1.26 For reals now

12-11-15_5-48-24 PM
“Hello sir. Ma’am, you can lay down again.”
“I hope you won’t run away?”
“No ma’am. I won’t.”

12-11-15_5-48-47 PM
“Time to get your nooboo.”
“Finally.” Aydan and Justice said in unison.

The doctor eventually pulled out a beautiful baby girl.12-11-15_5-58-40 PM“It’s a girl, Aydan!” Justice screamed.
“There is the first one.” the docor said.

12-11-15_5-49-32 PM
“First one?”

12-11-15_5-58-52 PM
“And there is your second baby girl. You can go and meet your girls now.”

12-11-15_5-59-14 PM
“Hello you. I love you very much, but we don’t have a name for you yet.”

12-11-15_5-59-25 PM
“And you were kind of unexpected so we don’t have a name for you either. But we love you both sooo much.”

Aydan and Justice stepped in the taxi with their daughters and talked about names for the girls. Eventually they settled on two names. They arrived home and placed the twins in the nursery. Justice went to sleep while Aydan spended some time with his newborns.
12-11-15_6-15-05 PM
“Hello you. My first born. Brooklyn.”

12-11-15_6-14-59 PM
“You love that don’t you?”

12-11-15_6-15-57 PM
“And you. Unexpected, but amazing. Bailey.”

12-11-15_6-15-46 PM
“I love you both so much.”

Thank you for reading.



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