1.25 It’s go time

12-11-15_5-24-12 PM
“Hey, Aydan.”
“Hey, Justice.”

12-11-15_5-24-20 PM
“So, today is the day?”
“It is.”
“Nervous and curious.”
“For the gender?”
“Yup. What do you want?”
“A healthy one.”
“Then we’re on the same page.”
“I still need to work out. Yell when you feel anything.”
“I will. I’m going to take a nap anyway.”
“You just woke up.”
“Being pregnant is hard work.”
“Just wont fish today. Ok?”
“Don’t worry. I won’t go near the river.”

Aydan walked to the home gym and Justice went to bed when suddenly….
12-11-15_5-43-01 PM
“Ohh! Finally! Aydan!”

She waddled into the gym and Aydan stepped of the treadmill.
12-11-15_5-43-21 PM
“It’s time.”

12-11-15_5-43-29 PM

12-11-15_5-44-04 PM
“Let’s go to the hospital.”

12-11-15_5-45-22 PM

12-11-15_5-45-40 PM
“OMW! I’m going to be a dad!”
“Guess I’ll have to check me in myself.”


12-11-15_5-45-55 PM
“Adalyn! Hey!”
“Justice! You’re here for the baby?”
“Yes, I am.”
“Ah, there is the doctor. Just follow her. Do I need to get Aydan?”
“That would be nice. Thank you.”

12-11-15_5-47-04 PM“Hello ma’am. I’m your doctor……”

12-11-15_5-47-14 PM
“You can get out of the machine.”
“What? Why?”

12-11-15_5-47-25 PM
“My shift is over. Goodbye!”

12-11-15_5-47-30 PM
“Don’t worry, honey.”


Thank you for reading.



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