Aydan was right. You’re pregnant.”
“Yes I am.”

12-11-15_4-14-25 PM
“I could take that all away if I want to! I just need to tell Aydan. That we were a thing.”

12-11-15_4-14-18 PM
“I could do the same thing to you. Tell Mathilda. And even if you would tell Aydan. Who is he going to believe? His friend or his fiance? And you’ll lose him too.”

12-11-15_4-14-43 PM
“I—I–I’m sorry, Justice. I just—. I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay, Caiden. I know you didn’t mean it.”

12-11-15_4-15-09 PM
“Thanks Justice. That means a lot to me. The thing we had–”
“Was a mistake.”
“It was. We should have had this conversation years ago.”
“Yeah. When we actually stopped dating.
“Ha! Yes. I still want to be friends with both of you though.”
“I do too.”

12-11-15_4-15-29 PM
“I’m happy we don’t have to end this with a fight.”
“You have no idea.”
“I have to head home though. See ya later.”
“See ya.”

12-11-15_4-17-29 PM
“Hey Aydan.”
“Hey. Where were you?”
“Meeting an old friend.”
“Ohh. Will you let me know next time?”
“Yeah. Sure.”
“Well, I’m heading to the gym.”
“For what?”
“I need to mentor someone by tomorrow.”
I’m mostly your test subject.”
“You’re pregnant.”
“I’ll be fine. Running is healthy isn’t it?”
“Fine, but we’re going on a lower pace and when you feel anything, you stop.”
“Yes, boss.”

12-11-15_4-18-32 PM
“Shouldn’t you slow down?”
“Pregnant women. I swear.”
“What did you say?!”

Thank you for reading

**Authors note: I really trusted Justice. I never thought she would have a romance bar with somebody else. The first thing I checked when I moved her in was if she had a job. She didn’t. Then I looked at her skills and aspiration to see which job would suit her. She had the angling ace aspiration and she had level 9 fishing skill. So I let her be a stay-at-home mother and just let her fish throughout the day. She was eating her slightly burned grilled cheese and I randomly looked at her relationships. And I saw she had a romance bar with Caiden. It wasn’t a lot, but it wasn’t a small one either. I liked Justice and Caiden, but I didn’t just wanted to ignore it. The point is: everybody’s cool.**




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