1.24 Getting married

12-11-15_4-29-25 PMFinally the day arrived and the soon to be man and wife did what they are supposed to do after the wedding. Not that they are the traditional type.

12-11-15_4-30-52 PM
“You ready to be married?” Justice asked.
“Yes, I am. You sure you want to get married right now?”
“I just entered my third trimester. I won’t give birth at the wedding. Don’t worry.”
“No, I mean, do you want to get married while pregnant? It will show on the pictures.”
“Aydan, if I didn’t want that, I would have mentioned it sooner. You should really stop worrying about me.”
“You know I can’t do that.”
“Unfortunately, I do.”
“If you’re really sure, let’s go!”
“Are you sure you haven’t asked me enough?” Justice teased.
“Ha ha. Very funny.”
“I know.”


A little hour later and all their guesth a view s were standing in the willow creek park. A little wedding set up with a view of the bench were they spended so many dates before, was placed next to the playground.

12-11-15_4-53-28 PM
Aydan talked to Zoe first. The two didn’t talk a lot lately. They did know the major things happening in each others lives. Zoe knew about Justice and the pregnancy and Aydan saw some pictures of Amiyah and knew that Zoe and J officially split up(Even though they were never actually together.).

Meanwhile Justice talked to Mathilda.12-11-15_4-53-15 PM
“So, Justice? I thought you don’t like to get all dressed up.”
“It’s something I never could, but you only marry once.”
“So will you dress up more from now on?”
“No. We still don’t have the money for that. We can’t even pay for a pretty nursery.”
“Should you even have children when you can’t even afford a room for them?”
“We saved up for a room when he or she grows up. And we’re not getting any younger.”

Justice looked around and saw Aydan talk to the daughter of one of the guests.12-11-15_5-01-28 PM“Oh, Watcher. He looks so happy.”
“He better is. A wedding costs money.”
“I mean with that girl. I’ve never seen him so happy.”
“Are you sad? This kid won’t replace you. I’ll make sure of it.”
“No, I’m happy. Very happy.”



12-11-15_5-04-35 PM
“So, Watcher. This is where it will happen?”
“Yup. Happy?”

12-11-15_5-04-39 PM
“Don’t be. It’ll be alright.”

12-11-15_5-04-46 PM
“Yes. How can it not be?”
“That’s the spirit! Ready to get married?”
“What? Now?”
“Well Justice is coming this way. So, I guess so.”

12-11-15_5-06-14 PM
“Yes. I am.”
“Let’s do it then.”

12-11-15_5-06-31 PM

12-11-15_5-07-32 PM

12-11-15_5-08-02 PM

12-11-15_5-08-06 PM

12-11-15_5-08-21 PM

12-11-15_5-08-34 PM

12-11-15_5-08-40 PM

12-11-15_5-08-54 PM

12-11-15_5-09-04 PM

12-11-15_5-09-01 PM
“We did it. We’re married!”
“Now. On to more important matters. The cake.” Justice said.
“Now, that’s why I married you.”

12-11-15_5-10-06 PM


12-11-15_5-10-48 PM
“Congrats Aydan! I’m really happy for you.”
“Thanks, Zoe. This really means a lot to me.”


When the wedding ended and the now married couple got home, they realised there wasn’t anything to do. They already settled their marriage. So they went on with their chores.
12-11-15_5-16-00 PM

12-11-15_5-16-10 PM

Thank you for reading.


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