Welcome Justice

01-23-16_12-51-44 PM
Welcome, Justice! You are now offcially the first spouse of the Grimes legacy.

Career: fisher

Traits: -Creative

Aspiration: Angling Ace

Skills: Fishing(9)


Goals: I want her to complete the angling ace aspiration. I also want her to be skilled in gardening and cooking. I want her to enjoy her life and spend a lot of time with her future children and her husband in the meantime.

Character: I feel like Justice is really laid back. Fix the problem when it forms. She doesn’t want to work. She wants to be available at all time for her children, husband and friends. She’s funny and confident.

Aydan and Zoe really hit it off in the gym. Their friendship bar went up very quickly and after that their romance bar went up quickly as well. I didn’t want Aydan to have children with an EA-premade. The very first night in the town we met Caiden and Mathilda. Justice was also there. She didn’t really catch my eye that night. One day Aydan’s social meter was low and I looked if there were new sims around to talk to. And Justice was fishing across from our house. They talked, but their friendship meter didn’t go up quickly at all. They kept staring at eachother though. That was the moment I knew Justice could be it. When Aydan went to the club after he broke up with Zoe and he walked outside I wanted him to realise he liked Justice on his own, but Justice autonomously walked up to him sad. From that moment I was sure. Justice was it. Aydan was getting older and I let them have a date in the park and I got carried away. They became boyfriend and girlfriend, had their first kiss and moved in with eachother. I felt like they both need a new place with a meaning. So that was their spot.

I hope you guys like Justice. What do you think about her? Shoud’ve Aydan looked for someone else? Or not?


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