1.27 A day older

Aydan and Justice took care of the twins at the same time. During the day they were angels. Cried at the same time, but at night they were a nightmare. One got hungy and woke the other one up. We fed her and calmed down the other. Then Justice or Aydan would go back to bed and then the other one became hungy and woke the other one up. And this continued all night. Hungy. Hungy. Dirty diaper. Dirty diaper. The whole night long.12-11-15_6-23-20 PM
Luckily Aydan and Justice were up for the job.

The normal routine continued. Aydan headed to work and Justice took care of the house and fished in her free time.

12-11-15_6-33-47 PM
One day when Aydan came home from work tired, but happy. He walked inside and saw…

12-11-15_6-34-21 PM
“Good afternoon sir. I was expecting you.”
“I guess there is no way to escape your evil plan of making me old?”
“That’s the plan! Come on, blow the candles out!”
“Yes, ma’am!”

12-11-15_6-36-11 PM

12-11-15_6-36-33 PM

12-11-15_6-36-45 PM

12-11-15_6-45-01 PM
“Do you know how much I love you?”
“You told me many times before.”
“I’ll never stop telling you.”
“That’s why I love you.”

Aydan called Zoe right after his little birthday party.
12-11-15_6-43-29 PM

“Hey, Aydan! You look old.”
“I just had my birthday.”
“You didn’t invite me?”
“It was just between Justice and me.”
12-11-15_6-43-51 PM“About Justice, has she given birth yet?”
“Yes, she did.”
“And? A boy or a girl?”
“Two girls!”
“Yup. Brooklyn and Bailey.”
“So cute!”
“They are.”
“Can I see them?”
“Of course!”

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